Pakistan Post Launches Electronic Money Order Service


Pakistan Post, a state department, has announced the launch of Electronic Money Order service that will allow the masses to transfer funds up to Rs. 100,000 in matter of seconds.

Conventional money order service used to take few days for delivery however this new revamped service from Pakistan Post is said to be as quick as any other mobile banking solutions, such as EasyPaisa or UBL Omni.

Pakistan Post’s Electronic Money Order service is started as a pilot project in eleven cities (mentioned below) involving 17 GPOs (General Post Offices), where individuals can send and receive their payments instantly. It is said that service will be stretched to more cities in coming time.

Pakistan Post, which operates with losses in terms of business, was previously partnering with Mobilink for a similar kind of service where it used mobile phones for instant transferring of funds. But now, reportedly, Pakistan Post will use internet for immediate transfer of money.

Pakistan Post website isn’t displaying any information, as of now at least, on this new service, however, an advert appearing in various newspapers today details about the service charges, which are as below:

Service Charges:

Amount of Money Order Service Charges
up to Rs. 2,000 Rs. 50
From Rs. 2,000 and up to Rs. 5,000 Rs. 100
From Rs. 5,001 and up to Rs. 10,000 Rs. 200
From Rs. 10,001 and up to Rs. 15,000 Rs. 250
From Rs. 15,001 and up to Rs. 20,000 Rs. 350
From Rs. 20,001 and up to Rs. 30,000 Rs. 400
From Rs. 30,001 and up to Rs. 40,000 Rs. 450
From Rs. 40,001 and up to Rs. 50,000 Rs. 500
From Rs. 50,001 and up to Rs. 100,000 Rs. 600

These charges are including taxes and there are no additional charges for the transactions. Moreover, there is no monthly limit on transactions, unlike EasyPaisa.

Electronic Money Order Service is Offered in Following GPOs:

  • Karachi
    • Karachi GPO
    • Karachi City GPO
    • Karachi Saddar GPO
    • Karachi Korangi GPO
    • Karachi Al-Hyderi GPO
    • Karachi New Town GPO
  • Lahore
    • Lahore GPO
    • Lahore Cantt GPO
  • Islamabad GPO
  • Rawalpindi GPO
  • Faisalabad GPO
  • Muzaffarabad GPO
  • Sialkot GPO
  • Quetta GPO
  • Hyderabad GPO
  • Peshawar GPO
  • Multan GPO

    • EasyPaisa is innovative but rest are just its followers. What a slap it is by opening just few branches by GPO… EasyPaisa is available at every corner of your street… Man, be realistic and do justice.

      • agreed saleem sb, easypaisa was in right place at right time and hats off to the people behind that concept.

        RZ bhai, i dont think easypaisa is threatened anyway right now; yah in time as this service is more popular, then sure i would trust that to happaen.

  • Nice service… Even apart from this service, Pakistan post is doing really really very good these days. I have visited a few GPOs during last 2 years & I am much surprised to see the dramatic change in their culture & office environment. Definitely, they have got some good visionary leadership in the recent years.

  • akistan Post post-mans are thieves, they stole the stuff which come from abroad, when i contacted POST office they told me that they dont have any record for the stuff that comes from abroad it all in the post-man’s hand whether he deliver it or not or misplace it etc etc:@

    • I am a dual national Pakistani-American. I have been sending packages and parcels to my relatives all over Pakistan for the last 20 years. I always take care to register and insure my parcels, and Alhamdulillah until today not a single item has gone missing.

      • you are lucky enough that you have not faced any problem. but what i wrote above is true i personally experienced this. Even i have i recieved opened letters from within Pakistan and even had worst situations.

    • Bhai pehlay easypaisa use to karo phir bolo .

      I have been transferring amount through them for over an year now & easypaisa service is AWSOME .

      I even did the same from UAE & the money reached the receiver in the said time , all this through my mobile. No paperwork no hassels.


      • I also endorse your statement. EasyPaisa is literally EASY PAISA. No hassle and backup by one of strongest group. No one can beat technology used by Telecom or Banking sector. GPO and then Government sector…men be prepared that you transfers money but on receiving end the GPO says that we don’t have money to give you… its reality…be prepared.

    • how come?

      easy paisa is available in every small community while for this service you need to go to these General post office of the cities.

  • For the writer of the post, as far as I know Pakistan Post is profitable institution of the government of Pakistan.

    So it is not operating on losses in bussines…..

  • Even USA is planning to shut down their State Postal Service, and We are remaining it for no reason? Well, Its a good step that kind of new services also needed to get some revenue.

  • it is state post office
    so there servise charges should b lesser than easy paisa and others

    and if the objective has become to loot the people
    then post office should b close

  • The EMO service of Pak Post is much cheaper than Easypaisa.

    Money upto only Rs. 15000/ can be sent by easypaisa whereas single EMO upto Rs. 100,000/ can be sent and also there is no monthly limit.

    Source: PakPost

  • Compare EMO with Telenor EasyPaisa Service:

    (From CNIC to EasyPaisa Mobile Account)
    (From easypaisa shop to EasyPaisa Mobile Account)

    1-200-12.93-2.07 => Rs. 15
    201-500-21.55-3.45 => Rs. 25
    501-1,000-30.17-4.83 => Rs. 35
    1,001-2,500-60.34-9.66 => Rs. 70
    2,501-4,000-90.52-14.48 => Rs. 105
    4,001-6,000-120.69-19.31 => Rs. 140
    6,001-8,000-150.86-24.14 => Rs. 175
    8,001-10,000-181.03-28.97 => Rs. 210
    10,001-13,000-211.21-33.79 => Rs. 245
    13,001-15,000-241.38-38.62 => Rs. 280

  • Compare EMO with Telenor EasyPaisa Service:

    Money Transfer (from CNIC to CNIC)
    For customers without EasyPaisa Mobile Account.

    1-1000-51.72-8.28 => Rs. 60
    1001-2500-103.45-16.55 => Rs. 120
    2501-4000-155.17-24.83 => Rs. 180
    4001-6000-206.90-33.10 => Rs. 240
    6001-8000-258.62-41.38 => Rs. 300
    8001-10000-310.34-49.66 => Rs. 360
    10001-13000-362.07-57.93 => Rs. 420
    13001-15000-413.79-66.21 => Rs. 480

  • UBL Omni Service Charges.

    Account to Account Transfers:

    0-500 => Rs. 25
    501-2500 => Rs. 40
    2501-4000 => Rs. 85
    4001-7000 => Rs. 120
    7001-10000 => Rs. 175
    10001-13000 => Rs. 205
    13001-15000 => Rs. 230
    15001-20000 => Rs. 301
    20001-25000+ => Rs. 394

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