Member Finance of PTA Gets Suspended Again

PTA-logoNasrul Karim Ghaznavi, recently reinstated membeer finance of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, today got suspended again, told us sources from regulator’s headquarter.

Sources confirmed ProPakistani that cabinet division has issued the notification for the suspension of Mr. Ghaznavi, who was already facing an inquiry for causing heavy losses to authority.

Financial advisor to Cabinet Division, Mr. Sarwar, has replaced Mr. Ghaznavi as acting member finance of the authority for now.

Mr. Ghaznavi was recently reinstated on Prime Minister’s nod, after facing a service suspension for an year and a half. He was earlier suspended amid an inquiry for causing authority heavy losses. If sources are to be believed, a recent case against Mr. Ghaznavi hit the cabinet division, alleging him for granting Rs. 28 million waiver to a telecom company, which eventually got him the suspension.

Mr. Ghaznavi was given a service extension for four year term in 2009, after which his differences with former Chairman grew that ended up with his suspension. Service term for Mr. Ghaznavi as member finance will expire in January 2013, during which he is likely to remain suspended to face inquiry.

Service suspension of member finance, the third member of PTA board, has surfaced at a time when authority is preparing to auction 3G licenses.

In a related news, Mr. Khurram Mehran, the former director for public relations at PTA, was today given the responsibility of commercial affair wing at authority (to replace Zeeshan Gul), with-in 24 hours of his appointment as director PR. Mr. Mehran had just returned after completing a long term leave.

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    Most of the real capable people, the gems of any institution usually serve thanklessly & retire unnoticed if are lucky otherwise are pulled to courts over minor issues.

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