Imran’s Tigers Launch Facebook App to Collect Donations


A Facebook Application by the name of Imran’s Tigers Mission has been launched to create Imran’s Tiger Scholarship Fund for the deserving students of Namal College (Mianwali).

It maybe recalled that Imran’s Tigers were the revolutionary group of individuals who, back in the 1990’s, made the dream of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital meet reality. Same group is now again calling to help Imran Khan realize his dream of building the first-ever Knowledge City in Pakistan: Namal Knowledge City.

The Imran’s Tigers Mission can be accessed from the Official Imran’s Tigers Page ( and donations can be made on Namal College’s official website (

These activities not only give the people of Pakistan a chance to contribute to the field of Education but also present fans with a unique opportunity to meet Imran Khan in person.

The campaign should later expand to offices and colleges across Pakistan where students and professionals alike will be invited to participate in the fundraising drive for Imran’s Tiger Scholarship Fund.

A statement issued by the group said that Imran Khan believes that “countries are built on knowledge cities” and therefore, this noble cause of providing quality higher education looks forward to your support!

  • That was “The Campaign” which was 1st of its kind and every youngster was involved in a mission for a noble cause

  • PTI intoduced first time in the history of politics in pakistan:

    Political Webinars

    SMS based Campaigns.

    SMS Based Interaction with Political Workers and Public (Party Polls)

    SMS Based Voter Registration

    Insaf Radio

    Insaf Web-TV

    Automatic Phone-Call Invitations

    Political Hangouts in Google+

    Political Android Game (Angry Imran Khan)

    And Now Political Android Portal

    …….and wait for some more to come……

    PTI Great Going…..

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