PAC Recommends to Put Chairman PTA on ECL

PTA-logoPublic Accounts Committee today recommended the interior ministry to put the names of Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yasin and members of telecom authority on exit control list, following cases – including non-issuance of 3G licenses – that are under consideration of public accounts committee.

Sources familiar with the development told ProPakistani that Chairman PTA, who is going to serve last day in his office tomorrow due to forced leave before his term as chairman ends on July 24th, was put on exit control list due to increasing differences with government resulting into probe of various cases including non-recovery of PTA funds and delay issuance of 3G licenses.

Public Accounts Committee meeting, headed by Chairman Mr. Nadeem Afzal Chan, was held today in Islamabad. Reportedly there were new cases presented in Public Accounts Committee.

Issues including gray traffic and non-payment of PTA payments from LDI operators were discussed. It was pointed out in the meeting that Chairman PTA is completing his term in less than two weeks. Fearing that Dr. Yasin could fly to Australia, as he is dual national, Chairman PAC recommended ministry interior to put name of Dr. Yasin’s and members of telecom authority on exit control list.

In a related news, Chairman PTA is set to step down from his position on July 24th after completing his four year term. His differences with government grew in last few months on 3G issue and his other commitments with president house that were not fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Kamran Ali, member legal at Ministry of Information Technology is said to be hot favorite for chairmanship of PTA, who has backing from the president house. Mr. Kamran is said to be a comfortable choice for the government, keeping in view his diplomatic abilities to run the telecom industry.

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