Poll: Do You Support Internet Marriages?

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

muslim_wedding_handsAs technological advancements are paving new ways for individuals to find their soul-mates beyond their vicinities, the trend of Internet Marriages is fast becoming popular in Pakistan.

A recently published report said that acceptability of internet marriages is still limited in Pakistan, however educated families in main metropolitans tend to readily accept such proposals where young male and female meet through internet.

The Internet is changing mindsets, giving young people freedom and privacy, and a forum to discuss matters frowned upon by Pakistan’s traditional, conservative society.

Sociologists consider that social values in Pakistan are swiftly transforming, amid fast-growing penetration of cultural and social influence from India and west through media and movies.

Ever-growing inflation and tough working conditions in conservative Pakistan are other factors that are attracting masses to internet to find love and peace that eventually end-up in marriages.

Having said this all, the lawlessness in the country pose serious risks for young males and females, adding doubts in many minds concerning trustworthiness of internet marriages.

To know our readers’ viewpoint on Internet Marriages, we have embedded a poll below to vote with your choice:

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