PTCL Slams WiMAX Operators in a Mocking TVC

PTCL, in its TVC for recently announced Nitro Cloud Device has apparently crossed the line by openly mocking competition wireless broadband operators, i.e. WiMAX service providers.

PTCL in its TV ad individually called out WiMAX operators by showing their CPEs or devices, with altered names of course (shown below in images and video) to claim that they don’t offer enough internet speed. TV ad further showed all CPEs burning into ashes exactly when Nitro cloud makes an entry.

WiMAX operators are of course offended by this practice of PTCL and termed said TVC highly in appropriate and unappreciated.

An official of leading WiMAX company while communicating with ProPakistani said that this attempt by PTCL to challenge WiMAX operators with an EVDO product is unruly and without making much sense.

When asked from an advertising expert, he opined that using competition brand name in your advertisement is legal but only when comparison is honest and ethical. He further maintained that using competition products’ name (and even look alike products in case of this TVC in question) requires your product to be extra good or otherwise you will end up advertising competition brand by calling viewers’ attention to it.

Commenting particularly about PTCL’s TVC, the advertising Guru said that effort should not be replicated again or it will become an industry standard to mock each other in advertisements.

Check below video and stills of PTCL’s TVC:





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