Zong Tops MNP Charts

After knocking out in sales figures, Zong has ousted all operators in Mobile Number Portability race too.

According to stats, made available to ProPakistani, Zong topped the MNP user gain by adding net 376,705 subscribers (port-in subscribers minus port out subscribers) during January 2011 to August 2011.

Mobilink stood second in terms of subscribers shift, it added net 111,458 subscribers during the reported period.

The rest of the operators also witnessed increased traffic of MNP subscribers but their net base of migrated users remained negative with high number of users porting out compared with porting in.








Rise of MNP Users:

Stats said that around 15 million subscribers have availed Mobile Number Portability service since it’s it was launched in March 2007; out of which 5.6 million availed MNP service in 2011 alone.

Trend of Mobile Number Portability has increased exponentially in last couple of years, thanks to lucrative offers and increased awareness campaigns by cellular operators.

Zong’s MNP TVCs:

Zong was the first operator that aggressively capitalized the MNP service through aggressive TV adverts. These simple, to the point and easy to understand TVCs from Zong helped the masses to understand the idea of MNP.

One must admit that Zong’s marketing team outplayed their counterparts by showing TVCs such as “Mera number hay 0321-5555333 aur mera network hay Zong

Zong’s such TVCs and later on LBC offers have made them earn the fruit from MNP service.

Other operators followed the same suit later on and came up free minutes and SMS with supporting advertisement to attract customers of rival networks through MNP facility.


The surging MNP service utility trend showed the intensity of competition among cellular operators who are not only adding new subscribers in their base but also attracting users of other networks because of their service quality, tariff and packages.

The operators are now more cautious for improving their services and offering new packages in order to retain their subscribers and attracting new and old users of the cell phone services, they added.

Pakistan is the first and successful country of South Asia, which has implemented the MNP service. Over a period of three years since its inception in March 2007, it witnessed consistent growth in service utility by the mobile phone users.

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Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • where do you live and work… i just want to know if zongs coverage is good enough in terms of signal strength?

  • This is just because Zong port is less as Zong does not allow port out those who have numbers of chose in hidden contract they have signed you. And do not allow Azad Kashmir registered number to port out.
    Also share how much ture chrun numbers they have?
    Also what is the authenticty of your given data?

  • even though i have ported out of zong, i still keep recieving their sms like zong chat zone, new offers and promotions.
    befre zong i was on mobilink – they also keep sending me sam and also ward – tht i am using now
    so I am getting SMS from all three service providers on my WARID connection.

  • But Zong quality of service is low. You get too many campaigns messages from Zong and network is too busy.

    I recommend Warid, if you can bear a little costly call.

    • For quality you may have to pay little more it is just like buying an apples you can apple 50/KG and you can buy up to 250/KG.
      Nothing is free in this world quality speaks. I know lot of people who just disconnected their Zong sims just because of Quality issue.
      i agree Alam WARID is the best network of PK.Beacuse Warid have Ericsson installed. Ericson is like a Rolls-Royce in Telecom. But as nation we are poor so majorty looks for most cheap products.
      I pary for PK economay if it improve than we all will get benifits form it.
      I have visited China and astonised to hear that in china China Mobile is also using Ericson.

  • Maybe some should ask Mr. ZK what he has done or changed since he assumed the mantle of W.a.r.i.d. Being someone who knows W.a.r.i.d inside out, things are p[retty bleak at he moment and lack of leadership is obvious.

    • Internal restructring and now warid hired GM customer services from Bangladesh. Wiat as it takes time to turn around things first internal changes than they will come up for customers. Now planning for next three years after finalizing targets you will feel the difference.

  • I have used zong for more than 3 years.I don’t why they overcharge making their gprs as base.once they cut my rs 300 balance saying u have used net for 14 hours .I guarantee my net was off that time.

  • Zong is best.its voice quality is very high.network quality is strong.package r also extra ordinary.no doubt zong has brought revolutionary change in telecom industry.its gprs very fast now a days.under edge coverage u can enjoy live video streaming like youtube and mobile tv at Hd format.zong is pioneer of gprs in pak.it is much fast even than ufone and warid who claims fastest data.its coverage is also very good.network is strong.lbc offer is superb.in pak 1st time zong introduced andriod mobile.no balance theft or hidden charges like ufone and warid.if any company has done lots of this why i should nt praise and thankful to it.

  • Kashmiri when u quit frm gprs after using.u should press red button.otherwise ur internet goes and do nt show and set ur connectivity at when use accoring to always online.so check ur mobile setting.

  • l am using zong. so i will say zong is the best.gprs packages,sms’s bundles and call fates are very attractive.definitely network service is best in my town,draban kalan.

  • I thought telenor had the highest MNP wins since begining. Where is information from? also what is Warid doing about all these port outs! And how can they be growing and losing so many customers at the same time? This looks wrong! Warid is the best network in the country

    • if its customers were 100% satisfied, then they wont have ported out
      Check out the above data and you will know that warid lost the most in MNP

  • Zong is the best so why ppl come to zong…..zong is best in intenet,sms,lbc call rates,warid sab se kharab network he us ke signal to ate nhe call rate to itna zayada he jase dunya ka sub se acha network warid ho. tum warid wale be zong pe a gayo ge jab warid barbad ho jaye ga. warid wale to bichare sms.or internet be dar dar ke use karte he ke balance na khatam hojaye

  • This issue I had repported did not happen once.I always checked my gprs after disconnecting.man secondly who would use net for 14 hours.ufone once cut the balance on sms package mistakely but they refund it when I requested them.but zong people even don’t listen

  • This is just because Zong port is less as Zong does not allow port out those who have numbers of chose in hidden contract they have signed you with zong.
    And now zong doing again their regular customers who want to change their network from ZONG to ant network they are not give proper data for MNP only data is received that dummy account.after that he is complete their recommended 60 Days.
    that is why ZONG port out less then port in.

    • Now the question is real active numbers of Zong is much less than what they are showing. What is the ARPU of Zong?
      Best ARPU is of Mobilink
      Than Warid

  • Strange… How many of the reported statistics are actually correct porting and how many are fake?

  • I have been using mobilink fr the last 13 yrs and when it comes to network quality they are the best… For all the zong customer come to Palm village near gadab town super highway karachi and u will find hardly i repeat hardly any signals there. My youngst brothr is using zong and its the phataaatic network i hv ever expercnd.. Who cares 49 pesas or 60 pesas fr 30 secnds end of the u want good quality spcly business oriented people.. Warid servise is also good but there biggest weakness is there marketng startdgy.. Addvertising is pooor pooor and v pooor…

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