Breaking: CCP Issues Show Cause Notice to PTCL On ICH Case

CCPCompetition Commission of Pakistan has issued a show cause notice to PTCL regarding the ICH case, which was recently shifted from Lahore High Court to CCP on orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

CCP, in its show cause notice, asked PTCL to respond to the concerns that were raised by a petition filed by Brain Telecommunication Limited in Lahore High Court.

Notice said that PTCL should respond to show cause notice on March 12th, 2013 and since the Supreme Court of Pakistan has directed the commission to resolve the case with-in 15 days hence, if deemed necessary by the Commission, the case may proceed on day-to-day basis.

It merits mentioning here that Supreme court’s Lahore registry had remanded the ICH case to CPP (Competition Commission of Pakistan) by saying that Lahore High Court is not mandated to hear the petition which was filed by Brain Telecommunication against establishment of ICH or International Clearing House.

Since the case is now being heard by CCP, PTCL and other LDI operators are now asked to present their views on all the issues raised in the notice in general, and to explain as to why an appropriate order under clause (b) of subsection (1) of Section 31 of the Competition Act may not be passed and/or a penalty may not be imposed for the violations that CCP had earlier communicated to the operators.

Copy of Show Cause notice can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

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  • Kuch b nai hony wala yar. hum ko tax k sth he expensive call karni pary ge call pakistan. yahe humari luck hai bs

  • I don’t get this, PTCL is providing us with the cheapest rates to call abroad, why would they impose taxation on the calls from abroad. Its about government who imposes taxes. In the current economic scenario, the government needs to impose taxes and move towards austerity drive. PTCL has nothing to do with this. This ICH is implemented after government’s proposal.

  • I think ptcl does not violate the legal matters. and this show cause has been given just to present its views on all the issues raised in the notice. Unless until its not clarified, why should blame our national companies.

  • The issue doesn’t regards PTCL, it regards the “International Clearing House” imposed by the government’s proposal to PTA to generate revenues. My friends who call me from abroad, told me that calling land line in Pakistan is cheaper than calling on mobile phones.

  • Seemingly its quite unfair to have this show cause notice to PTCL as it is performing well at all levels regardless of higher charges.This notice should be taken back by authority.

  • It’s absurd to issue such show cause notice to an organization even it is running successively across the scale.So, it should be better to solve this issue as soon or dissolve show cause notice for PTCL.

  • Among all operators, I found PTCL is the best service provider, so it should be free from such kind of circumstances.

      • You guys are either employees of Ptcl or on their payroll. Nobody in their right mind would praise ptcl for reliability or customer service.

        • I dont think so. Why Ptcl employees will work like this. This is the voice of common man yaar. There is no clear indication that our national company is guilty or break the rule. We should support our national companies. Because we all are Pakistanis.

          • Yes, you are true.That is the problem of our country that we believe more on negativity.It is more obvious by PTCL performance that PTCL owns transparent policy and services.Personally, I like all PTCL services all over.

          • I am totally agree with you. What sort of competition is it ? We should appreciate the companies like ptcl for offering you, me. us, so much.
            from calling to broadband. We are enjoying 3G internet just because of ptcl. baki aqalmand k liye ishara kafi hai.

        • i am sure none of us is employee. we are just talking this based on facts. Show cause to company like like ptcl is understandable. Tax is a part of govt. not ptcl.

  • guys PTCL is the best or not we dont care about it. we living abroad have only one mean of communication back home to our falily “PHONE” do you know that where we use to pay say for example in pak Rs, 1 per minute now we are paying 8.
    are we not already doing enough for our country (sending money through banks which cost us more on low rates) being robed by airport customs when we go back home,
    paying unfair charges to PIA to fly back home which are twice as other airlines.

  • Jub tak views clear nahi hote hum kese ksi bhi company ko blame kr skte heiin. Read the last paragraph carefully.

    • Agree with you because I have seen all time initiatives by PTCL that are truly meant for public care either in terms of its services or any awareness campaigns.

  • PTCL holds all services at affordable rates and most of all there is no problem in any of them.Its wrong to conclude anything before procession.

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