PTA Asks PTCL to Revert Pakistan Package

PTCL-logoWhile PTCL was busy celebrating its 1st million broadband customers, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed the company to revert back its Pakistan Package to the terms and conditions that existed prior to 1st April 2011 with an advance notice of at least seven days to all relevant subscribers as required under the Telecom Consumer Protection Regulations, 2009.

In an enforcement order sent to PTCL, the authority said that due to the powers it bears (delegated by Telecom Act) to regulate the competition in the market, PTCL was reminded time and again (through various letters dated 6th December, 2007, 18th Jan, 2011 and 1st Feb 2011) to seek prior approval from authority before launching/announcing any promotion or traffic package and submit complete detail of such packages at least ten days in advance.

However, despite Authority’s direction PTCL introduced and implemented tariff package for Pakistan Package on 17th  March, 2011 without authority’s approval.

Letter said that PTCL was sent a show cause notice for launching Pakistan Package without notifying authority. PTCL was given a chance to reply the Show Cause Notice and then it was heard in meeting too, but PTA was contented to call the introduction of Pakistan Package by PTCL not according to procedures as mentioned in the law.

A copy of enforcement letter can be viewed by clicking this link.

It is interesting to mention here that PTCL has revised Pakistan Package several times since March 2011 – the above case in point. The latest revision happened on May 3rd, 2012, which we covered here.

PTA probably needs to resolve issues lot faster than they do it now.