PTCL Makes Jadoo Box Mandatory for 2 MB and Above DSL Customers

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے


PTCL has made the Jadoo Box, a service introduced earlier this year that combines the benefits of DSL and Wireless broadband, as mandatory DSL CPE for all new DSL customers using 2 MB or above packages. This applies to all new connection with 2 MB or above speeds. Existing 2 MB or over broadband customers can also order PTCL Jadoo Box by calling 1236.

With Jadoo Box, DSL broadband customers can use DSL + EVO or Nitro as their broadband connection with DSL as the primary internet connection, while EVO service can be used as a back-up broadband channel – just in case if DSL goes down or out of service.

With this change in policy, standard prices for 2 MB and 4 MB DSL packages have been increased, with an additional Rs. 500 as one time charge imposed on customers.

Here are new Pricing details:

Jadoo Box as standard DSL CPE for all 2 Mbps and above customer:

  • New Monthly Charges for 2 Mbps will be Rs. 1,549 (Old Price was Rs. 1,499)
  • New Monthly Charges for 4 Mbps will be Rs. 2,100 (Old Price was Rs. 1,999)
  • Monthly Charges for 6 Mbps and above will remain the same (as they are paying previously)
  • All standard DSL Modem policies will be applicable
  • EVO device will not be provided with the Package – you can get this device separately.
  • Customer will use his existing EVO or buy a new one separately
  • For all 2 Mbps and above new connections Rs. 500 extra will be charged one time in addition to the Installation charges

Jadoo Box Optional for DSL Customers with speed lower than 2 Mbps

Jadoo box is optional for 1 MB DSL customers, with below details:

  • Rs. 1,000 extra will be charged in case customer wants Jadoo Box in place of the normal DSL Wifi Modem
  • All Standard DSL Modem policies will be applicable
  • EVO device will not be provided with the Package
  • Customer will use his existing EVO or buy a new one separately

  • سعد

    اسلامُ علیکم
    اس کی سمجھ نہیں آئی کُچھ
    میں 2 ایم بی سٹوڈنٹ پیکیج استعمال کر رہا ہوں جسکے ابھی چارجز غالباؐ 1299 ہیں
    اب اس میں اور کیا اڈیشن ہوگا اور اسکا فائدہ کیا ہے!

    • Mani

      Faida: EVO service free main mil jaye gi sath
      Nuqsan: additional cost daini paray gi

      Aur agar EVO nahi hay app k pass tu phir koi faida nahi, kyun kay yeh log evo nae day rhaay sath

      • Boyesa

        Evo ka tu bill nhi dena hoga na ??

      • Bhayi, Jadoo Box == Evo router. Apka purana router le ker evo compatible router de denge nothing else.. If you already have an evo device and subscription, you may attach the device with the router.

        Evo ke charges alag… Mere liye to useless per still jab paise kat hi rahe hain to free router to le hi lo :p…

    • 2 MB mai student kahan hai bhai?? Humain to 1 mb student se 2mb student mai convert nahi karane diya :(

      • Boyesa

        2mb pe student package tha bhai but currently they are not giving it to any new customer.

      • hasan

        2 MB men bhi student package hey. meny 1-2 months use kia hy

      • James

        PTCL 2 Mb student pckage is very much available. Please dial 1236 and upgrade your package from 1 Mbps student package

  • It’s just a way to increase the prices of 2 and 4 Mbps.

  • what about the people already running 2mb or 4mb ?
    is that thing is only for new customers ?

    • hasan

      yes, admin please answer!

    • Boyesa

      For every customer old or new doesn’t matter

    • hasan

      i guess it is not mandatory for old customer’s to replace there old device with jadoo box. Because i called them today and i had to order the jadoo box (free of charge as 4mb existing user) though i’m not sure about monthly charges for old users without jadoo box. but with it you’ve to pay 2100 Rs As admin says.

    • aamir7

      Old customers can avail Jadoo box if they want to, otherwise they can stay with old routers…

      • lazyboss

        With an extra cost , ofcourse !!!! Democrazy hai na

  • just another way to rip off the consumers. In my area (I-10/1 Islamabad) there are no signal of evo or any other wireless internet provider, so how it is beneficial for such a area.

  • Loot machi hai bhai, pleases share alternates

    ISB mai koi ‘apna tel’ k name se hai, karachi mai kab launch hoga woh??

    • Boyesa

      nayatel hai woh or 10 saal laag jain gy karachi atay atay usay :P

    • lazyboss

      keranchi main koi khodnay day ga , fibre he nai dalnay daini SIYAASHI logon nay !

  • Is package k 2 maqsad hain
    1. Extra Income
    2. inko apne DSL (Land Line) system pe aitemaad nahi hai :D

  • abc

    please contact 03055148191 for wireless internet in I-10/1 Islamabad

  • Khatri


  • Mar gahe!

  • Can we use both DSL and EVO simultaneously with this Jadoo Box ?

    • qamar

      nope, only 1 at a time

      • Salman Abbas

        huh? I don’t think so. :/

  • Guest

    One Thing is not cleared in OP post.
    Are they providing any EVO “Package” with this so called Jadoo Box. If yes then which package?
    If no, then what is the purpose of increasing DSL package price? Why we’ve to pay extra Rs. 50 OR 100 each month?

    • hasan

      Rs. 200.

  • Gimmicks to increase charges! What if someone don’t want their JADOO BOX and happy with their old Boxes (modems) :S

    • they dont care if you want or not, they will charge you same.

  • Naseer

    I couldn’t understand. What’s the benefit of having a Jadoo Box? What does it do basically?

  • pluto

    Instead of improving their shitty DSL infrastructure they are looting customers.

  • Wah PTCL..I was thinking they’ll decrease the rates so we can upgrade :(

  • nice

  • They should be thinking of lowering the price of internet connections, not inflate them unnecessarily (in many cases). I need a 8Mbps connection for less than 4k please!

  • useless.. zaberdasti wali baat hai … evo ka package b dete jo device k na chalne pe kam ata .. aise kisi k pas 2000 ki evo pckge hai tu 15 min disturbance k liye laga k beth jae.. rubbish

  • just to inform every one.
    jadoo box lene kelye total charges 1500 hein. 1000 modem ke or 500 installation ke. lekin ek bat yeh he ke jadoo box lene per apka line rent jo bill me ata he 199 rupees wo charge nahi hoga. means her month 200 bill se kam ayega or 50 rupees increase hojayegny 2mb connection walo ke lye :)

    • mubashir

      kiya sirf jadoo box mil skata hai evo laganay k liye,,agar hann tu kitnay tak

  • The question is: Are the users, using 2 MB connections, gonna downgrade to 1 MB connection or not?
    if yes, PTCL will then obviously, observe a downward trend in their sales graph.

  • Al-Masaood OISS

    Just Apply for this so called jadu box with 4mb package today with new promotion announce today 4mb in just 1549 per month, will post my revues on it after installation, i am going to avail IP TV on this so called Jadu box and 9.3 nitro

  • Asif Ali Zardari

    Does this jadoo box provides uninterrupted internet connectivity if i connect my evo, does the IP remains same during the automatic switching?

  • majid

    This title explains it all :

    Pee T CL’s Jaa Thoo (spitting) box

  • Awaam ko thagnay k tareekay.

  • AdeelZ

    They’ve increased 4MB charges, but also changed the limit to 300GB!

  • jawad zaib

    i don’t have the jadoo box but they still posted me the extra bill don’t know what is the problem of ptcl…

  • Umar

    On some places in Lahore PTCL is providing good service but the problem is worst Customer Service &Technical Support also they are providing cheap modem and now they put a cap on the downloading *Fair usage policy.

    Now link Dot Net is Cheap in price and good in Customer Service and also they are providing good Modem No installation fee No *Cap on downloading…

    I was a customer of PTCL before i and not having very bad experience but a little bit. they make me use too of doing things on my own. I remember a day when i was having problem with the service from 7 days and i was complaining every day but no one helped me. One of my well-wisher gave me a advice go to the exchange. I go there a gentle men said “ Bau g tusi ghar pohncho tuwada internet tike ho jaye ga”. I replied “Chacha g ma aj yahin hon jab tak tike nahin ho jata”. Making long story short after spending 2 to 3 hours their incharge came to me and said it’s done. I called home to confirm the status, It was working great!. Advice for all PTCL user in case of problem COPY ME ;-)

    Even when i was moved to the new house I order for the PTCL (It’s like we wait
    for the CNG for hours and still want to go with it) but after waiting 14 days. No body came to me even CS was giving me run around.

    I finally decided to call Link Dot Net and they installed the Modem in 4 days also they apologized to me for the delay.

    For me, Piece of Mind is “Lind Dot Net”.

    Simply The **BEST**.

  • arsal

    i want jadoo box any 1 sale it
    03132585634 karachi

  • mohsin

    mery speed 1mb bh nahy a rahy jab k mery 2 mb speed hay to my kiya karo any help me plzzz my gmail id [email protected] plzzzzzzzz any help me

  • Rehan

    I am having a problem with jado box the range is not more than 10 meter. Can anyone has the same problem?