PTCL Announces Changes in its Board of Directors

PTCL-logoPTCL has announced some changes in its board of directors as Farooq Ahmed Awan, currently the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, who was the Chairman of PTCL board prior to his recent appointment is now replaced by Mr. Amir Tariq Zaman Khan.

Along with Chairman PTCL board, few directors of the board are also replaced. Other Ceased directors include:

  • Mr. Farooq Ahmed Awan (Chairman Board)
  • Mr. Abdul Aziz Hamad Taryam
  • Mr. Abdul Aziz A. Al Sawaleh and
  • Mr. Ahmed Al Jarwan

These directors were replaced with following new directors:

  • Mr. Amir Tariq Zaman Khan (New Chairman of PTCL Board)
  • Mr. Serkan Okandan
  • Mr. Daniel Ritz and
  • Mr. Jamal Saif Al Jarwan

With these changes, PTCL’s board will now consist of following directors:

  • Mr. Amir Tariq Zaman Khan (Chairman of PTCL Board)
  • Mr. Abdul Rahim A. Al Nooryani (Member Board)
  • Mr. Abdul Wajid Rana (Member Board)
  • Mr. Serkan Okandan (Member Board)
  • Mr. Fadhil Al Ansari (Member Board)
  • Mr. Kamran Ali (Member Board)
  • Mr. Jamil Ahmed Khan (Member Board)
  • Mr. Daniel Ritz (Member Board)
  • Mr. Jamal Saif Al Jarwan (Member Board)

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    There is a lot more to talk on this issue.

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