500 Million Android Devices are Active, Globally!

AndroidIn front of iPhone 5 event, which is the sixth generation of the handset, where everyone’s eye is on Apple but Google sees it as a good time to remind everyone that by far Android is still bigger than iOS.

So, to make this aim done Hugo Barra, Google’s Director of Product Management for Android, shared the news on his Google+ account as:

500 million Android devices have been activated globally and over 1.3 million Android devices are added every single day.

More amazingly, when we saw these stats back in December 2011, Google’s Andy Rubin had then said that 700,000 Android devices are activated every day, and in July 2012 the activations grew to 900,000.

Furthermore, back in February, Andy Rubin confirmed that 300 million Android devices had been activated, at a rate of 850,000 a day. Afterward, at this year’s I/O conference, Google announced that 400 million devices had been activated, with one million new Android devices coming online per day.

In comparison, 410 million iOS devices have been sold as of July.

Surely, all these success for Android with big hitting handsets such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X that helped Android to strengthen its position in the market. It has been apparent that Samsung Galaxy S III, which hit the market late in May 2012, has been sold more than 20 million devices.

Other than it, Apple also used to take part in this game as by frequently announcing daily iOS device activations up until 2010, which may or may not have concern with the fact that Android Surpassed iOS in 2011.

  • Why is the title WRONG?

    Director said: “500 million Android devices have been activated globally”

    That does not mean 500 million devices ARE active.

  • Oh come on, android is available to be installed on any mobile manufactured whereas iOS is only for Apple. Likewise that windows is available for many companies but MAC for Apple only :)
    Further more that android is on every cheap chinese phones and tablets which bitters android’s taste. This is not the base to compare both os. One should know the number of applications manufactured and available for these os’s to compare there demand and value. iOS is unbeatable uptill now. Check foreign grounds

  • So?….No wonder, its open source more vendor are using it, that’s why its spreading, no matter its good or bad it would have spread even if its shit. Just leave wondering on the success of an open source.

  • Android is attracting people
    now me want to get android mobile but wanna get a goood one , but dont have much money as i’m still a kid so i must earn money first :D

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