Mobilink’s AD Agency Mocks President Zardari

Mobilink’s advertising agency, in a promotional video made for MobiCash and is available on official Facebook page of Mobilink MobiCash, mocks President Zardari in a strange way.

A video ad that demonstrates the procedures of getting a MobiCash account – Mobilink’s branchless banking accounts – by showing an ID card which has Mr. Zardari’s name on it.

A closer look at the AD reveals that Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is attributed to various (objectionable) things.

Advertising agency responsible for developing this video, apparently, lifted a mockery CNIC from Google image search and reused it by just blurring it.

Check following screenshot yourself.


Though the text isn’t readily visible, however, it appears that details on ID card is as following:

  • Name: Zardari Khappay
  • Gender: Khawaja Sira (خواجہ سرا)
  • Father’s Name: Not known yet ( ابھی تک معلوم نہیں ہو سکا)

This video ad is still available on Mobilink’s Mobicash page on Facebook here is now removed from Mobicash’s page, which was previously available here:

Video – in case Facebook isn’t available for you – can be seen below:

via PakZindaBad