Wateen Grew Remarkably in 2012: Naeem Zamindar

Wateen-Telecom-New-LogoNaeem Zamindar, CEO, Wateen Telecom has termed the year 2012 as remarkably successful for the company.

In his email, sent to all employees of Wateen, Mr. Zamindar mentioned the achievements that included the attainment of number 2 LDI operator in the country.

He mentioned that company deployed over 1,000 km of fibre optic, while there were various other strategic moves, during the year, that helped the company grow over the time.

Check below the complete email that was sent to Wateen Employees:

Dear Colleagues,

We have worked very hard to stabilize Wateen over the last year.  We’ve seen many of our friends move on after the restructuring. The structural change in business – the Line of Business model – has brought in a great many efficiencies in the business.

Culturally, we’ve gone from being a closed and dictatorial culture to a much more open, relaxed and dynamic company where people now speak up, ask questions and expect answers.

The fire that destroyed our head office was a huge setback but we have bounced back and continued to make progress. We’ve achieved significant progress by reducing our costs and improving our margins. Our LDI business has moved up to number 2 in the country and overall the company is on its way to becoming more stable.

Every department has worked together to make 2012 a success! Some of the big highlights for calendar year 2012 were:

  • Wateen topped PTA’s QoS for Wireless Broadband Services
  • Won the Consumer Choice Award in the Internet Category
  • Won the Pakistan Advertisers Society award for the best marketing campaign in the internet category
  • After a 3 years break we had our annual employee appraisals implemented through the Performance Elevation System
  • Created the Organizational Development function and began company-wide trainings for employees
  • Wateen carried over 300 million minutes of traffic in September to set an all-time record for international traffic before setting up of ICH.
  • Wateen is the only operator that has been able to get Mobilink, Ufone, Zong, Telenor and Warid to become its customer’s for outbound international traffic.
  • Built out over 1000 km  of fiber optic network
  • Completed USF projects in Baluchistan and Sind and HEC Metro project connecting some 43 universities nationwide
  • Connected with Afghanistan from Torkham and Chaman – significant commercial opportunities have been developed and are being explored
  • Redefining enterprise service parameters within Wateen by the successful setup of the Enterprise Network Operations Centre (ENOC), with a special focus on providing a better more positive response to enterprise customers.
  • Major enterprise customer wins at organizations like Telenor, CM Pak, Warid, PTCL, Bank Al-islami, Allied Bank, Sind Bank, SECP and many more
  • Successful development and deployment of Enterprise Billing System and Campaign Management System
  • Started turning around DHA Lahore cable TV operations – increased revenues by approximately 80%
  • Signed a strategic partnership with Inov8 Limited and worked with them to successfully roll-out TimePey, a m-commerce and branchless banking initiative of Askari Bank and Zong (CMPAK).  Wateen and Inov8 through this partnership are positioned to become the leading technology enablers for mobile financial services.
  • Wimax business model and operations overhauled to reduce costs, improve service and make it viable.
  • Outsourced inbound call center for significant cost reduction
  • Successfully rolled out WiFi hotspots covering all major airports, restaurants & hospitals nationwide. Contract for WiFi service provisioning in major educational institutions awarded to Wateen by the Government of Punjab
  • Our cable TV feed is now viewed by around 700k households in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

The Board of Directors has greatly appreciated our efforts over the past year. They want to extend their appreciation to each and every employee that has helped bring the organization to this point.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to every single team member. As a token of appreciation we are presenting a Bonus Plan for all employees for the FY13, to the Board for approval. Since they are happy with our progress and they can see that we are on track to make the company successful, I am very hopeful that they will consider the request very seriously. Once we have a final approval, the good news will be shared with everyone.

This will be a token appreciation for everything that we have worked hard for!  The greater appreciation will be the quality of organization we are building.  However, it will raise everyone’s morale and help to pave the way for bigger wins in the future!  I look forward to communicating with you again shortly!

  • Good news! Now can Wateen Management please this good news public and publish their Annual Report as required by SECP RULES and regulations. The last report was released in September 2011 and now it is 2013. Investors like me bought this share at Rs 10 during IPO and now the stock is below Rs 3.

    Wateen Management Please release financial number to public as per laws of Pakistan. I need to save my investment in Wateen


  • Please make this information public in your financial statements. I am stuck with Wateen shares bought at rs 10 and now rs 3 and they have not released financial statement since 2011. thank you.

    • Inshallah you will recover your investmint full. The right price for this share is Rs 200. Wateen has largest wimax network largest fiber metronet and 2nd largest ldi.what else u want?

  • Very well done Wateen!!!!!!!…… Wateen is being run by brilliant minds. I can clearly foresee a very bright & even more promising future of Wateen & all its team members.

  • So, it seems that everything is so rosy and dandy fine at Wateen. However, the share prices talk a different story.

  • Market share price is mirror of companies actual accomplishments. Unfortunately Wateen is not doing well accordingly. Their first goal should be going above PAR value to resume investors confidence.

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