PTCL Launches Smart TV for EVO Users

Smart TV with EVOPakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) today announced an amazing new service with which EVO customers can sign up for Smart TV and view Live TV channels on their desktops/laptops/mobile phones via Internet.

With a windows or mobile app, customers can watch live TV channels via internet. A perfect solution for those who spend most of their time in front of laptop screens for studies or official work.

If you are one such person who would want to watch Live TV channels even without TVs, then you can get PTCL Smart TV Application and never miss out your favourite TV programs or a live cricket match.

Main feature includes the “Re-Run” option, with which you can re-run any past program – from last seven days – for all channels. You can select channel and time for which you want Smart TV to re-run and that’s it.

That’s not all, you can record Live TV programs on to your hard disks, or even record the “Re-Run” programs with a single click. This functionality is known as DVR- Digital video recording.

List of Channels

Smart TV Application offers following 12 Live TV channels for Now:

  1. ARY Digital
  2. ARY News
  3. ARY Zauq
  4. Cartoon Network
  5. CNN
  6. Geo Entertainment
  7. Geo News
  8. HBO
  9. Hum TV
  10. National Geographic
  11. PTV Home
  12. Ten Sports
  13. Smart Products (PTCL Promotions)

Video Quality

When tested, PTCL Smart TV Application seemed seamless. Streaming was smooth and Quality was fine. Streaming runs on standard definition with 512 k bits per second.

It is likely that video stream won’t buffer with standard Evo connection with or over 80-90 Kpbs download speed. Anything below 50-60 kbps can cause issues in video stream as it may buffer a lot.

Here is a test video that was recorded with Smart TV Application:

How to Avail PTCL Smart TV Application?

Currently PTCL Smart TV Application is available to EVO customers only. All EVO customers can sign-up by dialing 1236 (and share your active EVO number) to avail PTCL Smart TV Application. PTCL says that username and password will be sent out to customers via email.

Customers can download PTCL Smart TV Application by clicking this link.

After successful installation, simply enter your user-name/password — provided by PTCL — and start watching Live TV.

If sources are to be believed then PTCL Smart TV app will be offered to broadband customers too in future. However, currently only EVO customers are eligible for the service.

Once subscribed to PTCL Smart TV with EVO, customers can view Live TV channels using Smart TV app on their broadband connections as well. However, two simultaneous connections with same user-name/password isn’t possible.

PTCL Smart TV Application Charges:

The service monthly subscription charges are Rs 50/ Month.

With Rs. 50 per month and 12 channels — with more to be added soon — PTCL Smart TV Application seems to be a nice service. We hope that service will be offered to broadband customers as well, at same monthly charges.

If you have used PTCL Smart TV app with Evo, do share with us your experience and feedback below.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Amazing !! But is there any condition that which users can use this service?? I mean some users have unlimited package and some use daypass or 256 kbps package

    • Anyone with Active Evo Account can use it. Streaming will consume data and that will be deducted from your account if you have limited package.

  • Is the Video Quality is same as of PTCL Smart TV andriod application? bcuz andriod application of PTCL SMART TV has very low quality:(


    • Smart TV has a pretty good video quality. It runs smoothly. Never used android app so can’t comment on that

      • Thanks. I have used it on Anriod application n quality is not good at it. In how much time one gets his username/password after request at 1236?

        Any average time?


  • lolx evo bakwas hey downloading speed he nahi iski to live tv channels khak chalay ga. Bus majburi he evo use karna werna dsl 1mb best hey is se. Downloading kabi kabi to 15. 20 kb per aa jato hey while catching full signals.

    • @assi100:disqus : Dude mujy tou kbi evo se downloading me koi problem nahi hui. ap jahan evo use krte hoge wahan signals kam atey honge ya ap k browser me masla hoga. wrna evo tou best hai downloading k liye. i am using it right now and watching the match on smrat tv through my evo.

      • well downloading speed me masla hai… i dnt believe it. Me and my friend use Evo. and we didnt face any speed issue. ASIF u should check your system’s windows.

      • signal b full hain or main 1 choty se city se hon jahan evo users hain zarur but itny ziada nahi subho 7 8 bajy 200kbs + aa jati hai abi 1 file downloading per lagai hey speed wohi 15 20 kb lol :D normal speed 50, 60 kb ati hey u k pas kitni ati hey?

        • agree with you. mairay pass teen latops aur 2 pc hain. signal bhi full. laikin majal hy jo 7 8 kb sy oper jaiy.

    • With the passage of time, PTCL has improved its service a lot. Initially i was also facing the problems with speed but now PTCL Smart Tv works smoothly even on 256Kbps speed. I will highly recommend Smart Tv App.

  • only 13 channels i think they have to add more channels and improve the quality, they are offering only 13 channels in standard quality which we can watch free from other tv software or online streaming sources

    • Edward : 12 channels are less ?? i dnt think so. these are the channels which are watched more than other channels. and the quality of the channels are brilliant. as far as online streaming is concern, to me this smart tv again wins, because of the seamless streaming of the channels.

    • I’m sure that PTCL will come up with more channels soon. It depends on the viewership of the channels. Right now, all channels that PTCL has added in the list have high viewership. I hope it will come up with more channels soon

  • Woowwww
    Kamal Ki service offer ki hai PTCL nay.
    Abhi channels bahut kam hain. Hope k future mai kuch aur channels add ho jain gay.

  • Downloaded it last night and it works nicely. I find it a blessing for myself as I don’t have to sit infront of TV all the time to watch my favorite programs. I can stay tuned to televison anywhere and everywhere now

  • It streams smoothly. I did use it today and results were much better than my expectations. Thank you PTCL

  • Good to See PTCL fulfilling its responsibility of making our lives easier by coming up with such amazing apps. PTCL is proving out to be our National Telecom Service in Real Sence. Good going PTCL

  • wow. amazing service. this is what we can call an innovation. ur own home theater on your computer. simply the best.

  • It was the last episode of Drama ‘Maya’ last night but light went off right at that time when it started :( But my brother told me that he downloaded a SMART Tv app of PTCL on his Laptop and i can watch Drama on his Laptop with PTCL Evo as well. I though he must be joking but then he brought his laptop, connected EVO and showed me ARY Digital streaming smoothly on his Laptop. I couldn’t believe it. Thanks to PTCL for making my Day and helping me watch last episode of my Favorite Drama serial. I wouldn’t have been possible with PTCL Smart TV App.

  • This service is only possible with Postpaid
    connections. Kindly rectify the statement “All EVO customers can sign-up by dialing 1236” or reconfirm from helpline

    • Actually whole PTCL is a confused bunch. 1236 forwarded my call to some other guy and got it activated. Not checked yet the quality. Glad to know channels list have Ten Sports.

      • The most careless department is ptcl all are nonsense forwording to others i call them and ask about my evo issues the girl said me that they cant approach over my detail not for mine but all and ask me to visit any customer care centre

  • Hats off to PTCL for launching such an amazing app. Being a cricket freak, it would be of a great use. I was coming from Lahore to Islamabad on Daewoo this week and i was able to watch the Cricket match between our team Green and South Africa all the time in journey on my Laptop with PTCL Evo. Although the performance of the team was quite disappointing but this app would help me in future also to satisfy by craze for the Cricket as i mostly keep on travelling.

  • Nice effort, but its not 64bit application, therefore not working on windows7 64bit. before marketing it as service they should have tested it with different operating systems.

    Still nice effort.

  • Whenever I call 1236, voice distorts and I can’t make this service activated. Any idea how to deal with this?

  • Salam,
    Faiq Here,
    Got my ID and password on Friday, since then it was not connecting. After resetting the password today form PTCL 1218 no. Streaming started, but it was not upto the expectation on evo as Signals were just 2 only.
    I tried checking over my linkdotnet broadband 2 mb connection. Works like charm. Great streaming. (I had disconnected evo and removed the usb from pc then connected the app over LDN connection.)

  • I have been using EVO Nitro Package since Oct 2012 and just called 1236 and subscribed immediately. Rs 50/month is dirt cheap for TV streaming on your EVO. All the listed channels are working pretty well with just 2-3 seconds buffering. The quality is not superb but it has been optimized to run with maximum 512 Kbps connection speed. So far it is running smooth. Lets hope for PTCL to add more channels.

  • hallo can any one tell me is softwear main buffring tu nai huty because the main problem is buffring!

  • Shaista ka comment tu on tv commercial ki tarha hay jis main larkian product ki tareefain kar rahi hoti hain maslan rung gora karnay ki cream , qad barhanay ka syrup , wazan kam karnay ki chaey , larkian phnsanay ka perfume , aor acha figure nazar aanay ki BRA

  • AOA! dear mates i just want to know that is this service for those users who have postpaid evo packages? because i have evo unlimited 3g but prepay…

  • We need more channels. At least axn, star world and nick along with other news channels like dawn, samma, dunya etc. Right now it’s not really worth the rs. 50 per month.

  • Wtf is tis evo bakwass hy meri speed he nai ati kbi kbi ati hy wo bi 1mb. . .
    Aik movie 6ghantay mein download hoti hy live channels kaisay chalaye ga????

  • I visit ptcl one stop shop momanpura exchange lahore for activation of ptcl evo smart tv on 1st Aug but not yet activated. please help me how i can got activation through online thanks

  • can anyone share password i want test whether it works in saudi arabia or not i have already instal this application from the play store

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