Telenor Increases Balance Inquiry Charges

telenor_logoFollowing the Mighty Mobilink, Telenor Pakistan has decided to increase balance inquiry charges by 50 percent from all its prepaid customers.

A message that is being displayed on Telenor’s website reads that charges for all Balance inquiries over USSD are being revised to Rs. 0.15 + Tax, i.e. Rs. 0.18 including tax.

Telenor was earlier charging Rs. 0.10 without tax of Rs. 0.12 with tax for all kind of balance inquiries.

It maybe recalled that Telenor was the first in industry to charge balance inquiries back in July 2009, followed by Ufone, Mobilink and Zong.

Also to mention here that balance inquiry charges were approved by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, but it had asked operators to give 30 days prior notice to customers before increasing any charges.

It appears that authority has gone soft and lenient in three years that they aren’t restricting operators for 30 days’ notice before making any change in tariffs.

Like we reported before authority isn’t confining operators at all – which is giving them full freedom to impose new charges (every other months now).

After Telenor and Mobilink, it is feared that other operators will increase balance inquiry charges too, but in phases, just to make sure they don’t come under CCP’s hammer.

Tip: Just in case if you don’t know, at least Telenor has provided a way for its customers to check balance inquiry for free. You can probably Google around to know the trick.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Munnu

    Telenor Suckss.

    • PAK

      OMG phir charges barha diye ,TELENOR ko kia ho gaya hai bhai ,kia dewalia nikalney laga hai ya awaaam ko khoon acha lagnay laga hai???

      • waqar

        ye bahar ki companies pakistan main akar pakistanio jesi q ho jati hai? jesay rental power case main companies ney bijli bhi paida nahi ki aur paisey bhi lay lie ab telenor bhi yahi kar rahi hai ,itnay charges koi nahi barha raha jitnay Telenor barha rahi hai, 4 ,5 months se note kar raha hoon telenor musalsil charges barhai hai.ab aik hi hal hai sab telenor choor k doosri company join karo warna ye SABAK kesay seekhay gain ye.

        • ali

          zahir si baat hai jab multi national companies dekhay gi k yahan ka sadar aur prime mininster dono mujrim hain tu wo bhi awaam ko lootey gay.Telenor bhi yahi kar rahi hai.

  • aamir

    lakh lanat aye telenor tay…………..

  • rayyan

    simply dial 555 and check your balance for free on telenor.

    • ProPakistan

      oye chup kr yar is pe b charges na lga dain

  • Saeed

    Bhai koe tu kuch karo warna yeh roz roz kay increasing charges mar dain gay humain.

    koe bhai lawyer hai plz report in court. It is the only solution.

    • Shahid Saleem

      — Bhai koe tu kuch karo warna yeh roz roz kay increasing charges mar dain gay humain.

      Well, you didn’t do anything when charges were increased by electricity companies and petrol companies and cng companies and food companies and bottled water companies and …

      • OMAR

        abay shahid saleem demagh ki dahi kia tujey bijli ki waja se pooray mulk main hangamey nazar nahi atey ,petrol ki qeemat barhti hai tu strike nazar nahi ati,har koi zaradari ko bura keh raha hai, kia andhay ho tum tumain kuch nazar nahi ata? tum demagh ki dahi nahi lassi ho ,agar koi company keemat barha rahi hai tu hum us k against comment bhi nahi kar saktey??? har wakt telenor ki uthaney ajata hai ,aur phir comment bhi fuzool karta hai AJEEB SA INSAAN.

        • Shahid Saleem

          — petrol ki qeemat barhti hai tu strike nazar nahi ati

          A few people brought to the streets by political leaders is not a protest, it is an attempt at a show of force.

          And they still fail. OGRA recommended that the price be decreased and the government didn’t. Did you protest? Did anyone? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          I read that NEPRA raised prices of electricity units by 6 last week. Did you protest? Did anyone? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          Who is blind now and who is telling the truth???

          So I say again: you didn’t do anything when charges were increased by electricity companies and petrol companies and cng companies and food companies and bottled water companies and …

          — agar koi company keemat barha rahi hai tu hum us k against comment bhi nahi kar saktey

          FAILED TO READ. Saeed did not just comment, he said “Bhai koe tu kuch karo warna yeh roz roz kay increasing charges mar dain gay humain.” Which is a little more than a minor complant. And that is just for ONE telecom provider whereas we have no choice in electricity or petrol or cng.

          • OMAR

            A few people brought to the streets by political leaders is not a protest, it is an attempt at a show of force. :O
            abay kitna bara tu jhoota hai yar ,had ho gai sirf aik soobay main nahi pooray mulk main pata nahi kitna hangamay ho chukay hain jab se loadsheeding ho rahi hai aur tumain wo sarey loog “FEW people” nazar atey hain .sirf google pe ja kar “loadsheading protest in pakistan ” likho tumain pata lag jai ga k itni “dehtaai” se jhoot nahi bolna chaiye.
            Aur saeed nay bilkul theek kaha kuch tu hamian karna chaiye , is pe tumain takleef q ho rahi hai ?? kia tumaray chachay ya mamay ki lagti hai telenor?

            • khalid

              lol shahid pagal hai thora.

            • Shahid Saleem

              — loadsheeding ho rahi hai aur tumain wo sarey loog “FEW people”

              Sir if you want to have a conversation, COMPARE APPLES WITH APPLES. People going to the streets because some leader wants them to protest over increased prices has nothing at all to do with loadshedding.

              Prices increasing: you get the stuff but it’s more expensive so you get less. Loadshedding: you don’t get the stuff at all.

              COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. But I am not surprised you cannot understand. The world is too complicated for you.

              Why was there no protest in favour of OGRA decision or against NEPRA? Answer that. You can’t. :(

              — Aur saeed nay bilkul theek kaha kuch tu hamian karna chaiye , is pe tumain takleef q ho rahi hai ??

              He is quite right, something must be done. And the world has given us a framework for WHAT to do: switch away to another provider. So just do it.

              • OMAR

                you are the most difficult person ever i met.u just dont answer in simple words .tum samjhtey ho k sirf politicle leaders hi awaam ko road pe latey hain jab k isa nahi hai ,mulk k chotey chootey cities main loadshedding pe protest hota hai aur tumain pata hi nahi, kabhi andron-e- mulk ki khabrein bhi parha karo aur karachi main bhi bhot se ilakon main protest hota hai likin wo chootey paymaney pe hota hai is liye chooti si khabar ati hai media main.
                jahan tak “petrol” ki baat hai tu us pe transport waley strike kartey rehtay hain aur bus drivers bhi “awaam” hi hain ,shayad aap car use kartey ho is liye aap ko pata nahi hai k petrol jab bhi mehenga hota hai transport waley ehtejaj kartey hain.
                aur plzz aap seedhi tarah jawab diya karo har cheez main apni philosophy nahi jhara karo.aap samjhtey ho sirf “aap ko hi sab pata hai baki sab bewakoog hain”.

                • Shahid Saleem

                  Funny I don’t see a single place where you have “seedhi tarah” answered my questions. You’ve only brought up a NEW issue of loadshedding (something that is not under discussion because Telenor’s increase is not comparable to loadshedding, it is comparable to price increases in electricity or food or whatever). But what we have already established is that you don’t understand the point.

                  And yes I use my own transportation. That does not mean I am unaffected by price increases. I also am affected by load shedding and other problems. So are you. Did I protest on the streets? No. Did you? No. I rest my case.

                  • faisal

                    Very well said Shahid .

                    I think Omar belong to that class which does not try to solve the problem or look at the clear picture .

                    A person standing behind Omar says ” Omak kuta tera kaan lagay & Omar will start running behind the kuta to get his kaan ”

                    Omar answer a simple question , PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE WITHOUT ANY OF YOUR STUPID EXCUSES :

                    WHAT HAS THE PROTEST CHANGED ???

                    if still you don’t understand :

                    ETIJAJ KARNAY SAY KYA HASIL HUA ???

  • TelenOr ki Aisi ki Taisi.
    BhaiYoO Aur BehnOo TelenOr ka Free Balance check karOo BY dialing **444#.

    pakistani Awan zindabad

  • Suchmuch

    Amazing, A company increasing it’s service charges & increasing activation charges of different services and with congested network, but still increasing it’s number of customers. Akhir reason kya hai?

  • faisal






    • ali

      @ failsal kia ajeeb banday ho tum ,kia bijli ki loadshedding hoti hai tu kia tumain ehtejej nazar nahi ata?jab petrol mehenga htoa hai tu strike nazar nahi ati kia?har koi government ko bura kehta hai aur zardari ko tu mehngai aur corruption ki waja se wo bhi tumain nazar nahi ata??jab aik companye musalsil charges barhai gi tu us k customer kuch nahi kahain?shayad tum telenor k employee ho is liye tumain tankeed buri lag rahi hai.

      • Absolutely right…+1

      • faisal

        bhai KUCH BHI faida hoya kai ? sub apni jaga par usi tara chal raha hai na.

        ehtejaj , strike , bura kehnay say bhai kuch nahi hota .

        coin hamesha aik hi side par girta hai , either heads or tails & never in the center.

        App ko services buri lagti hain to mut use karo , koi app ko force to nahi kar raha .

        tab kya karo gay jub baki 4 bhi increase karday gay charges , jeena chor dayna..

        • feel

          faisal phelay tu keh rahay ho bijli aur petrol mehanga honey pe ehtejaj q nahi kartey ,jab jawab mil gaya tumhain k ehtejaj tu hota hai tu phir tum keh rahay ho k faida pagal insaan ho.I think u r Telenor employee thats it.

          • faisal

            pagal main nahi TUM LOOG ho gaye ho ,

            I am not a Telenor employee , THAT’S IT..

            just answer my 1 question :

            What did you get by doing ehtejaj , waste of time !

            kya petrol ki qhemat kam hoi , electricity loadshedding kam hoi , gas mili ,………

            Pagal main nahi , tum loog ho gaye ho. THAT’S IT

  • Suchmuch

    @ Mr. Faisal, who forced these companies to offer hourly call packages, bundle sms, and free internet offers, wasting the time of our nation, Especially our young generation. And the most important students. Downgrading our society morally.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Just like no one forced the companies to offer the packages, no one forced anyone to USE any of the packages.

      • Eric


        • Shahid Saleem

          No one forced me to support Telenor either :):):)

          • faisal


          • pak

            :@ shahid saleem
            but i saw sheetan forced u to comment in favor of porn.(many times)

            • khalid

              LOL @ pak

            • Shahid Saleem

              You’re spreading a lie and I can prove it. Have proven it many times, in fact.

    • faisal

      Suchmuch you are a DUMMY , app ka kuch interesting cheez nazar aii thi to app ko hourly call packages, bundle sms, free internet offers kay baray mein pata hia.

      who was wasting time when you were busy reading about the packages….

      By the way I guess all the companies are offering these kind of packages. & I am sure that you must have subscribed to atleast one…

  • Muhammad Anas

    Bahi Faisal sahib hamay charges barhanay per koi aitrazz nahi jitany marzi barhao lekin apni service pay barhao. Yeh kia mazaq hay k Aik banda 100 Rupay load karay us per 20 rupay Tax day phir ager wo koi service subscribe karay tu us per charges day, helpline per call karay tu us k charges day, phir bechara apna balance check karay (Agar kuch bach pae) tu us per bhi chargers day!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aur 15 say 18 nahi balkay 10 say 15 hoy hain.

    • faisal

      Bhai , app ko kaun kahta hai kay Telenor ko use karo ?

      app kay pass baki 4 options bhi to hain , aakhir koi to waja hai kay log in ki service use kartay hai.

      asal mein hum har cheez ka negative point talash karnay kay mahir hain , Telenor is not running a charity , they are here to earn money by providing services.

      kabhi soocha hai yeh ” TAXES ” jatay kahan hai , app hi ki govt ko jin ko app hi loogon nay chuna hai jazbati ho kar .

  • Skylark

    Who cares, just dial **444# for free Telenor balance inquiry!

    • Baaghi

      Yes, Dear, dial **444# and then a message displays “What this Message? No SAC” and then dont press any key and wait for some time 10 to 20 seconds and then balance is displayed….

  • Pir

    I am with Telenor. Good job Telenor. Rest of the operators suks big time

  • imran

    guyssss relax… business profit karne k liye hota hai. Telenor koi khairat bantnay k liye kam nai kar rahi

  • Buy and Sell In Pakistan

    @Imran: Yes this is business but with that they need to improve their services aswell.

  • Baaghi

    Telenor is also deducting extra SMS.

    Now your SMS package expires too early…..

    Another fraud, that telenor is doing with subscribers……..

    Telenor Apny Subscribers ko ab tell (oil) dy rha hy……..

  • naeem

    mera name naeem he or dosra name sharoo khan he mera ghar larkana pe or mujhe telenor belance dedo aap ki mhrbani hogi is number se 03433811961