End of Legendary PlayStation 2 Announced

Playstation 2And its over. The end of an era. Sony finally thinks the PS2 can’t go any further and has stopped its production.

The console was introduced back in 2000. This was a story of 155.1 million units, over 10,000 game titles and 1.52 billion game units later, it is not only the bestselling but also the most influential game console of all time. Amazingly though, the console continued to outsell the PS3 almost 3 years after its announcement.

Although the PS2’s shipments were already stopped late last year, its only now that an official announcement has been made by Sony.

The PS2 was home to one of the most successful titles of all time including Gran Turismo and the earliest titles of Grand Theft Auto.

The end of era of the PS2 might mean that the announcement of PS4 is near. If the PS4 is announced in 2013, i.e. sooner rather than later, then discontinuing the PS2 will definitely be a good decision as with that the price of PS3 will drop too.

But whatever the reason might be, the PS2 will never be forgotten as it transformed the gaming industry into what we know it today. So, so long Playstation 2. May you rest in peace.

Just to mention, the price of PS2 is expected to drop in the coming months, and it is likely to remain a good a deal for those who can’t afford a PS3 or Xbox 360

  • PS2 was really a revolution in gaming consoles and I enjoyed every bit of it. Stopped using it a couple of years back & enjoying my xbox 360. Had a PS3 as well, but xbox is my primary console.

  • Sick console, that PS2! Transformed the industry. #Legend
    I, too, stopped using it a couple of years before; moved on to PS3.

  • i had ps1,later ps2 ,later psOne slim, later ps2 slim, but after that i became PC gamer on Steam…
    Next buy for me is Steam Box or Ouya(additional), no PS4 or Xbox720 for me…

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