Jazz SMS Khazana 8 Announced

Despite direct and clear orders from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Mobilink has announced the next round of SMS Khazana – dubbed as Jazz SMS Khazana 8, an SMS based trivia quiz that can win customers prizes.

Mobilink claims that this would be biggest ever SMS Khazana promising lots of grand prizes for Mobilink customers!

Like before, Jazz SMS Khazana 8 is based on customers answering trivia questions to enter a lucky draw to win daily and weekly prizes, as well as a grand bumper prize! The more questions a customer answers, the greater the chances to win a prize.

Going one step further in rewarding our customers, the total prizes for SMS Khazana 8 equal a staggering Rs. 3 crore!

Customers can win

  • 2 prizes of Rs. 100,000 daily,
  • one Suzuki Swift every week,
  • Eid prize of Rs. 1,500,000
  • and a bumper prize of Rs.5,000,000!

And that’s not all. Every correct answer wins you 5 free Mobilink minutes and 20 free SMS and even every wrong answer wins you 5 free SMS!

More details, procedures and terms for SMS Khazana 8 are available here

  • Ohh bhai kaun sa PTA aur yeh sub fraud hai laiken hum pakistani is umeed par bethay hai kay inaam niklay ga.

    • Its all fraud and pta is also involve in this stupid sms khazana
      do’nt try this,it is wasting of time and money

  • I didn’t even subscribe to this absurd trivia quiz and Mobilink bombards me with at least 10 messages everyday.

  • Hello,

    I play on 24 Aug and spend Rs. 200.00. When you will announce the result? I think I have lost Rs. 200.00. All is fraud.

  • ye sub kuch fraud ha. Maine 2108000 point hain or har din top 1% players main tha lekin wohi fraud preselected logon ko inam milta ha chahay aap 1 karor points lay lain. Yeh ketay hain k is main lucky draw hota ha or koi bhe inam jeet sakta jis ne sms kiya ho lekin aik haqeqat aap ko bataoon, agar aap sms ka khazanna 7 k or sms khazzana 8 k winner dekhain tu aap ko bohat saray name duplicate milain gey. Maie Haja jin k talaq shaid Ghotki se ha us ne scheme 7 mein 3 martaba bara prize geta ha jabkay sms khazanna 8 mein doo (2) martaba winner ha (including grand prize as well). hairat key baat ha k Maei Hajan k pass super lucky number ha jo har martaba ik grand prize lucky draw k zariyee jetty hain. Maei Hajan ka ID card number wohi ha jo scheme 7 or 8 main ha. Ik jaga per fraud ka patta chalta ha, scheme 7 main ik jaga per Ghotki key jaga Sakkhar likha ha.
    Maine Daily Pakistan ko sub information de dein hain or wo is per investigation ker rahay hain.
    Maine PTA ko bhe mail k lekin bekar…..!!!!!

    • Good research Mr. Love Pakistan….

      Maie Hajan jazz walo ki phuphu hay kia, really she is keep getting prises..kabhi sakkahr say kabhi Dist.Ghotki say… check winners of sms khazana winner 7 and 8…
      ————-SMS Khazana 8——————–
      MAEI HAJAN 12th August 2012 ****1390
      District Ghotki
      Sukuzi SWIFT Car
      MAEI HAJAN 13th August 2012 ****1390
      District Ghotki
      PKR 1 LAKH
      ————SMS Khazana 7———————
      MAEI HAJAN 26th January 2012 ****1390
      1 TOLA GOLD

      • AOA, Friends, this all above is fraud by Mobilink. They have not been updated even bumper prize winner name. They have been known that people of Pakistan would easily made fool.

  • Today i am waiting for SUZUKI CAR.BECOZ I M ON TOP 1 PLAYER OF THIS GAME.I KNOW IT is NOT farad jazz company will give me a car .yes i m toper 03032007598

  • Today i am waiting for SUZUKI CAR.BECOZ I M ON TOP 1 PLAYER OF THIS GAME.I KNOW IT is NOT farad jazz company will give me a car .yes i m toper 03035012008

  • hello plz zara jaldi karo may new car k wait kar raha hun. may aj top 1 player hun es leye i hope ap car ke news mughay bhoat jald de rahay hain. thank u

  • hello plz zara jaldi karo may new car k wait kar raha hun. may aj top 1 player hun es leye i hope ap car ke news mughay bhoat jald de rahay hain. thank u

  • hello plz zara jaldi karo may new car k wait kar raha hun. may aj top 1 player hun es leye i hope ap car ke news mughay bhoat jald de rahay hain.

  • hello plz zara jaldi karo may new car ka wait kar raha hun. aj apney sarey payse es joway per lagga deye hain.

  • the car will go to Ghotki to MAEI HAJAN because mobilink will always declare him winner in khazana 6 & 7 and now 8 know why because there is no MAEI HAJAN exsist in ghotki only a fake
    Id card exsist

  • bhai yaar mjhy bhi ye sb froud lag raha hy yaar q kay yaar mai khud is game mai khail raha hn yaar aur merey bht saray points ho chukay hai but i can’t get any price aur yaar ye log bht buray hai agar in kay help centre call karo to bht chriyan maaartay hai in ki shikyat karni chahye

  • haan yaar yeh sab jhoot hai mai khod aik student hon aur apni saaari pocket money es fraud game pe laga chuka hon mere 318,875 points hai leken koch nahi jeeta. Etni big company ko es tarah ke fraud nahi karni chaiye bare sharam kee baat he.

    • O brother , please mahnat karo, in shortcuts may na paro..You are wasting your money..PTA must stop them..
      If you have earned 318,875 points, it menas you have wasted atleast more then 2,000 rupees….O bhai ham log Mai Hajan ya Altaf Ahmad nai jo waisay hi jeet jain…stop wasting money..Its only a dream and soon you will see you will become lazy aur jhotay khawab dakhna shuru kar do gay. or ultimately study bhi chor do gay..ku kay tum phir yah jan lo gay kay at the end of each sunday you will get Swift or One Lakh or 50 Lakh…

      In your dreams……………..
      Ab service shoes , Mahran garam masala, walay bhi shuru hogay….
      Is say pahlay Surf excel walay Mercedes day rahay that, kaha gai unki second mercedes car scheme…for which they parked their car in METRO Isb. to attract peoples…

      Fraud fraud….

  • ********** SMS KHAZANA 7 **********

    ALTAF AHMAD 11th January 2012 ****2369 Lahore 1 TOLA GOLD

    ALTAF AHMAD 15th January 2012 ****2369 Lahore 2 TOLA GOLD

    ********** SMS KHAZANA 8 **********

    ALTAF AHMAD 15th August 2012 ****2369 Ghotki PKR 1 LAKH


    • Yar ab bhi ham in kay peechay lagay rahain..meri to thek that pocket khali ki inho nay..
      Tobah meray Allah…may itni dua apnay Emaan bachanay ki kar lata…jitni may nay in fraudiu ki schemes kay liay mangi hain…
      Mahnat may Barkat hay…

      Quran says:-

      La yukallifu Allahu nafsan illa wusAAaha

      2:286 On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns. (Pray:) “Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden Like that which Thou didst lay on those before us; Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. Thou art our Protector; Help us against those who stand against faith.”

  • Altaf, Zahid Iqbal, Maei Hajan ye sub winner hain jazz sms scheme 7 aor 8 k. Mainay jazz customer service per is ko discuss kiya lekin woh apni company ko har martaba defend kartay hain or kehtay hain k ye fair aor transparent ha. Lekin aap sub log jantay ho k ye fraud ha. Mainay unko request ke k meri email ko higher official jo is scheme mein directly involve nahi hain unko forward karein. Ab pata nahi k inho ne forward key ha ya nahi. Meray khyal mein hum logo ko is fraud ko facebook ya dosray social media per bhe discuss karna chaheye ta k dosray log bhe ye jan saken aor Jazz ke ye scheme fail hojayee.
    I can go to court but will need some help from NADRA as I might need the full ID card numbers of these winners and hence we can fiqure out the fraud. But I am not sure whether or not NADRA will provide information.

  • Today I have sent am email provided with all evidence/proof to FIA as well.
    I think we should try to expose all such scheme to get rid of these sort of frauds atleast

  • have a look onto the winner list updated by jazz sms ka khazzana 8………so funny all the prizes were won by Ghotki peoples even some are looking to belong to same family…just check the names and it clearly voilate jazz claim that the winners are selected on the basis of lucky draw……Ghotki peoples are so lucky that they have won all mega prizes.


  • I have been told that I am in Top 2% participant but they are making FOOL out of us. Hardly believing in these white collar top corporate scammers….. Sab kay sab salay chor aur hum sab bewakoooooofff

  • This time in Jazz Sms khazana 8 most of the winners are from Ghotki and now the Admins have removed the city column.They at Mobilink are committing a fraud and all us are becoming a part of this fraud……Feel sorry for myself and all the others who play.Because every Khazana sms i have played but never won a single penny in these 2 n half years…….Fake winners,,,Fake results ,,Fake campaign..

  • lets protest against Mobilink….just imagin…the company is earning billions of rupees coz of this scheme and loooting people from both hands….i think prize list is fake they just copy paste on excel sheet that s y they r from ghotgi…secondly there is also repeated names in list….as per policy a person cant win two prizes…..we need to protest and report PTA and shut this…..Mobilink must involve media and make a draw in front of public and Media…it must prove that all the prizes are real otherwise it does not have any right to play with the public……….Would u protest?

  • aap sab log jo be kaho main nay to 1 lac win kea hay. sms khazana 8 , 6 sep k draw main aap dekh sakte ho 0321-4336901 mobilink zinda baad

  • madam sms khazana 8 k grand winner main mere bhai nay car win ke hay , jahangir mehmood gill nay , mobilink sms khazana fake nahe hay

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