KFC Pakistan Goes Offline

KFCOfficial website for KFC Pakistan, a global fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken products, has been taken offline by its service provider for non-payment of its hosting dues.

Following message is being displayed when KFCPakistan.com is accessed:

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

This shows how irresponsible multi national companies can get.

It merits mentioning here that KFC remains hot seller during Ramadan and they happen to advertise their website over conventional and digital media during the month of Ramadan, which is now likely to get wasted due to missed hits.

  • Ryan

    A better News is out their which you are not Publishing.
    That Twitter SMS now work on Warid too !!

    • Furqan

      nope it still doesnt work! i can only see following operators there:

  • Lagta hai ye KFC wala Budha Baba retire ho gya hai.

  • New skidoo

    This REALLY is not news worthy.

  • Saeed

    I think change the subject as the subject is appearing KFC goes Offline its all business.

    Better Subject:

    “KFC Pakistan website Goes Offline”

    • reader


      • Fawad

        lol so true.. i thought kfc is closed..

        the title should be changed.

    • FrndsZone.com


  • abdullah

    they will be back on 1st august ;)

    New Billing month and new bandwidth limit :D

  • burner

    what a sensanationalized title ‘KFC goes offline’ almost geo worthy.

  • umar satti

    ROFL what is this so much irresponsibility by KFC

  • pyari

    Well, I’m not going to value this site unless they create such a system that I might able to download foods right from my screen. lol

  • hsk

    kfc website was useless you cant even seek into there menu and order it

  • Faisal Raza

    news to news hai bhai lakin search engine ranking bhe tu ho jati hai isi bahany se, kfc ramadan main kitna aur kaise kamata hai yeh likhna zaroori thori tha.

    I don’t think so k bohat bari ziada log pehle web check karte hain phir jate hain, jinhay jana hota hai woh jate he hain.

    News yeh hai k PTCL broadband pe ab static IP mil rahe hai at Rs.200 per month :-D

    • B


  • ahb

    KFC (Capula Pakistan) does not make payments to their other vendors, and does not have good reputation in market for making payments.

  • KFC kay pass paisy khatam ho gai hain kia??????

  • its because of ramadan, every one checking their buffet details:D

  • Dear Writer,
    How do you know that this the site is stopped due to non-payment?

    Can you please confirm the source or just spreading rumors?

    As per site error, only dedicated bandwidth of the site is occupied fully.

    “We need something for feed-burner.”

  • will be back very soon

  • B

    site working fine now !

  • Ad

    Just as well… Their website sucked. Also why dont they put iftar deals etc online?? It looks like it was never updated. Expect better service from KFC