Mobilink Brings Nargis Fakhri for Faster Downloads


We got an email this morning from Mobilink’s media team, saying that company is going to introduce something new, which will enable its users with fast downloading.

Sounds like 3G is coming? but wait a minute, 3G licenses aren’t auctioned yet. So what is it? some kind of application? a download manager? New data plans, WiMAX over GSM phones? or just a catch-line? Well keep guessing as that’s what Mobilink want you to do for now.

Email from Mobilink also has an image of Nargis Fakhri in it, revealing that Bollywood star is their upcoming model in TVCs and print ads – exactly like we told you few days ago.

Update: (12:00 AM – October 6th, 2012)

Mobilink is now airing this TVC that stars Ali Zafar and Nargis Fakhri. You will be disappointed if you were waiting for any new mobile internet offer as there is no new data plan announced today.

Its just a promotion TVC for already available daily bundle, i.e. unlimited daily mobile internet for Rs. 9.99, which Mobilink claims to be the fastest mobile internet available in Pakistan.

Watch the TVC below:

    • they are just showing how cheap mobilink can go to cast indian model that noone know in pakistan …

    The Title is amazingly AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t stop laughing

  • FIrst we question whether the use of foreign models is justified and then we call their pictures SIZZLING……..way to go propak with your lotaaism

  • I was also wondering, why does it say something along the lines of “Ab naey jadeed network per” at the end of their current TVCs? :S

    • because in Pakistan deceiving customers is a know trend and no authority is taking any action against it … old network same data speed and same EDGE then how fram last many month they are claiming to be the fastest and new network etc … STOP

  • simply pathetic advertisement ! ppl are downloading @ 60Mbps / user in KSA & its not peak its average on an LTE network; much fater than 3G ofcourse.
    Pak govt. should quit thinking about deploying 3G, its already too late for 3G .
    Go directly to LTE Pakistan

    • the huge amount they are paying to these foreign low graded girls for ads why not put this money in improvement of services and not charging extra from customers …

      • Today I went to Lahore for 12 hours. Mobilink GPRS worked only 0.01% times. Main Lahore ko janta nahi city ke guide internet maps say leni the laiken net he nahi chala, phone restart, sim nikal koi faraq nahi. Yani moving main Mobilink GPRS jo pehlay thorda kaam karta tha aj bilkul bhi nahi kar raha tha.

  • The only thing missing: no crocodiles, nargis didn’t said that he is late and he never answered “traffic”. COPYCATS!

  • Moblink should be investing more in quality of services rather then paying to these low graded models to just pleasing the eyes ….

  • Casting an Indian model will not increase Mobilink internet speed … i think i will only increase heart beat and size of ………………………

    • Her hotness will boost the EDGE Internet to 3G Internet Speed how abt that ?new revolution by Mobilink …

  • such a pathetic internet speed with a data limit of 200mb :( …!! ufone and zong is much better then mobilink…!! totally disappointed from mobilink…!

  • Mobilink Mrkt team Gone crazy… why would you want to attach company’s image with an ABCD. I thought this was a “Family network”. Totally sending out a wrong message. Just type “Nargis Fakhri Lingerie” and see wht I mean.

  • Mobilink Mrkt team Gone crazy… why would you want to attach company’s image with an ABCD. I thought this was a “Family network”. Totally sending out a wrong message.

    Just Google photo of “Nargis Fakhri ” and see what I mean.

  • it’s good for Mobilink package promotions but the company needs to improve it’s signal strength first, which is still not good in most areas of Lahore…..

  • But maan, she is THE MODEL, salute to Mobilink. not even a single model come closer to DEAR Nargis Fakhri…atleast good face on TVC. people attention grabed, discussion happening about it, Propakistani POST about the Model, What else Mobilink wants??? and the production quality is also good…now tell me what people wants? every single small, big etc.. company giving some promos, its regular excercise, people got fedup. but this TVC really had focuses …
    And in addition Ufone also bringing new pretty faces in there productions, good work both Mobilink and Ufone. Keep in up..
    AND now i proudly present you the great TVC of this centery plz follow the link below.

  • For your kind information Moblink just increased the charges of the above mentioned daily internet package from Rs 7.99 to Rs 10. Yet their official webpage still showing the old rates not only for this package but also for Thumbs up SMS+ offer which price has been revised from 0.45+t to Rs 1.5+t.

  • Well, there’s still more to come because at the end there’s a line “TO BE CONTINUED”
    But I can surely say there would be nothing like FAST, could be another Mobile Internet package or anything like that!

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