Telenor Posts 18 % Revenue Growth During Q2 2012

telenor_logoTelenor Pakistan has posted its second quarter 2012 results today, demoing a growth in revenues by 18 percentage points in local currently that amounted to Rs. 23.015 billion during the reported quarter – up from Rs. 19 billion during the same period previous year.

Telenor group, in its quarterly earning report, said that contribution of financial services (Easypaisa) towards company’s revenues stood at 3.5 percent and valued Rs. 1.91 billion during three months till July 31st, 2012.

The EBITDA margin increased by 2 percentage points mainly driven by strong revenue growth, as well as improvement in gross margin from a larger proportion of on-net traffic. EBITDA in local currency increased by 26%.

Operating profit was negatively affected by Rs. 4.5 billion in accelerated depreciations related to the ongoing network modernization programme in addition to scrapping of Universal Service Fund investments in the Malakand region of Rs. 640 million and additional
depreciation due to a one-time reconstruction of fixed asset register this quarter.

Capital expenditure was low during the quarter awaiting the upcoming network modernization in addition to the reconstruction of the fixed asset register.

Company said that ARPU in local currency increased by 1%.

The number of subscriptions increased by 615,000 during the quarter. At the end of the quarter the subscription base was 12% higher than at the end of second quarter last year.

Telenor Pakistan reported that subscriptions increased by 615,000 during the quarter. At
the end of the quarter the subscription base was 12% higher than at the end of second quarter last year.

Check below financial stats issues by Telenor Group:

Telenor Pakistan q2 2012


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  • Figures do not seem realistic…
    I dont know but may be it is just face lifting of thier organization. What amount of Tax has they paid to our country???? all goes to Norway… why????

    • man ,

      before pointing first check you stats , buddy .

      I happen to have one of Telenor’s tower installed in my piece of land , Even when they pay rent for the tower they deduct WHT ( with holding Tax)

      WHICH IS DEPOSITED IN ” PAKISTAN ” , as we always get a Deposit Slip every year from the FBR , Pakistan.

      When it comes to Taxes & Payments they are much more organized that the Govt. itself.

  • lol @ all goes to Norway. Every forign investor is allowed a percentage of profits to be repatriated. If this was’nt the case, no one would invest in another country.

  • Do we have an issue with a company be successful in Pakistan? Telenor and all telecom companies pay close to 1/3rd of their revenue in taxes – amongst the highest in the world. As a matter of fact Telecom is one of the most effective tax collectors in Pakistan in a setup where neither the individuals nor businesses pay taxes. The mindset of the the common person has been brainwashed by the deeds of our leaders, politicians, and bureaucrats…. Still, lets not lose hope.

  • Govt is looting from the pockets of MANGO MAN through invisible hands of TELCOS……….
    That’s it………

  • After the deduction of tax from our salaries…
    Ankheeyn bahir aa jaty hain hamary.
    Ap keh rahay ho Telenor tax nahy deta!

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