Ufone Takes On Zong?

Zong and Ufone have directly encountered before and we were certain that they will haunt again. Before we get to our point, check below video that is a TVC for recently launched Ufone Din Bhar Offer:

So what does it mean to you when Ufone uses Chinese models in its TVC, especially when one of them is showing his Kung Fu thrillers but end up breaking his head when hitting unlimited calls? Is it some kind of a sign?

Do you feel the same way? If yes, will Zong Strike Back? How?

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  • U Fone Tum Hi To Ho.

  • zain

    ufone, students and mazdooron ka network

  • فخرنوید

    I Don’t think so,
    viewers think Kuch Hat Ke

    اب آپ انہیں آپس میں لڑوانا چاہتے ہو تو آپ کی مرضی

  • wasim

    Ufone nailed it…

  • tim

    you must agree that ufone has sense of making ads

    • Asad




  • Sorry Aamir Bhai,

    This is one of old Ufone Ad. They edit this for their new package, like now a days Ufone repeating their some ads for their updated packages.

    • Asad

      Yes it is an old add that was made in response to Zong

  • Gulnaz Khan

    aamir samaj nahin aaye …. yeah kaya hai ?

  • Ali

    This ad was aired few month as well. I think at that time this was pushing another offer not the same one as they are pushing now. And I don’t find it depicting to take on Zong. Considering the ad as normal (not offensive) would be a right judgement!

  • imran

    I liked Ufone 2GB monthly internet package, tired from zong signals problem

  • Zeeee

    Bus humaray bloggers ko toh humaray media ki tarhan news sizzle up kerna ata hai. This pretty old ad. They have only made changes to accommodate new offer. And this does not directly take on Zong.

  • Mutated

    The interesting thing is that if you look closely (full screen in gud quality), you can clearly see the top brick gets broken down the middle when the chinese guy hits it with the head.

    In the next frame it is replaced with a unbroken brick or most likely photoshoped to repair the damaged brick.

    • Asad

      Great observation man :D

      • Irtza Shahan

        hahah waqi oye

  • Likhnay ko kuch nahi bachay tu banda yehi karay ga!

  • Ufone has sense to create ads :)

  • Foqaan

    This is the old add i guess… and taking Chinese in a TVS doesn’t mean that Ufone is taking on Zong… An ye is package may 9 to 5 timings hain means this is only for the house wife’s :D

    I am a user of ZONG LBC Unlimited offer from at least 2 years and It’s truly awesome. I mean isay sasti khamoshi he hai phir..

  • I had to switch from Zong to Ufone due to signal problem. Zong signal strength is very poor.

  • raybak

    I dont think so…. but Ufone ads are much better than others.

  • Guga

    Zong will take 3rd place in near future. Its network and value added services are improving. Ufone on the other hand has always been AWAMI Network.

  • waseem1963

    I think this ad is not a good signal coz customer will be hurt by using this package … like ufone against his own customer …

  • Usman

    Charging system of ufone is so bad they are charging for those services that you didn’t subscribe my friends are facing this type issues as well and CSR didn’t respond to these kind of complains while ZONG is much better in term of charging as well as their packages

  • Asim

    its a old TVC, they hv just rerun it, i dont think its taunting atitude or somehting like that. ZONG charges so much that if you buy a new zong sim and activate your balance will flew away like storm. try it and then do let everybody know.