PTCL Slams WiMAX Operators in a Mocking TVC

PTCL, in its TVC for recently announced Nitro Cloud Device has apparently crossed the line by openly mocking competition wireless broadband operators, i.e. WiMAX service providers.

PTCL in its TV ad individually called out WiMAX operators by showing their CPEs or devices, with altered names of course (shown below in images and video) to claim that they don’t offer enough internet speed. TV ad further showed all CPEs burning into ashes exactly when Nitro cloud makes an entry.

WiMAX operators are of course offended by this practice of PTCL and termed said TVC highly in appropriate and unappreciated.

An official of leading WiMAX company while communicating with ProPakistani said that this attempt by PTCL to challenge WiMAX operators with an EVDO product is unruly and without making much sense.

When asked from an advertising expert, he opined that using competition brand name in your advertisement is legal but only when comparison is honest and ethical. He further maintained that using competition products’ name (and even look alike products in case of this TVC in question) requires your product to be extra good or otherwise you will end up advertising competition brand by calling viewers’ attention to it.

Commenting particularly about PTCL’s TVC, the advertising Guru said that effort should not be replicated again or it will become an industry standard to mock each other in advertisements.

Check below video and stills of PTCL’s TVC:





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  • The industry expert Guru has no idea about advertising if he believes that ” it will become an industry standard to mock each other in advertisements.”
    There have been plenty of advertisements in Pakistan and abroad that use this tactic , and honestly if PTCL has done it the others can always reply. Not a PTCL fan but honestly wimax operators other than wateen are just ripping people off.

  • Well ptcl are right aren’t they? Wimax operators are still living in 2008 or something.

    They advertise a 2MB wimax as if its the fastest internet ever LOL at the price of a nitro and more than a 4MB DSL

    • somebody should do a test and post the results. Wimax is much more truth of speed it gives.
      PTCL evo barely goes over 256kbps.

      You can claim what you want in 2008 or 2012. But if you are giving 1999 keh speeds in reality, then all your claims are bull$hi! I am sorry

      • I agree with Ahmed

        That depends on where you live. Your limited experience does not mean that its the same thing all over the country.

  • There is also another advertisement (Drink Ad may be 7-UP or Sprite)in air on Pakistani TV Channels showing the name different TV channels with alterations.

  • This is really funny…
    Wishi, Waseen, Qubashir (after Mubashir Naqvi) hahaha

    Funnier thing is that PTCL Evo actually is slower than Wimax in reality. I have both nitro 9.3 and Qubee and Qubee performance much better. I asked this to PTCL and they said what is wrong in claiming?

  • The ad by PTCL is cheap. It does not suit a corporate to mock in such a way, there could have been better ways of comparison and mentioning competitors.

  • PTCL EVDO Coverage totally sucks. They are offering speed of upto 9.3 Mbps but I promise you won`t get much more than 3.1 Mbps (Hardly) from this device.

    Furthermore if you check the FAQs of EVE Nitro Cloud in PTCL Website it say in reply to question about average speed:

    “Speed is on best effort basis upto 9.3 Mbps. Average Speed may vary from `0.5~4.5` Mbps`

    Why PTCL do not advertise the average speed of their product in its TVCs.

    In my opinion all wimax operators are far better than PTCL as they are providing the services which they are promising unlike PTCL who promises a lot but delivers nothing!

    • ye PTCL Nitro,3G EVO SUCKS
      on 9.3 mb nitro with full signal strength the downloading speed is no more than 50-60kbps on IDM
      same situation on Evo 3G

      now using Wateen 1mb unlimited no data cap and
      Speed is beyond 150kbps on IDM

      PTCL Nitro(9.3mb),Evo3G(3.1mb) = 60kbps
      Wateen 1mb = 150kbps

      sharam nai ate PTCL walo ko

  • Other Operators needs to step up to the challenge and bring something new. Its the only way to compete .

    • In my opinion sense of humor is not dying but “quality of humor” may be

      This ad reminds me Bhands (Jokers making fun at public gathering like marriages and Fairs). They make fun by denouncing others.

      So quality humor does not require denouncing!

  • Mujhay tou zabardast lagi hai ad.
    chalo ptcl walon ko b aqal ai.
    No doubt PTCL is simply best.

  • to the smart a** legal experts denouncing this ad, what about ufones attacks repeatedly on djuice, what about another cell company’s attacks on zong/ufone, etc etc. Our country has the LAWS just no one to enforce them. Until that is the case, they can show a clip of someone burning down the head office of their competitors – who is there to stop them?

  • a friend of mine use nitro 3.1 and gets download speed around 400 KB/s, waiting statistics about this package, the price seems really good if it get such speeds

  • PTCL already has monopoly in all the broadband service they have to offer. They easily beat their competition through pricing and other activities. Now, they have started targetting in their ads too! Is competition commission of Pakistan still functional?! :s

  • Shame on that ptcl advertising is a non personal communication you have no idea what do, Learn some basic ethics in MBA go back to uni ! ptcl is well known company if they do such stupid thing the what happen to the other small companies .

    Ptcl has no sold reason behind except a cheap marketing team that emerged and poetry a negative
    aspects of Pakistan and bench mark like international companies.

    PTCL is the Pakistan name in the start

    PTA fine ptcl of that stumped act.

  • PTCL Nitro has literally BLOWN AWAY the competition!

    If you have a technology that can offer up to 9.3 MBPS while on the go “why would you not want to show it off?”

    The truth is that Nitro Cloud is an amazing gadget (I got it and it TRULY ROCKS! just like the ad)I am getting average speeds of 3-6 MBPS in DHA Phase 1 Rawalpindi and other parts of the twin cities. I turn it on and drive around and am able to stream HQ content on Youtube on my Samsung Galaxy S3. It is 3G today! Will you believe it gave me 12 hours of battery time??? Its truly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

    Don’t let the ad throw you off … it is actually meant to throw of the competition ;)

  • Funny thing is, PTCL tries to sell bandwidth to all these operators which its mocking and presents itself as thier best service partner.

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