PTCL is Offering 100 Mbps Broadband over FTTH

PTCL FTTH Broadband

For long we know that PTCL is offering FTTH over GPON for high speed broadband services, however, it was only recently that above given advertisement was spotted by a WiredPakistan user at Centauros in Islamabad.

The advertisement clearly reveals that PTCL is offering 100 Mbps broadband internet over FTTH. PTCL hasn’t disavowed the advertisement but there is no mention of any such service on company’s official website.

PTCL first hinted the deployment of GPON and high speed broadband back in 2009 and later on we learnt that KHL was deploying the network for the company. Now it is confirmed that services are being offered to high-end corporate clients in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

FTTH and FTTB (Fiber to the home & Fiber to the Building) services from PTCL allows its customers to enjoy a whooping 100 Mbps broadband internet.

PTCL, when inquired about the service and details, said that this super-natural broadband service (by Pakistani standards) is offered to select customers in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, while the cost of service varies depending on customers’ needs and situations.

PTCL said that such services are also availed by buildings/communities to offer internet to their inhabitants.

Those who are interested to get 100 Mbps broadband can contact corporate sales channels to know further details on the service.

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