KHL Prepares to Deploy GPON for PTCL

KHLKonnect Holden Limited (KHL) says that it has received letter of interest from PTCL to deploy GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) for PTCL in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad with capacity of 5,000 subscribers in each city.

KHL is reportedly negotiating with PTCL to deploy the outdoor network (ODN) implementation, which is considered to be most tedious and expensive part in GPON deployments.

KHL is well placed to win this contract, worth more than Rs. 200 million, based on its expertise in ODN implementations as well as now being the largest vendor with such an experience in Pakistan and in International Markets.

To be completed in 8 months, this GPON network will allow PTCL to deliver triple-play to the subscriber’s doorstep using optical fiber cable as a media. This blazing fast network will provide its customers with the most advanced (voice, video and data) services – such as high-definition television, innovative telephony services and ultra band Internet access.

GPON supports higher rates, enhanced security, and choice of Layer 2 protocol (ATM, GEM, Ethernet). In first phase the ISP (In side plant) the active components of the network, is awarded to Huawei in South and Ericson in Central & North Pakistan.

FTTH and FTTB (Fiber to the home & Fiber to the Building) are not new names to many in the telecommunications field, but for masses this implementation in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad will bring an amazing experience with triple play services, net surfing and file transfers/downloads at a blazing speed.

This pilot project with total capacity of 15,000 customers in three cities will serve as beginning of another 150K deployment, which is already in the bidding stage with PTCL with various ISP vendors trying their luck to enter into this emerging market in Pakistan.

The ODN survey and design has been a major success for KHL as they have contributed towards PTCL success by achieving this mile stone already prior to commencement of 15K trial project and for the future 150K lines all across Pakistan.

PTCL has the largest deployed fiber network in a country, and with the deployment of GPON technology in the country, PTCL has pioneered another technology for the better lives of the countrymen.

With GPON solution, PTCL will be able to offer customers a whole new range of next-generation, ultra band applications that leverage network’s true gigabit speeds.

  • Nayatel is already the leader in GPON with over 15000 subscribers. Wateen and Cybernet have tried GPON but have had limited success. In meantime, Mobilink, Witribe, Augere and Wateen have captured 150+K customers on Wimax.

  • very well said by kohatrki, GPONf is an exciting but a very sensitive market and hope that PTCL is able to penetrate.Congrats to KHL for achieving this honor of GPON implementation in Pakistan. if my info is not wrong KHL has also acheived the GPON projects in Middle East i.e. Emirates and Oman.Hats of to KHL.

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