PTCL Introduces Nitro WiFi Cloud

evo cloudAfter introducing WiFi cloud for EVO devices, PTCL is now offering same WiFi cloud for Nitro devices, offering Rev B Mobile hotspot with higher wireless broadband speed on the go.

The pocket-sized 3G EVO Nitro Cloud, manufactured by ZTE, is an easy-to-manage portable 3G Wi-Fi USB router that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot for its customers virtually anywhere, allowing customers to connect their WiFi enabled devices with the Nitro powered hotspot to start using internet on them.

By sharing fast speed internet of up to 9.3Mbps Broadband Internet with multiple users and multiple Wi-Fi gadgets like iPad, netbooks, smart phones through a simple touch, all at the same time.

Furthermore, it can also be used as a 3G EVO Nitro USB device.

PTCL 3G EVO Nitro Cloud’s battery supports up to 10 hours of usage and standby time of up to 20 days gives customers the freedom to travel and connect 24/7 anywhere anytime.

It provides roaming at speeds of up to 9.3Mbps in 70+ 3G EVO Nitro covered cities with auto switch over to 3.1Mbps in 200+ EVO coverage areas, making sure PTCL customers are connected wherever they go.

Internet Sharing:

  • Multi-device access via Wi-Fi
  • One-device access via USB
  • Multi-device access via Wi-Fi and USB at the same time

Battery Timings:

  • Battery Standby Time: 20 Days
  • Battery Working Time (Browsing Only ) with 1 client: 10hs
  • Battery Working Time (Downloads & Video Streaming) with 1 client: 6hs
  • Battery Working Time (with 3 clients): 6hs
  • Battery Working Time (with 5 clients): 3hs


  • PTCL said that they are offering Nitro WiFi Cloud for Rs. 12,000 which will include line rent for Nitro device for four months. Meaning that all you will have to pay is four month of line rent and that’s it.
  • From fifth month onwards, customers will have to pay a monthly rental of Rs. 3,000.
  • There would be no limits on download/uploads

  • PTCL QoS about any product/service: When it works, it works like a charm and when it has some problem, no one is there to help you. Their customer service really sucks big time.

  • actually ptcl services are not worth price they offer ….

    i believe device should be free either per paid or post paid ….

    its charges should not be more then rs.1000/month for unlimited usage (nitro)

    for evo 3.1 mbps charges should not exceed 350 to 450 /month ……
    ptcl should be serving not severing pockets

  • PTCL is taking edge on its Competitors and but they lack quality customer services no matter how much you complaint, the ans you get will be that our representative will contact you in 24hours. After that no response.

  • PTCL’s Phone Load Shedding Offer
    My phone remains dead from 35-40 mins on start of WAPDA load shedding till 8-10 mins after the power is restored…….. PTCL auths say that they have no backup batteries!!!!!!

  • You can’t access wifi and usb at same time, when its connected to USB wifi stops working.

  • Not available in Lahore n Islamabad since 2 weeks. Barket Market, Pace, Cantt, DHA OSS are out of stock for Nitro Cloud.
    I rang 1216, they say they have no news of shortage.

  • Does Anyone Know How The Evo Nitro Wifi Cloud Works in DHA Phase 5, Lahore? And Is There Any Ethernet Port In It? Plz Answer…Thanks

  • I agree that the customer care service is not good. PTCL needs to improve that. But I would like to share something for us Pakistanis to be proud of, PTCL is one of the pioneer companies in the world to start this offer commercially (maybe the first as I read somewhere). I request Amir Atta to please confirm that for us.

  • What the f*** is the problem with the EVO Wingle 9.3 usb?
    Why does the wifi stops after few minutes. You have to unplug and plug-in again to start the wifi. Even when using wifi it suddenly stops and says NOT IN RANGE.

  • Hundreds and Thousands of people bought PTCL’s executive package this year (2014) which is Wingle 9.3 Unlimited (70GB) @ Rs. 1250/ per month. PTCL charged lump sum annual payment in advance because this is what the deal is. Means if we pay annual payment in advance we will get Unlimited (70GB) for Rs. 1250/- per month. They charged annual advance and then within few months they changed their SO-CALLED POLICY and limited the users to just 30GB which is their regular package. When we demand to refund the balance of money back they simply ignore it and tell us that they can not do any thing because the policy is made by PTA. ehhh is PTA God? Does it have exclusive rights to rip off people ?

    What does that mean ? Should we forget about our hard earn money ?

    Is there anyone to stop PTCL/PTA from this Ghunda Gardi ?

    Don’t you all remember that they announced and run massive advertising campaigns in 2013 for EID Package which was “Life Time package for Rs. 1250/- per month”? Where is that package now ? Since this innocent company changed their POLICY, the users should forget their money. Waaaaahhhhhh !!!!

    Please inform others. Never believe PTCL and their fake packages and announcements. THEY CAN CHANGE THEIR GAWD DAMN POLICY OVERNIGHT without caring how much end users suffer or lose.

    The best of all, there is no Ministry or regulator to stop them. Ander say sub milay howay hain.

  • yaar jab mein PC k sath wired connection use kerta hoon to iss ka wifi off ho jata hai aor phir on bhi nhi hota

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