Cellular Suspensions: Who Will Compensate Customers for Monetary Loss?

mobile-phone-userAs a mobile phone user, I am sure, you must have considered the loss of money you bear due to suspension of cellular services, a practice that has become a norm in Pakistan now.

I am not talking about the trouble you go through or bear loss in business or otherwise in daily life due to suspension of mobile services, but the loss of money that is deducted in advance under the head of “Daily Charges” by mobile phone companies on various services that you can’t use during service suspensions.

Examples of such advance charges are:

  • Line rent for postpaid users
  • Daily charges for various voice packages. There are some packages that come with daily rentals.
  • Daily charges for SMS, MMS packages
  • Daily charges for mobile Internet bundles.
  • Daily charges on various VAS, such as dialling tunes, missed call alerts and others


Daily charges for SMS and mobile Internet bundles are valid for both prepaid and postpaid customers. It maybe recalled that a notable number of customers avail such SMS, MMS, mobile Internet and voice bundles. Not to mention, various VAS (Value Added Services) with daily charges are also enabled (at times by operators without customers’ consent) for majority of mobile phone users. Hence the number of impacted customers can go in millions.



It is anticipated that someone will soon take the matter of customers’ loss during cellular suspensions to court.


Till now, no one has raised voice about this loss. Customers – on individual level –  can’t do much. Cellular companies will naturally not even think of discussing this, while the authorities (such as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) have become so lame that we can’t expect anything from them. Nothing is expected from the government as well.

In such situations, it is anticipated that someone will soon take the matter to court to seek justice. That’s probably the only way to cuff the government for its never ending practice of suspending cellular services on every other occasion. Or at least customers will be compensated for the loss they bear (by cellular companies or the government) during the cellphone service suspensions.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK