How Do You Rate Chairman PTA’s Performance During his Tenure [Poll]

yaseen_mohammad_chairman_ptDr. Mohammad Yasin, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, will reportedly step down next month.

Dr. Yasin was promoted from member technical to Chairmanship of PTA back in 2008 to replace Maj. Gen (R) Shahzada Alam Malik.

Unlike Shahzada Alam, who enjoyed two service extensions, Dr. Yasin is not being offered such a chance, reportedly due to his differences with government following 3G auction process.

Having said this, some sources mention that Dr. Yasin himself doesn’t want service extension, probably for the same differences.

One who has attended recent meetings of standing committees would have clear picture of relations between Dr. Yasin and the government.

Industry is already evaluating Dr. Yasin’s performance during past four years of his service as chairman PTA. Interestingly, two fellow blogs namely More.PK  and Telecom Recorder reported on Dr. Yasin’s tenure having entirely different view points.

Mudassir Jehangir of More.PK attributed the fall of telecommunication to Dr. Yasin, while Ahmed Rayyan of Telecom Recorder said that performance of Dr. Yasin remained tremendous during his service term.

Mudassir Jehangir counted fall of foreign direct investments, lowering ARPUs and service quality, unbalanced price war, illegal SIMs and failed attempt of auctioning 3G licenses as Dr. Yasin’s inability. Mr. Jehangir further explained that Pakistan missed tons of foreign direct investments just because PTA set irrational prices for MVNOs.

You can check Mudassir Jehangir’s complete post here.

While Ahmed Rayyan of Telecom Recorder, on other hands, seemed convinced with Dr. Yasin’s performance during his four year tenure. He writes:

Under his leadership, the authority along with cellular operators implemented various systems to streamline the cellular sector through all possible ways to stop the illegal sale and use of unregistered SIMs.

PTA launched “789 SIM Activation System” for introducing sale of post-activated SIMs of cellular operators. It implemented “668 SIM Information System” in October 2009 and May 2011.

Dr. Yaseen has done extraordinary work to bring out latest technology in the country particularly the internet services through broadband technology. It may not wrong to say that the entire sector was developed under his leadership and investors’ friendly policy.

You can check Telecom Recorder’s complete post here.

We have shared both viewpoints with you. Now we are leaving it up to you to decide about the performance of Dr. Yasin. For which, you can participate in below poll. You can of course share your thoughts in below comments too.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • ZERO, rather minus 100…. He is good for nothing. He didn’t pay tax to FBR but approved millions of Eidi for himself and his fellows. He must step down way before next month!!

  • He has come a long way since his computer repair jobs in Australia which he lists as research work in his CV.

    • He also has doctorate from England, several research papers, your view seems pretty biased.

    • And I believe you birth place was the “throne”.

      One should respect him even more knowing he is a self made man, slowly learning the ropes.

  • Dr. Yaseen has had three different periods during his 4 years. The first 2 years were good if not very good with a lot of work in ICT domain, SIM verification and Consumer protection. The next 1 year was a total disaster in which he confronted everyone within his organization and outside (Industry, different ministries) so much so that his core team left him. Last 7 months are not worth mentioning and have been beyond doubt the worst ever in the Telecom history of the country. Handling of 3G and content filtering list have not only destroyed PTA’s reputation with in the country but also internationaly.

    • The work in ICT was just because of Amir Malik Director ICT at that time. Due to the poor office management, Dr. Yaseen lost this man and he is now contributing his work as Director IT in MoIT. The tenure of Dr. Yaseen was nothing but a Faryal Talpur’s Puppet recreational era. The future of Dr. Yaseen will shortly prevail his capabilities.

    • His only wrong was to rely on Kamran, Azmat and Aamir. No work in ICT except seminars Nashistan Khurdan Barkhstan. 3 G is beyond control of PTA it is supervised by four federal ministers and secretary IT. Of course in May 2010 after two rears from his joining as Chair (July 23, 2008) he was mind captured by a triaca.

  • more important question is who will be the next one. remember the next one is being appointed by raja load shedding himself!!

  • Zero…
    Some of the Po*n websites are back again..:( :( :(
    He’s zardari #2 making us fooooool.

      • us k sarey kaam performence main hi shamil hongay.aur is ney porn pe ban maar k acha kaam kiya tha.aur 3g late honey main is ka koi kusoor nahi hai.

  • I believe Dr Yaseen has worked honestly to streamline ICT operations in Pakistan by introducing new systems and QoS enforcement policies. The auction of 3G license before his term is over would be a feather in his cap.

  • PTA has played a vital role for the development of Telecom industries in Pakistan , Telecom industry had passed in very critical situations history will remember Mian Javid founder PTA , Dr Atta ur Rehman Ba ba ay IT and other General Shazada Alam, General Butt and Dr. Yaseen and may other industry people ISPAK team. Mr. Ansari , Mr. Ansar Mr. Wahaj ur Siraj a long list is there

  • Dr Yasin’s performance deterioration with the passage of time shows interference of political mafia with his organization. PTA is now becoming a tool to grab money from Intl’s and from poor telecom subscribers.
    It would be better to throw the top looters into hell instead of changing people like Dr. Yaseen.

    • If you mean political forces.. very true… but Dr Yaseen doesn’t come under pressure but does get influenced by advices of stupuids.

  • I read lot of pplz give credit of sim verification system to dr yaseen by the way how this system help pplz bcz 70 to 80 % pplz who using mobile have no internet access and if they have access they cant know which number is register on their NIC for this they have to go to Customer Care Center of Mobile operators.

    • You can’t ignore importance of “SIM Verification System”. What will happen if someone arranges to get a SIM in your name through illegal means and you are totally un-aware of this, and then this SIM is misused in a criminal activity ???????

    • Moreover, my relatives (living in a remote area of an un-privileged district, i.e. Mianwali) are using internet through mobile phones.
      I think if you have some education and some basics knowledge about using internet through mobile phone, then you can keep in touch with IT.

      • LOLZ you make opinion from your relative here in lahore a World Famous Dentist Dr.Dildar in DHA dont know how to use interner as well A well know family physician Dr.Khalid dont know how to use internet so how you compare them with your relative :)

  • In my opinion his performance should be compared with the performance of Gen(R) Shahzadas performance, billions of dollars were invested in telecom sector, PTA was stronger, number of jobs were created but now telecom sector is not investing the way they were investing before probably because of the PTA policies, telecom companies are laying off their employees as they are not making money, PTA being a authority should make sure that telecom companies make money because if they dont the effect wont go down, PTA now is unable to perform the way it was performing before. So zero performance as compared to last Chairman.

    • economy was ok under previous chairman. or are you trying to say that he is responsible for that too???

    • Please have a look in the policy directive issued by Govt. Moreover it is a fact that initial delay was also because of policy as Govt allowed only existing operators to provide the services and these operators were not interseted.

  • Dr yaseen PTA ko apne bache ki tarha sambhal raha tha usne to 3G 4G Lte sab ek sath launch karne ki koshish ki date bh final hogai but PML N ne end time par ghatya politics ki Bcoz 1 arab dollar next hakumat mai wo lena chate hain agar kamyab huy. Jisne PPP PML N ko vote kia wo zalil bastard

  • He has no control over the Department mainly the PTCL.Departments are run by persons with exhaustive field experience.Field jobs cannot be managed by research oriented DOCTRATES.PTCL performance has been poor in regard to attendance of complaints for INTERNET and SMART TV.In-approprate and provision of inflated billing are also a common feature of the Department.If he has to he should make changes and ensure to MONITOR to improve the performance.

  • Dear Pro Pakistani,
    My vote go for Unimpressive, so many taxes burden over the consumer, Call Centre Call rates increases, Service/Maintenance Charges Increases, EasyLoad 1/2 Rs charge by Dukanwaala (But PTA quite),Poor Service Quality provided by Cellular Companies, Customer Care still a word with no real meaning,even Balance Share charge by Cellular Operator on %age but PTA quite over it. Looting Looting under the eye of PTA & PTA ……… ???

    • You seem to be grouching for no reason. Its the economy downturn concluding in inflationary bottlenecks. A Chairman cannot stop companies from earning their breakeven in the face of loadshedding, gas and fuel shortages and capex and opex of companies running high.

      Please improve your math instead of complaining. I think he did a fine job. Being honest is hard enough.

      • Maliha or should I write you real name … please stop wasting our time … make your point once instead of commenting on each post

        • Sorry Ali, you should have not threatened her for disclosing her name. The blog be left as professional and not for imposing personal thinkings. These are very dangerous comments and need to be addressed as are damaging immages of someones while projecting unnecessary to others. I hope you didn’t mind. This is IT age and nothing is impossible to trace out.

  • Dr. Yaseen is clearly a fraud, he started his carrier in PTA as a Director and moved on to become the Member and then the chairman, all through lies, deceit and political wrangling. He could not hold a decent conversation, had no vision and did not have any executive capability other than being a kiss-_____. Afghanistan fared better than Pakistan during his tenure, I cannot say if he was dishonest, but clearly he was incompetent and simply not cut out for such an important position. God help us, telecom was one area where Pakistan was doing well all of a sudden we had a joker managing PTA.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Dr. Yaseen is a very honest man who worked for the betterment of telecom industry. One must never forget that amidst political instability, clout and influential personalities leading the way the “Top Man” had to deliver. As far as 3G is concerned it is not Chairman’s domain to dictate the Auction when the Government itself wants deployment of favourites AND AN HONEST MAN IS NOT fitting the bandwagon of Rajas of the political arena.
    I congratulate him for putting up a valiant face in encountering ills. “He is a one man army”.

    • Thanks Maliha … we know your real name and who you are … please respect the blog … you will get promoted

    • Whats up with this Dr Yaseen fan club? Really pathetic. People who have worked with him would like to differ with you but hey since you are such a big fan what do you care we Pakistanis have a habit of following incompetent people blindly. Good luck to you and Mr Yaseen

    • Lolz Maliha you fail to defend mr chairman in his job period he destroy LDI industry .as you before said in your post that( A Chairman cannot stop companies from earning their breakeven in the face of loadshedding, gas and fuel shortages and capex and opex of companies running high.

      Please improve your math instead of complaining. I think he did a fine job. Being honest is hard enough.) can you please tell me who fixed Call Rates for Pakistan 0.00125 for International buyers you cant imagine how much he damage ldi industry local call rates for mobile we paying 2 to 2.50 rs per mint and he selling to international buyer for just Rs.1.12 per mint how fool he is.

      • The thing you mention is caused by grey traffic which PTA is effectively trying to monitor by upgradation of equipment. Already APC has been reduced from 5.5 to 2.7 increasing legal traffic. All decisions are taken keeping in view evaluations from industry reps some of who are not in favor of reducing the charges most operators are charging those termination rates for int’l inbound traffic which is actually lower than the rate fixed by the PTA due to anticompetitive practices such as Rs. 1.12 mentioned by you.

        Secondly the Chairman of an Autonomous body is only the recommending Authority rest of the control is with the Standing Committee for IT, the USF body the MoIT, the Compeition Commission etc.
        However a clearing house is in the offing to alleviate your cocern which would disable the hassle faced by operators of discriminatory pricing.

        • Miss Maliha Grey Traffic is only 30 % of whole traffic and to stop grey traffic which is 30% you reduce rate and what about 70% remain traffic which was give you billion of dollars every year and who is responsible for this los of which he cause in last year and so and all with his instructions.

          • Its actually the other way round more or less to match the legal traffic. The 30% is old ratio. It increased then has been effectively reduced to upgraded monitoring but clearing house is in the making to stop the sharp cuts of prices in the future. This is with industry’s consent.

            • An old idea ICH but not implement yet you cant give credit of this to Mr.Chairman because its not happened and will not happen i hope.

              • This is idea of PTCL and supported by Kamran. As now Kamran is in MoIT therefore sponsored there now,

  • Hamein chorr k mat jayein..

    Yahi log yaad kraen ge jo aaj detay haen taaney… inhaen kya maloom

    ” Wo shakhs ke tasweer hae tu tasavvur se jo rangi gaye hae,

    Ae Dr. Yaseen Tareef tujh se he tu tareef se nahi hae”…

  • There is only one measure of success when you look at the tenure of any Chief Executive Office and that is how much money did the person bring in for the company or organization. Unfortunately, during the tenure of Dr. Yaseen, our FDI in telecom has gone down, ARPUs have gone down, taxes have gone up and he was not able to auction 3G licenses. During the previous tenure of Shahzada, the country was able to sell 2 additional licenses @ $ 291 million and the existing players also had to comply. And thereby 5 operators paying almost $ 300 million for a GSM license. This is what success is. With Dr. Yasin, I am afraid, we have only had failure

  • due to dual nationality, he can’t be loyal with Pakistan.
    inspite of this his attitutde was towards India rather Pakistan.

    his tenure was worse
    we hate him

  • PTA must reduce the interconnect charges from 90 paisas to less than 50 paisas per minute

  • Can we point any one who did better than Dr. Yaseen in any field during last 5 years? The answer is NO.

    Name another manager, politician, bureaucrat to whom you can compare. Rating him against himself with yes/no kinda responses is wrong even mathematically.

  • One of the example of in-efficiency is, that PTA in their new regime for data class value license and voice class value licence forgot the satellite communications. Several companies are waiting for becoming SBP (Satellite bandwidth Provider), draft under consideration for last several months.

    Existing very old licensed companies are not interested in investing. Those who want to invest cant get the license as it got forgotten by PTA during policy making.

    Internet and fast communication is still dream for People in far off remote areas of the country.

  • I don’t know much about his performance because part of his job includes watching porn sites so he can ban them.

  • i will rate him -10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10
    wtf he did….???? can someoe tell me?

    still no 3g or 4g/lte here

  • i will rate him -10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10
    wtf he did….???? can someone tell me?

    still no 3g or 4g/lte here

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