JumpShare, a File Sharing Tool from Pakistan, Launched

JumpShareJumpShare.com, an online file sharing tool that enables its users to drag and drop filesto share and view 150 types of file formats including photos, videos, documents, presentations, code, and countless other file types, has been launched.

JumpShare, a brainchild of Ghaus Iftikhar – a serial entrepreneur from Islamabad, remained under development for well over year and a half after which it was launched yesterday in Beta version.

JumpShare.com is built around an idea that shared files online should be viewed online, instead of downloading them to your desktop for just viewing them.

Unlike other countless file sharing service providers, with JumpShare users can drag and drop their files to be shared with their friends and co-workers. Who can in return view these files online to ultimately save time and to bypass the hassle of downloading respective software required to open these files types.

With JumpShare, you won’t be required to sign-up or anything. Simply go to the URL and start sharing files. JumpShare (through cookies) will remember the list of files you have shared with friends lately to allow you to re-share them at a later time.

Currently JumpShare allows maximum of 100MB single file to be shared with friends and maximum of 2GB for all the files uploaded by a single user. JumpShare said that they will increase this limit once users’ accounts in near future.

Point to this URL and start sharing: http://www.jumpshare.com

  • kamal Ashraf

    wao, an expensive project in pakistan.

    • Shahid Saleem

      They store the data on Amazon S3. Storing 1 terabyte of data (equivalent to 500 users maximum amount for now) for 1 whole month costs just $125, or less than Rs 12,000 (depending on exchange rate). Not expensive at all.

      • Aamir

        It is indeed an expensive project. Users multiply in no time. They will be needing big sponsors to stay in business.
        Anyway, the website is cool. Wishing them good luck!

        • Shahid Saleem

          — They will be needing big sponsors to stay in business.

          All file sharing sites have a freemium model. That means, the heavy users pay.

          Quite often, only 1-5% of the paid users are enough to sustain the service for the other 95-99% free users.

          • Aamir

            I hope this is the case with them.

  • What about the security of these files we are kind of throwing in cloud ? there are no user profiles or accounts to keep track in traditional way , also i don’t see any ssl etc , or any other security versification as yet , so it would be great if you get an official statement regarding this issue .
    As if this thing is a real deal than I will defiantly prefer home produced service :)

    • Shahid Saleem

      Never ever ever trust the service providers to keep your data secure. As we have seen with the Megaupload case, the Megaupload employees could access the uploaded data.

      If you REALLY MUST keep it from being seen by other people, use http://www.gpg4win.org/ to encrypt your files first.

      • Danish

        Don’t mislead. Read what they are saying:

        Jumpshare is hosted on Amazon AWS and uses Amazon S3 for data storage. Everything is encrypted on the AES standard to prevent unauthorized access.


        • Shahid Saleem

          I’m not misleading. You are simply confused.

          Do you have to type in an AES password to decrypt and download? No. So, what good is the encryption? If Anyone with the url to the file can download it without typing in the AES password, it is effectively UNENCRYPTED.

          Secondly, the AES encryption feature is a standard feature of Amazon S3, but only applies to the SOFTWARE OR PERSON DOING THE UPLOAD. In this particular case, it means the files Jumpshare uploads and stores on S3 are encrypted BUT when we access them (to download) they are NOT. That is because we do not download it directly from S3 (http://s3.amazonaws.com/blahblah/) but through jumpshare.

          Once again, I repeat: if you have the url to a file, no matter how jumpshare stores it on S3, you get the UNENCRYPTED COPY.

  • MoMoo

    very very good service.

  • Abubaker Javed

    Is Mein jo Marzii Upload Karroo ;)

    • Shahid Saleem

      Wrong. Read the terms of service. Some things are explicitly banned.

  • Pro_Desi

    good…but big question is, is it secure?

    • Shahid Saleem

      With the Fair Trial bill, nothing is secure in this country :):):)

  • Azi


  • haseeb

    Seeing more and new entrepreneurs in Pakistan makes me so happy and gives me the confidence to start my own online firm good job guys :)

  • Scorpion King

    gud service, i will check it

  • Shameel

    amazing work… just tried it …very impressed … it still shd allow ppl to create user accounts though

  • Asad

    good site, those who talk about security, tell me which else is secure??? None !

    • Shahid Saleem

      Files I encrypt before I upload are 100% secure.

  • Hello

    nice website and nice article. but Mr admin, i have requested you to plz write article about our forum as we are helping students about their studies and educational problem. that were not important in you eye. but this file sharing tool is important so you have written the article on this.
    we are offering the request section, by which visitor, user can request anything we will try to provide Insha Allah. which is unique feature.

    but its ok. let see what happens in future.

  • Good work from a pakistani, i really appreciate it.

  • Guga

    A great initiative and a different project indeed folks.. It will help to build a strong customer base once they enhance their features..

    Thumbs Up Guys

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  • Nazakat

    This is very good. I have just experienced.

    Keep it up.

  • Danish

    very impressed with the site design. Its simple, just upload and share. Hats off to Pakistani guy for making this web app. hope this will stand up with other big online storage names soon. Inshallah!

  • Salman Abbas

    “Unlike other countless file sharing service providers, with JumpShare users can drag and drop their files to be shared with their friends and co-workers.” LOL really?

  • It is a good product. I wish them good luck.

  • Feedback link is broken, http://forum.jumpshare.com/

  • Great work! Best wishes…

  • I think its 1st time in pakistan

  • Abdullah Khan

    Nice website. But currently 4shared.com provides the best free service. There individual file size can be upto 2GB and total space is 15GB.