Samsung Galaxy S 4 Exclusive Software Coming to GSIII Too

SVoiceKeeping up with their traditions, Samsung has yet again been working hard to make sure that great software keeps circulating in the plastic veins of its phones.

Samsung Vice President of Portfolio Planning, Nick DiCarlo has just said in his interview that everything which is not related to hardware will be coming to its other flagship models too.

Anything that we can do that’s not dependent on hardware like infrared, we’ll definitely bring to all the flagship devices.

This means that all the great software including the S Health, S Voice and the new camera additions will be reaching the Galaxy S III too. This is a great effort as it keeps the phone selling well and makes sure customers don’t feel betrayed or left out of the action.

DiCarlo didn’t mention the date for the arrival of the software package though which is a bit unfortunate but don’t expect them to come right NOW as the Korean manufacturer is way too busy to keep up with the demands and the hype of its new flagship, the Galaxy S 4.

  • Great now there’s would be no difference of GS 4 and 3 i don’t see any remarkable hardware specific function of GS 4, almost all of the new features are software based.

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