Poll: Do You Support Internet Marriages?

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

muslim_wedding_handsAs technological advancements are paving new ways for individuals to find their soul-mates beyond their vicinities, the trend of Internet Marriages is fast becoming popular in Pakistan.

A recently published report said that acceptability of internet marriages is still limited in Pakistan, however educated families in main metropolitans tend to readily accept such proposals where young male and female meet through internet.

The Internet is changing mindsets, giving young people freedom and privacy, and a forum to discuss matters frowned upon by Pakistan’s traditional, conservative society.

Sociologists consider that social values in Pakistan are swiftly transforming, amid fast-growing penetration of cultural and social influence from India and west through media and movies.

Ever-growing inflation and tough working conditions in conservative Pakistan are other factors that are attracting masses to internet to find love and peace that eventually end-up in marriages.

Having said this all, the lawlessness in the country pose serious risks for young males and females, adding doubts in many minds concerning trustworthiness of internet marriages.

To know our readers’ viewpoint on Internet Marriages, we have embedded a poll below to vote with your choice:

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  • You guys should consider proof-reading your articles before publishing them (or having someone do it on your behalf. The amount of grammatical errors in your posts (generally-speaking) is a little ridiculous.

  • Yes I do support Internet marriages as far as everything is clear between the two families. And it is totally upto the families to make everything clear. By everything, I mean pretty much the things which cause a break up later on. Internet should just be used for FINDING A SUITABLE MATCH for example with respect to religion, cast, sect, language, profession etc…

    • People who believe in cast are not Muslims. KEEP THAT IN MIND. It is NOT a Muslim invention, it is a HINDU thing.

      • I believe you live in a different world than ours. Religion is very essential part of our lives and you shud try imagining a marriage between two different sects (or beliefs is a better word) pushing their children and each other. We should face reality as it allows to avoid future howlers. You may not believe in sect but you may have different belief than some other Muslims guess what, it is known as sect then.



          I said nothing about sects. I wrote about castes. Check with a dictionary every once in a while. You will appear less ignorant.

          • Its just so much fun to read your comments on this blog. You lose temperament quite quickly.

            Start yelling your brain off, quite ridiculously :-)

            Always crying like this.

            Now, to the cast thing.

            It is called Nasb in Arabic/Urdu and Nasb dani is about recognition of cast and no one should deny the importance of castes.

            Islam says, People are divided into castes and clans so that you can recognize each other.

            Some Sahaba R.A. were specialized in cast system of their times and they continued this practice to spread message of Islam.

            Sects are not Good, but Castes are!

            • 100% LIE by you. There is not one WORD about castes in Islam. There is the phrase “different nations” or “different tribes” used in several places, but not castes.

              Once again, is it SO HARD for you to open a dictionary and look at the meaning of caste? I will make it so easy for you: go to google and search for “define:caste” without quotes.

              I’ll repeat again for the ignorant: there is NOTHING in Islam about castes. Castes goes AGAINST equality of Muslims in Islam, completely and thoroughly. Anyone who claims otherwise is either reading a wrong translation or is misguided.

              I simply do not think you have read Our Prophet’s last sermon (sermon on the mountain). If you had, how could you possibly have missed this (translated) line?

              _All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action._

              Tell me, dear ignorant friend, where do you see a place for castes in the above statement? do you see any place for any nation or tribe or caste to be better Muslims than any other nation or tribe or caste? If you do, you fail at reading.

              You are mistaken and now you are spreading incorrect example of Islam. PERIOD. Correct yourself before it’s too late.

  • I Support because the ‘basic’ thing behind marriage is better understanding and LOVE. Internet is just a medium. Finding someone who loves you and you ‘believe’ that person could be your life-partner, there nothing wrong in it.

    P.S. Family members (elders) must be involved!

  • well, I am not in favour of internet love it always end up badly,
    but at the same time it’s good for the ladies too who are not getting any proposals by internet they can find their prince charming, but just becarefull.

  • Freedom is a good thing but it comes with great responsibilities. Internet marriages can be good or bad depending on how a couple takes it. I don’t think they are bad if you find someone you can spend your whole life with. It is even good that you find someone sitting at your own home but parents involvement is a must to take it to the next level.

    And sometimes people are really shy to get along with someone or there are certain problems with people so internet is a better place for them to find a partner.

  • As expected, the conservative reader majority of propakistani votes no. Yet when they have trouble finding rishtas for themselves, you’ll find these same people registering on shaadi.com.

  • the judgement of person is very difficult the world is not trust worthy.
    either the marriage out of internet or through a internet. i request to all please not cheat to anyone.

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