Jazz Introduces New Mobile Internet Bundles

jazz internetCompetition for Internet Bundles is high – we know it. This is probably why Mobilink has introduced new Mobile Internet Bundles, including: Daily, Weekly, Monthly bundles along with a late night offer.

There bundles can be availed by both Jazz and Jazba prepaid customers.

Highlight of the bundles is daily internet bundle, which comes at Rs. 9.99 per day (including tax) and offers 200 MB of download/upload limit.

Then there is a late night offer as well, with 200 MB data limit it is priced at PKR 3.99 (including taxes).

Check below tariff for details:

Jazz (Prepaid) GPRS Charges

Sr.. GPRS Bundle Price-PKR MBs Validity Period Time Window To Subscribe, Dial
1 Jazz GPRS Daily Bundle2 9.99 Unlimited4 24 Hrs N/A *114*1#
2 Weekly GPRS Bundle3 39.99 40 7 Days N/A *114*7#
3 Monthly GPRS Bundle3 99.99 200 30 Days N/A *114*30#
4 Late Night Offer 3.99 Unlimited4 1 Day 12:00 a.m. – 08:00 a.m. *114*2#

1. Tax is not applicable on GPRS usage & subscription charges.
2. Jazz Daily GPRS Bundle & Late Night Offer come with auto re-subscription facility, i.e. if you want to continue using the bundle you will not have to re-subscribe through *114*1# or *114*2# every day.
3. Available for both Jazz & Jazba subscribers.
4. Fair Usage Policy of 200 MBs applies.

In addition to Mobile Internet Bundles, subscribers will have the freedom to use internet at Base Rate of Rs. 1.125/64KB = Rs. 18/1MB. Please note that for using Mobile Internet bundles/Base Rate package, subscribers need to have data capable handset with GPRS settings alongwith GPRS provisioned SIM.

How to Subscribe Mobile Internet bundles?

  • Daily Jazz GPRS Bundle: Jazz subscribers can subscribe to Daily Jazz GPRS bundle by dialing*114*1#.
  • GPRS Weekly Bundle: To avail GPRS weekly bundle, Jazz & Jazba subscribers will dial *114*7#.
  • GPRS Monthly Bundle: Jazz & Jazba subscribers can get GPRS Monthly bundle by dialing *114*30#.
  • Late Night Offer: Jazz Subscribers can get Late Night Offer by dialing *114*2#.

How to Un-subscribe & find Bundle Balance?

Strings for Un-subscription, Bundle Balance Inquiry & Bundle Information are given below.

Bundle Type Strings
Balance Inquiry4 Bundle Information Un-subscription
Daily Jazz GPRS Bundle *114*1*2# *114*1*3# *114*1*4#
GPRS Weekly Bundle *114*7*2# *114*7*3# *114*7*4#
GPRS Monthly Bundle *114*30*2# *114*30*3# *114*30*4#
Late Night Offer *114*2*2# *114*2*3# *114*2*4#
GPRS Bundles  Info Menu5 *114#

4. Charges 15 Paisas + tax
5. Charges 15 Paisas + tax

Terms & Conditions:

  • No Activation or deactivation charges! Only respective subscription fee will apply.
  • Offer will be re-subscribed automatically after 24 hours.
  • Fair Usage Policy of 200 MBs will apply for every unlimited subscription.

  • Sacha Kaka

    Jazz jazba 1GB package in 150rs is cool

  • shaheryar

    package is good but jazz speed. Even i play youtube on zong without streaming. What about jazz

    • Zulqarnain

      jhoot kisi k baap ka nhn h :p koi b bol sakta h :D

    • A1adil

      i think u r right! bcz it matters where`s your location! whether u have edge(5 time faster than gprs) or gprs in your area! so speed is also best at ufone , telenor & zong!
      do`nt worry Enjoy which U have!

  • Azi


  • Azi

    Jazz and Jazba different internet packages?

    • Aaliya Jamal


      • yasir haseeb

        bsab jhuot ha buht dhagty hn pahly wala pkg sai tha 6006 wala ab waly fazool hn ur paisy khaty hn biuussss……

    • A1adil


  • Timmy

    Wow, Jazz is really taking this mobile internet business seriously :P Well good for the customers at the end of the day as Jazz has a seriously good data network!

  • well done mobilink
    Awam tumare sat hai

  • ocap

    It seems Ufone’s daily bucket followed by Zong’s is what prompted this move. But calling it truly unlimited is unfair, even if 200mb on GPRS/Edge is practically unlimited.
    Moreover the daily mobile internet, which is the best value of the bunch, will result in increased revenue for Mobilink.
    While previously they were getting Rs150 per month from their data subscribers (1gb is pretty sufficient for mobile data), they will now get Rs300 from the same subscribers.

  • Timmy

    Er I dont think they took back the Rs.150 bundle on Jazba….unlike Zong which did

  • Humayun

    Jazz jazba is great 7.99 Rup 200 mb best speed

    • Engr. SM Raza

      I think its 9.99

      • A1adil

        yes u r ryt

  • yr jazz cha gae vry fst i play online youtube nd vry things yr bs jaz wala 10 rupees ma sasa din free downloading da da na maza aja

  • kamran

    in jazz problem is that when someone calling you during you downloading something its say ap k matloba number se jawab nahe araha…zong is best regarding this

    • A1adil

      yes zong is best this time in 10 rupees truly unlimited with good speed but JAZZ has 200 mb limit :(

  • Mushtaq Anwar

    i need to know Jazz internet packages can any one please update me about it.

  • Jaz hs a prblm.whnevr i subscrib to net pckg,my blnc automatcly ends up in a dy or 2 . Pls hlp me

  • MFahimAnsari

    it’s cool


    unsub,,,,, code must be clear & complet
    otherwise all benafit goes2jazz
    it’s true busineSs trick????????

  • abid

    mai sub network use kar chuka hu jazz our telenor sub say best hai par jazz k rate kam hai jazz besssttt

  • Asghar Ali

    Mobilink is dominating Now. Thank you Mobilink.

  • AD

    Nice but a logical complaint, that is the permanent retaining customer of Mobilink are not get benefit as the other user who gain promotion only keep their sim in draw after getting promotion.

  • M.Tayyab

    Kya ham mnthly nat sy skype b us kr skty ha tal me plez

  • muhammad irfan

    signal full but skype is not working

  • waqas ahmad

    Net speed is slow :p

  • mashooque

    kya hum net kay all internet brower open kar saktein hain. . .