After News One, Khayber News TV Gets Hacked

khayber_newsOfficial website of Khyber News TV is hacked and defaced by Pak Cyber Pyrates, that’s what they call themselves, to protest against inadequate or no coverage of Muslim Killings in Myanmar (Burma) on Pakistani media, mainly the News TV channels.

This is second instance of hacking and defacement of a Pakistani News Channel website in one week.

Earlier, News One TV website was hacked, for same reasons. Hacker from same team called “No Swear” had defaced News One Official Website. No Swear, and hackers of Kyber News TV have demanded TV channels to cover Muslim Killings in Burma instead of covering less sensitive events.

It is likely that more media websites are going to get defaced in coming days for improper coverage of Burma Muslims.

Nothing has been harmed on Khayber News website, but just the index page was replaced. Khyber News TV is currently reverted back to its original form. However, the mirror of defaced page can be access here:

Message on defaced page said:

“To the Pakistan government stop the atrocities on Muslim population and protect their basic human rights. …..

Myanmar Muslims are being massacred after they rejected the Buddhist pressure to convert to Buddhism

the brutalities being perpetrated on them must stop now the world community..

the media and the so-called human rights bodies are completely silent..

If you DON’T help Myanmar Muslims we will continue our attacks on your cyber space until you take action and on the Myanmar government.

You will hack 1 we will hack thousands..

Pakistan ZindaBad..



Thanks Shoaib Alam for tipping

      • Geo news ,ary news aur express news ye teeno tu zaror hack karo aur burm a k muslims k liye message do ,jab hi media walon ki aankhain kholey gi.

        • O Stu**d Saleem!
          Why don’t you understand that is although a ‘Medium’ but it only publishes Telecom and Cellular News. It is not a news channel or (every type of/ or ordinary) news website.
          We are Proud of these Cyber Hackers.

          • You have failed.

            No local site needs to be hacked. I do not understand the reason behind hacking a PAKISTANI NEWS site for not covering the news. What do you want them to do? Send them news reporters to Burma? They don’t need that, you can go on your own and write on a blog.

            Maybe next you will want the PAF site to be hacked for not bombing Burmese???

              • Yes, but I am not promoting or lauding haraam actions like attacking websites of Muslim-owned and operated companies.

  • News channels coverage nahi kar rahe kyunke wahan itna kuch nahe ho raha jitna FB men btaya ja raha hai, Well For hackers, inko koi or kam to hai nahe _______ ________website se pese kamye nahe jate dosron ke websites hack karte hain, ________ Hackers ;)

    [Comment Edited]

  • @rizwan, sometime we ignore positive approach. I am also Hackers. Why? because they will soon divert our media to right direction.
    Ok, this is not as such activity there in Burma than please help us and share the truth.

  • Goood ……..Great job…..

    GEO r ARY ka # kab aay ga????????????????

    Lagay raho……….

  • It is very clear from the context of the above article that ProPakistani has an extremist agenda.

    This is not telecom or technlogy news… this is propoganda supported by this web site.

    Pathetic… I guess the famous saying is true that Muslims are their own worst enemy. The second post of this kind on ProPakistani is pathetic to say the least.

    Jis mulk main paani ki gaari ijaad hosakti hay wahan aisay jaahil log zaroor hongay jo hatred aur extremism phelain.

    • ProPakistani did a good job!

      You know they have got name ProPakistani not ProIndian or ProMedia etc….

      Woeful is your sense of pride and wretched in tears is your faith!

      • Oh, right I forgot. Attacking businesses owned and run by Pakistanis is a “pro-pakistani” action! Is that what you think???

  • Hello mr grugadget, this website covers the whole thing which comes into the meanings of IT. I don’t think will have to tell you whether or not hacking has anything to do with IT. Secondly, the hackers are doing their best part in such attacks, why don’t the news channel see what’s going on there in burma if actually they’re live casting the Olympics?
    I’m very glad to see this article here, the people like me who didn’t know have now known that at least someone has putting their efforts to awake the fallible Concious of this country & its people. Mind yourself before speaking ill about my country next time. See ya

  • Love hakers bcaz they used hacking for a good purpose. Burma Muslims, We r with You
    We r with You
    We r with You

    • Because everyone is fed up this shit*y gov & shit*y sold media :@ They want revolution… change!!!

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