Trends for Facebook Fans With Pakistani and Global Brands [Infographic]

Branding Bees, a social media and digital marketing agency, has released an infographic with Pakistani brands and Pakistani Fans afffiliated with Global Brands.

This first of its kind aanalytics report about Pakistani Fans (and their affiliation with Local and Global brands) was previously available to Page Admins only, but after the recent changes made by Facebook and tools of Social Bakers, Brands can now determine country-by-country fan count as well as that of competition.

With availability of new stats, Brands will now be able to measure the volume of fans by country, develop strategies for a target audience to ultimately define a new era of social media marketing with marketers now running local campaigns and targeting customers through their international pages.

For the first time, Branding Bees, unvieled that Intel’s global Facebook page is the third most LIKED page by Pakistanis. 6.1% of Intel’s 16 million fans come from Pakistan – that is 964,000 Pakistani Fans !

Following is the list of International Pages / Global Brands in Top 10 liked by Pakistani Fans.

  • At No 3: Intel has 984,252 Pakistani Fans out of 16million (6.1%)
  • At No 7: Samsung Mobile has 542,000 Pakistani Fans out of 15.8 million (3.4%)
  • At No 8: RED BULL has 509,280 Pakistani Fans out of its 35million Fan following (1.5%)
  • At No 9: KIT KAT has 478,641 Pakistani Fans out of its 14 Million Fan following (3.4%)

Among Pakistani Brands, Branding Bees said,  nothing changed much from Nov 2012. OLX Pakistan leading the list with 1.2m Fans (95.5% are from Pakistan) followed by Nokia Pakistan with 1.1m fans (95% from Pakistan) and Ufone with 1m fans.

In the ‘Socially Devoted’category, Social Bees reported, all top 5 positions being taken by Telecom companies. wi-tribe Pakistan returning with 95% response rate to the list of Top 5 socially devoted.  Telenor Pakistan maintains its position as the ‘Most Socially Devoted Brand’ in Pakistan. In the engagement content of Facebook, we find two new entrants – Huawei Pakistan and Gillete Pakistan.

Ufone continues to stir up interactions on its facebook page. Ufone’s Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday picture was the most interactive post of the month of Dec 2012 with 38,000 interactions (24,000 Likes + 11,000 Shares + 2,268 comments). In Nov 2012, Ufone’s Allama Iqbal post was the most interactive post with 22,000 interactions.

As of 31st Dec 2012, there are now 8,000,000 Pakistanis on Facebook which makes it number 28 in the list of Facebook population by countries. Since 1st August 2012, approx 1.1million new facebook users from Pakistan have joined in. Majority of Pakistani Facebook users are young – 65% of them between the age of 13 to 24 years old. Currently 70% of Pakistani Facebook users are male and 30% female.

Check Below Infographic for more stats for Pakistani Fans on Facebook for Local and Global Brands

Branding Bees Pakistani Facebook Brands Infographic

The infographic is based on the data made available by Social Bakers, a partner of Branding Bees. Moreover, following definitions were used in the infographic:

  • No of Fans: The number of fans that the particular page has on their respective Facebook page.
  • Engagement rate: Engagement Rate reflects percentage of your fans that you have attracted and made them engage (like or comment) with your Wall Post. It is calculated mathematically as Daily ER = [Likes + Comments + Shares on a given day] / Total number of Fans on that given day x 100
  • No. of Questions: Number of Wall posts sent to the wall of that particular fan page.
  • Response Time: The average time that it takes for the company to respond to user wall posts.
  • Response Rate:  The percentage of user wall posts that get responded by the company.
  • Interactions: Likes + Comments + Shares

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