Samsung Spent $11 Billion on Advertising in 2012

Samsung Head OfficeEver wondered how much money the world’s biggest smartphone company spends on advertising? Here’s the answer: $11 billion.

This 10-digit number is also bigger than any other company’s advertising expenditures. Even Apple didn’t spend nearly as much money on advertising.

That also sums up to about 6.5% of the revenue that the Korean company earned during the year, 38% up from 2011. Perhaps a large amount of this money was spent during the London 2012 Olympics where Samsung even rolled out special ‘Olympic’ editions of its Galaxy Note.

Samsung’s focus on marketing was the main reason the company was so successful last year. With its strategic Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note Smartphones selling tens of millions, the company doesn’t care too much about allocating a gigantic marketing budget.

As a result Samsung didn’t only achieve the first place in the smartphone market in 2012, it also widened the gap between it and the other companies.

Compared to $11 billion though, only $1.06 billion was spent on research and development.

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