Warid Revamps its Corporate Website

WaridWarid Telecom recently revamped its corporate website on the occasion of its 7th anniversary. With a contemporary design, the new homepage www.waridtel.com encompasses a handful of dynamic functions which are aimed at enhancing the online customer experience.

The new website is a result of positive changes taking place within the company at senior and mid-management levels and reflects a clear vision and focus on Warid’s commitment to keep serving the needs of its valuable customers.

According to officials within the organization, this is just the beginning of more good things to come from Warid in coming months.

As part of their recent investments in customer-focused digital channels, the company’s revamped website format is a great success as its new design is more organized and well defined and allows users to easily navigate through the entire range of Brands and offerings based on their requirements. All the latest offers by the operator are publicized through a slideshow, while links to social networking websites Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are also embedded in the website.

Warid said that website is developed in HTML5 with a neat and clean look, the new improved and more user friendly website comes up with very relevant features and short links for Postpaid, Prepaid, Glow, Products and Services, International Roaming, Customer Services, Network Coverage and Career pages.

  • its better to change management warid’s management did not revised old packages i.e one minute one second (zem) 25 sms for rs 3. also post paid pckages are not compatable with market rs 100 as port in fee due to all this people are porting out from ward net portin/out customers are available in the below mentioned post
    this shows warid suffered most from mis management

  • Revamping the website will not get Warid its customers back.
    They need to rethink their prepaid data packages. I recently switched away from Warid just because of this. Otherwise I can honestly say their service is best in Pakistan.
    But what good is good service when it cannot make everything happen for you? I did not want to switch to postpaid to get a workable internet package.
    So after sticking it out with Warid for 3 years (and hoping every single week that they will introduce something half decent that would work for me) I switched to another network.
    I hope they learn before it gets too late.

  • They should have worked on header to make it more attractive.Its a 50/50 site.

  • Very nice website. I wanted to find some information and it was very easy for me to find it. Also agree with Imran, very clean website

  • can anybody tell whether warid offer any special package to those who try to port out of their network?
    i am using zem prepaid which costs 85 paisa/30 sec to other network with just 25 sms in 3 rs daily.which is very costly

  • Ha ha ha
    joke of the year, HTML5… :D :D :D

    they even used <MARQUEE– tag, It is deprecated by the W3C and not advised by them for use in any HTML documents.


    and having a closer look at the home page “source”, you can see inline styling.

    the look and feel is better, but the font used is distracting.

  • I will share with you the international rates warid is most economical and on onnet its also most economical yes on offnet it is little costly but quality is always have some cost. Further no call drops means even more economical. Its is like buying apple you may have 250 per kg and 150 per KG.
    In the end it is your pocket also why most of business men have mostly warid postpaid because of quality.

  • Everybody is being very technical here. Look at it from a layman’s perspective; an everyday user. I showed it to my brother and he was amazed at its quality. You can be smart enough to figure what’s wrong as you know technicalities. But the masses dont know that. The website is for the masses. Not the techies.

    • Faiza ka sixer before pak sri lanka series. i am sorry faiza i am not technical user but you can compare with telenor or ufone websites they are very much professionals. we are not against warid but jhot to na bolo

      • Lol. You just said something that actually supports my argument. Look at ufones website. They have the same layout. Its just the orange that makes them look better. Dont criticize for the sake of criticizing.

        • ok baba ap jeet gai and dunya haar gai. your company is very good and pakistan ke number one he…khush. ufone ke website not good. telenor not good and your company website is good. ladoo banto, bhangra daalo aur khud hi khush hote raho

          • You just highlighted the problems in our society. Kisi se kisi ki tareef bardasht hi nai hoti. Har koi samajhta hai wo theek hai aur saamne wala galat. Nai aap jeet gaye. aap hi ne tou computer sciences aur coding ko janam dia hai.

  • Hi,
    I never used Warid but my friend told me warid call rates are very costly on other networks… i found zong offer very cheap call rates… may be i’m wrong.. correct me plz

    • What do you want man? Have you seen the other Pakistani websites? They are pathetic! Compare them to Warids. Youll see the difference!

  • A goods web site is that which has the quality of easy navigation and easy approach to find the required contents, and this new website now has this quality very well. As far as the call rates are concerned, all companies are very cheap for on-net calls, but when it comes to off-net calls, there is an issue that each company has to pay airtime charges to other companies too where calls are being made. So, if a company ‘A’ charges (who may be offering 10ps per mint on net and earning good profits due to its call drop services) Rs. 1 from company ‘B’ for calls landing on there network, it would not be possible for company ‘B’ to offer cheap off-net call rates to its user. So off-net calls rates of company ‘B’ may be somewhat higher.
    So users of all telecoms get hit from off-net calls. Mobilink is 50-50, telenor with good service but high cost, zong with poor network but low rates, and warid with good quality of service and comparable call rates

  • oo teri khair, Allah ka wasta apne taref app na karo warna hakoomat aur warid men koi faraq nai rahe ga

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