Exclusive: Celcos Employees Allegedly Involved in Activation of VAS Without Customers’ Consent

Mobile Phone FraudYou may not remember, but we did a post in past on automatic activation of value added services on mobile numbers, for which customers have to pay for services they never subscribed themselves.

There are chances that some of you may have noticed that CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tunes) is automatically activated on your number, or maybe any other VAS service for which your mobile credit is mysteriously deducted.

Its not your cellular company that deduct your balance automatically rather there are agents who activate VAS on random numbers to achieve their targets and resultantly your balance vanishes away, we are told by sources working in mobile phone companies.

Its not that agents are the only culprit in emptying the pockets of mobile phone subscribers, cellular companies are responsible too for keeping the VAS activation targets high and for pushing the agents to do whatever is needed to achieve their targets. Also to mention, the money minted by automatic activation of VAS goes into mobile phone companies’ accounts.

Its hard to estimate the value of money that mobile phone customers may have paid for services that were activated without their consent.

It is learned that automatic activation of VAS is substantially high in rural areas as compared to big cities and for those customers with high usage.

We can confirm that at least two cellular companies are aware of the issue and at lease one mobile phone company has investigated the case against probable culprits. ProPakistani has with it all the documentary evidences on this.

Tip for Consumers: If you doubt that your balance gets deducted without any activity then call your help line and ask for all the paid (VAS) services activated against your number. Keep those that you have subscribed yourself and block rest of the services.

Even better, give your support tough time by asking them the name of agent who has automatically activated the service. Also you can ask for the date and time of activation to register complaint against that particular agent.

How to Complain? PTA is the authority that looks after such things, so there is no other door available. Follow this link to know how to register your complaint.

If you are one of the victim, you can share your story in below comments..!

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