Ufone Takes on Lottery Fraudsters with Awareness TVC

Recently, with the evident of lottery and prize schemes by cellular companies, the lottery scams / prize scams hit their best ranks in the history. There are countless types of fraud/scams that keep on surfacing in our surroundings every other day.

Fraudsters, initially, underwent a problem in establishing such illicit networks in Pakistan due to a fact that usage of credit cards was very limited here. Branchless banking and balance sharing (for mobile accounts), however, solved the problem and the illegal business of “prize scams” started gaining heights.

Here are few types of “Prize Schemes” scams used to trap innocents:

  • Benazir Income Support Prize
  • Car Prize from cellular companies
  • Car Prize from a multi national company
  • Cash prize from a firm in Middle East
  • Job Scams

And many more, for instance, check following SMS that was shared with ProPakistani just today:

SUBCOM ENGINEERING Company Ko Jaga Darkar Hai Plot Ya Chat par mobile tower lagany k liye.
Aplication ki last date 10 Aug
[email protected]

Other types of communication can be as following:

You have won a car prize from XYZ company. you are required to contact this and this number to claim your prize.

When someone contacts these scammers, they ask for cash money to be transferred through Easypaisa/UBL Omni or they ask for Mobile cards valuing Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000 or even more.

Innocent souls transfer the funds/balance and expect hefty prizes, which never come.

A lot has been written by the media, blogs and other communication channels to educate general public of these scammers. But naturally there was lot more to be done by someone to completely eliminate the problem. We had recommended government, PTA in this case, to start massive awareness campaign to educate our countrymen of these fraudsters.

But Ufone has taken up the responsibility and came up with an awareness TVC which educates people of these lottery fraudsters. TVC, which is wonderful in terms of what it communicates, has superclass execution.

Interestingly, the ad is produced and developed by the same Ufone team that is best known for humor and hilarious ads, showing that they can perform masterpiece in talky and serious ads too.

This first of its series TVC can serve as an inspiration for other cellular companies who should initiate such awareness campaigns as well. After all, if they can copy Ufone’s Shahcar offer than what’s bad in copying something which is positive and can be helpful and productive for consumers.

Here is TVC, check yourself and share your feedback!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • So far looking awesome!
    Great work by Ufore

  • Ufone k paas achi team hai aur ye wahid company hai jo ‘sub kuch’ maali mafadat k liye nhe krti.
    Ufone tum he to ho!

  • Waleed

    Buckle up fraudulent campaign hurdlers, ufone is gonna bust you up in true manner… :D

  • Usman Mujtaba

    Nice effort by Ufone. .. .

  • umar satti

    ProPk rakhta ha hmara keyal…
    thanx for this i dont watch tv.
    i came to know about this add from propk ty :)

  • Zurain

    this should have been done by PTA

  • PAKi

    Ufone walon, jo FRAUD schemes telenor aur moblilink waley nikal rahay hain (Example = gold scehme) usey bhi exposed karo :D

  • PAKi

    Ufone walon, jo FRAUD schemes telenor aur moblilink waley nikal rahay hain (Example = gold scehme) usey bhi expose karo :D

  • Guardian

    Happy with this. Will be more happy if Ufone too stop sending me SMS for various prize schemes.

  • Anwer Ali Baloch, Hub Chowki, Balochistan

    Although this step should have been taken by the all Mobile phone operators many years ago (as Moral Responsibility ofcourse), still it is better late than never. It is a Very Good and Appreciable step by Ufone. Hope that other operators will also wake up to their moral obligations.

  • Arsalan

    now this is what i call corporate social responsibility <3
    Love u Ufone
    and thanks Propak for this info caz i don't watch T.V

  • Syed Ali Raza

    Great Job by Ufone. I wish our public should be aware with such scams but I have noticed 70% of Pakistan Cell phone users are not enough educated so they can be easily get trapped in such scams specially village areas. At least after this TVC by Ufone. I hope our people will aware of such scams. Once again Great work by Ufone.

  • Navy

    More things

    1) A company who is giving $$$ will spend $$$$$ in its advertisements so they will never give away prizes hidely in case of geniuneness.

    2) More responsibility needed as i have seen the following type of ad in our national newspaper as well
    “SUBCOM ENGINEERING Company Ko Jaga Darkar Hai Plot Ya Chat par mobile tower lagany k liye.
    Aplication ki last date 10 Aug
    [email protected]

    3) PTA should make an ad in which all the mobile companies work together to educate the people. This will share cost and hence more frequency is there is to play aor print it in media.

    AT the end, good work done by ufone to start this step.

  • Kashif Bashir

    some days backs I got call from a person. it was hilarious, just look at the conversation,
    W salam,
    Sir mai Ufone ke taraf sy baat kr rha hn. Ap ka 10 lakh ka inaam nikla ha. Tafseel k lia ap issi number pr callh (call) kr k apna inaam ly sktay hain.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Had a similar call from someone claiming that I won from Telenor. That was in 2008 I think. So this is such an old scam that apparently STILL WORKS because people are trying it.

  • shayan

    Very good effort by UFONE…..

  • sharif

    These cell companies should reduce their service charges instead of these stupid gimmicks of lotteries and prizes.

  • Nice Effort Ufone management

  • Is this a mature post??

  • @Kashif Bashir haha mujhe bhe bilkul isi tarah ke call mosoul hui the. K “aap ka 5 lakh ka inaam nikla hai”, mene kaha inaam ki raqam eazy load karwa do. :-P
    wese mera khayal hai k ye log inaam dene k bahanay logon se basic information ly lete hain, aur phr oun ke details tasheeri maqasid k liye estemaal krty hain.

  • Zaki

    Very good initiative !!!

  • i appreciate this effort but what when ufone stole credit without any reason from my phone ?? first ufone have to make clear it self then they start this kind of camping..!

  • Great .. Nice effort of ufone for all pakistani peoplez..

  • Hassan khan

    Nyc job

  • Usama Siddiqui

    good work by ufone.

  • I think all telecome companies are same to just looting people and ufone has plus edge as its gov company same as ptcl and you know the ptcl best support and package, besides of it this awarness tvc is good and if some bad boy do good work then i will appreciate it in hope that he will do better in future.

  • Good step from Ufone, Lakin yeh bht pehly krna chaye tha.. but der aaye durust aye.

  • PPC Experts

    Ufone has taken the marketing advantage along with the social service. Great marketing tactics …. Who is their GM marketing now a days ?

  • Telecom

    great effort

  • Fakhre alam

    I too got the same call years ago. I told him to take some money from the prize and spend it on sending the prize. Lol he got pissed

  • Shehzad

    Very Good Initiative by UFONE … :)

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    We do receive such calls, Still neither Police or PTA has done anything about it. But We appreciate UFone for its effort.

  • Yasir Latif

    Really good effort and awareness campaign by Ufone.
    Well done Ufone!

  • pyari

    again a WOW Step. They’re awesome at anything from their packages to customer support & from network to their extra-activites. On top of that there adds are just amazing in their own way. No anyother company can surpass them in this field. Go on Ufone. We’re with you.

  • fizzasaleh

    Ufone has done a gr8 job. this commercial might help Ufone in changing its image from that of the funniest one. there are alot of Ufone Sims available at dekho.com.pk. not only the Sims but also the informational guide is also available there.

  • Riz

    Nice move Ufone …………….

  • jb

    I made a complaint through email to FIA.. but tey are also a******s..i called them and they said that i have to submit application to DG FIA and they’ll process that app and i have to provide proof evidence.. can somebody tell my if i have to do all of this then why they are getting paid. Thats why on body comes out to help… very BAD system…. too much disappointed….. such a shame on for FIA…

  • Sheikh Amin

    Ufone did the job of PTA. PTA should launch such ads for awareness. There is a series of versatile fraud on mobile. PTA should not restrict itself to online instruction.
    any way UFone did good job.

  • JZ

    This number ( 03320611256) is a owned by a massive fraudulent schemer . Who poses to be a Ufone worker and tricks people in different scams . I hope Ufone has the capability of devising a plan to expose such people so they can’t hurt any one .