The New ThinkCentre Edge 62z is a Budget AIO PC from Lenovo

ThinkCentre Edge 62z

Budget All-in-one PCs. How often do you spot machines with both of those traits on the market? The answer’s obvious: not often. But Lenovo is here to break the ice once this time, offering the ThinkCentre Edge 62z.

The new AIO PC will be available at a (relatively) low cost of $549 or around Rs. 60,000. Instead of hardcore gamers, this system is targeted mainly towards offices and moderate users.

The specs

The machine will come with an 18.5 inch LCD display. That is said to be 65 percent less space-consuming than a 20 inch monitor.

Inside the machine beats an Intel Core i3 processor, but you can go all the way up to a crème de la crème Core i7 one. The amount of RAM you can get tops out at 8GB, and for the hard drive, 1TB is the limit.

The number of USB 2.0 ports (C’mon its a budget system after all) set is 6. A DVD burner is added in the mix too. Above the display, there’s a webcam. The ThinkCentre Edge 62z also comes with Integrated Intel HD Graphics.

An interesting thing to note here is that this thing comes with Windows 7. Its not the latest version but will be fine enough for a PC with no touchscreen. And a bit old hardware. The PC will be released in May for $549 or around Rs. 60,000 this year.

  • Ahasn

    better, buy a LAPTOP!

  • DevilMind

    its just a low end laptop without batteries

  • Assad

    i think for the offices like cell phone operators’ banks’ multinational companies its a best options.. take less space … And features are awesome.. because we cant do wverything on laptops