PTCL Sponsors Hajj for its 40 Employees


Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) is sponsoring Hajj for its forty employees. In this regard company held a farewell reception in honor of the forty departing hajjis who have been sponsored by the company under the employee welfare scheme.

Held at a local hotel in Islamabad, the reception was attended by PTCL employees. As part of its organizational commitment to provide incentives and encouragement for the employees, PTCL sponsors the Hajj of 40 employees each year according to a pre-defined process.


“PTCL is proud to help realize the life-long dreams of our dedicated employees for performing Hajj,” said Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) HR, Syed Mazhar Hussain, while addressing the reception “We are committed to develop a performance based culture across the organization. All our employee welfare schemes adhere to this philosophy”


The reception was attended by senior PTCL officials as well as employees who expressed deep appreciation for their company.

  • The first row in the picture, seems like they are from senior management. right? Well, PTCL should sponsor employees with lesser pay, who can’t afford. I think senior management can always afford.

  • Let us not make this forum a PR platform for telcos. This and many such news (see above, for instance, link to “PTCL holds Family Gala” newsitem) published from time to time have no relavacne to the subject this forum was created for.
    Suggest creating a quick poll to find readers’ opinion given at the end of each newsitem on its relevance. Hopefully, in 2-3 months, administrators will have sufficient feedback to make a go/no-go decision for upcoming newsitems in future so as to keep this forum as focused as possible.

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