PTCL Looking to Offer Video Conferencing and GPON: President PTCL

PTCL_HuaweiPTCL is looking for various options to offer Video conferencing and GPON, said Mr. Walid Irshad, President and CEO of PTCL during an interview with Sabah uddin Qazi for Huawei’s Win-Win Magazine.

PTCL may go with Huawei to use IPTV platform to create home to home video conference, revealed President PTCL.

“PTCL has biggest nationwide WiMAX license, fixed line, dual wireless local loop license and GSM, a synergy and package of fixed and Mobile communication. Hence PTCL will be the only company in Pakistan that can provide these converged services to the customers.”

We see opportunities, not the crisis, Mr. Irshad said that he sees huge potential in fixed telephony, keeping in view the 3 percent penetration in Pakistan compared to benchmark of 14 percent globally in fixed line.
When inquired about the biggest challenge of PTCL, Mr. Irshad said that company enjoyed unmetered monopoly for more than 50 years, but now it has to change its mindset. He agreed that PTCL will have to become more customer oriented, more customer focus, more commercial minded.

President revealed that PTCL was first company first to launch IPTV services in the middle-east region.

Today, we are providing simultaneously 120 live channels on our IPTV and most important thing is that all of these are legal with copyrights. We don’t do something like illegal transmission or broadcasting in our network. Even today we are bringing the smart movie and for the first time with advertisements.

PDF version of complete magazine can be downloaded from here (2.22 MB)

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  • “we are providing simultaneously 120 live channels on our IPTV”
    They are lying. They have only 102 Channels. They advertised that they will increase the channels after Jun 30 when the free period was ended, just to attract the subscribers.

  • This is good news but service remains distrub due to PTCL net work not attended/damaged not properly repaired due to lack of store/non availability of said store items which bitterly effect the said services,so customer suffer and wandering for providing flaw less services for which he paying.

    • Salam.dostun mein nay jab say dsl lagaya hai tab say mera net nai a raha.plz help me.mein kia karun.aur edar koi bat bi nai sunta.agar ap kay pas president ka email address tu day dein.plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.mera email yah [email protected] zarur batahein.

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