New Regulations for Appointment of PTA Chairman, Members Formulated

PTA-logoGovernment of Pakistan has devised new regulations for the appointment of Chairman and members of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, we have confirmed with sources.

An SRO was issued in this regard, according to which new regulations are in place now for the appointment of Chairman of PTA and the members of the body. Recent job advertisements of PTA members were published under the same new regulations.

SRO indicates that number of PTA members have been increased from two to three and there are certain other changes that were accommodated in Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act 1996.

As per the information we have got, PTA will consist of following three members:

  • Member (Technical)
  • Member (Finance)
  • Member (Compliance and Enforcement)

Requirements for PTA Chairman and Members:

As per the SRO, a copy of which was exclusively shared with ProPakistani, the members must meet following requirements:

  • No person with dual-nationality should be able to become a member of PTA
  • No person with age more than 65 years will be able to become a member of PTA
  • Members or Chairman will have to quit after attaining the age of 65

Method of Appointment for PTA Chairman and Members:

Educational requirements for the members will be as following

  • Member Finance:
    • Applicant should be financial expert / Chartered Account from a recognized institute of MBA (finance) from a national or foreign university with 15 years of experience including at least five years at the top management
  • Member Technical:
    • Ph.D in telecom system / Electronics / Electrical Engineering wtg specialization in Telecommunication with 15 years of relevant experience in a responsible position in public / private sector
    • or M.Sc / M.S. (Electrical / Electronics / Telecommunication Engineering) with specialization in Telecommunication or radio-communication with a minimum of 18 years of relevant experience in a responsible position in public / private sector. Or B.Sc. Eng with 2 years of additional experience).
    • Preference and relaxation in experience will be give to candidates who possess MBA (in engineering / Telecom) qualification in addition
    • Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Member Compliance and Enforcement:
    • Professionally Chartered Qualification in Business Finance / Regulatory Economics / Strategic Leadership, Corporate Management Telecommunication / Computer Sciences / Information Technology from local of foreign insinuations with 15 years of experience including at least five years at top management level
    • Or masters degree in above disciplines from foreign or local university with 18 years relevant experience in Public / Private Sector.

Sources tell us that appointment of members shall be made through open merit after advertising the post in the press (in English and Urdu Newspaper) inviting the applications for the post of members. A selection committee will conduct interviews for making recommendations.

Selection committee will consist of following:

  • Minister / Minister of State as designated by the Prime Minister (Chairman)
  • Secretary Cabinet (Member)
  • Secretary IT (Member)
  • Additional Secretary-II, Establishment Division (Member)
  • Additional Secretary of the concerned division (Member)
  • Chairman PTA (If in position (Member)
  • An expert in the relevant field of the post advertised, not below BS-20 / equivalent from public / private sector to be nominated by the secretary of the concerned Ministry

Service Terms:

All members of the authority will be appointed for a term of four years and will be eligible for re-appointment for a similar term with the approval of Prime Minister, provided the performance of the chairman / members is found satisfactory by the committee notified by the Finance division.

Appointment of Chairman:

Federal Government will appoint a member to be the Chairman of the Authority from amongst the member(s) with the approval of Prime Minster.

Termination and Removal of Members / Chainman:

  • In case members / Chairman resigns then the contract will be terminated upon acceptance of resignation by the Prime Minister
  • Under death of member(s) or chairman
  • Upon competition of tenure of period of the term
  • Upon reaching the age of 65
  • Under specific orders of a court of law
  • Members and Chairman can be removed after inquiry by FPSC

Moreover, the performance of Chairman/Members will be evaluated by a committee notified by Finance Division and in case the performance is found not satisfactory, the term of the member may be termination subject to approval of the competent authority.

Industry’s Feedback:

Though the feedback from industry isn’t important for the government, however, there are serious reservations in the market over the new regulations. Telecom sector believes that authority is now given more into the hands of bureaucrats, which is fine, but the recent past of bureaucratic influence on authority and industry and its impacts are clear indication of the downfall of the sector show that such moves may lead to tragic repercussions.

Industry said that the limitations for of the dual-national for not becoming the chairman is meaningless, especially when Interior Minister of the country is dual-national himself.

It is said that educational requirements for the members are seemingly tailored for someone special who is already decided to be brought as the member of the authority. As an hint, look at following profile (Copied from his Facebook page) of a potential candidate for the member’s slot:

I acquired my college education at Government College Sargodha and the did my Masters in Computer Sciences from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

I also did additional master degrees one in MBA and other in Telecommunication. Right now I am a Phd Scholar in the field of Financial Management.


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • We all know that why these regulations are being devised, those who don’t know probably don’t need to know at all.

  • Dont you think PhD scholar, two Master degrees and 18 years of experience is qualified enough for this post??

  • The concept of establishing an independent regulatory authority for the telecom industry buried under heavy soil. The advertisement and the required criteria is in sheer and open violation of the provisions of the Telecom Act of 1996. Addition of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th clause under the heading “Termination and Removal” are ultra vires of the above Act. Upon completion of the four year term, a Member can not be “removed” or “terminated”, he/she ceases to be a Member of the Authority. Hence, the clause is not only ridiculous but also insulting to the outgoing Members completing his/her 4 years term. Removal or termination on attaining 65 years of age is not given in the Telecom Act, therefore, again an illegal addition. Removal or termination under an order of a court of law does not require support of some Govt.’s SRO/SOP. The criteria freshly laid down, as above, is a masterpiece of “incompetency” on the part of its authors.

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