Video Competition Website Announces Celco of the Month Video Contest has announced the ‘Cellular Network of the Month Contest’, where anyone can post their video review of the cellular connection to participate in a competition to win prizes.

TalenIdols is a, made-in-Pakistan, talent competition portal that provides a platform to help, talented people from Pakistan, get discovered.

Talentidols’ latest initiative is the concept of Video Blogging where anyone can participate by uploading a web cam or mobile based video. They have started 5 such monthly contests already including ‘Cellular Network of the Month contest’ is one of them.

Winners will get certain cash prizes and giveaways. This contest will be repeated with new themes and topics each month ending on a mega video blogging contest from Pakistan by the end of the year where all winners from the entire video blogging contests will compete with each other to win even more exciting and bigger prizes.

This would give people yet another platform to share their feedback and help cellular networks improve their quality of service, a topic that has indeed become an integral part of our lives, as the telecommunication industry continues to take great leaps and bounds in Pakistan.

Regardless of the fact that our generation is ready for such a platform or not, I think this is one initiative which surely is commendable. If they were able to consistently do the monthly contests for next 6 months with all the promised prizes and fame given to winners, I am sure the site will get lot of regular contributors and quality content.

It provides a chance to talented individuals to be judged by industry experts and get into the spotlight and also win amazing prizes in the process. It is a complete contest management system tightly integrated with Facebook which not only gives a life changing chance to performers but also gives tremendous branding opportunities for organizations that want their marketing campaigns to go viral.