Caretaker Minister for IT & Telecom Visits PTA


Group photo of PTA officials with Dr. Sania Nishtar, Caretaker Federal Minister for IT and Telecom. Senior officials of Ministry of IT and Telecom are also present.

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology &Telecom (IT&T), Dr. Sania Nishtar visited Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Headquarters yesterday.

Additional Secretary, Member Law , Member IT of MoIT Director Generals (DGs) of Different Divisions of PTA and senior officers of the Authority were present on this occasion.

During the visit, senior officers briefed the Minister about the functions of PTA, regulatory initiatives taken by it and overall performance of the telecom sector. The Minister was informed that PTA has always facilitated thriving telecom industry of Pakistan which is providing state of the art telecom, broadband and ICT services. The Minister was also briefed about the challenges faced by the telecom sector and continued efforts of the regulator to address them.

Dr. Sania Nishtar assured full support of IT & T Ministry to PTA for its regulatory initiatives in ensuring continued growth of the telecom sector of Pakistan. She appreciated the role of PTA in the uplift of telecom sector of Pakistan.

  • Good job visiting the PTA when the government has finished its term. The PTA is the first Ministry not the last that must be visited given the amount the telecom companies contribute to the sector and the economy.

    Can’t wait for the new serious government to come in

  • PTA is new tax department on telecom sector and other sector like laptop, network devices and ip phones etc. “She appreciated the role of PTA in the uplift of telecom sector of Pakistan” PTA is not supporting for the uplift of telecon sector it creates mess only.

  • Dr. Sania Nishtar, it is our humble request to you please take a serious note about the blockage of youtube in pakistan because many people feel that it is against the human rights and also one thing must highlighted here that, ” September to today, has the ban forced Google to change the contents of Youtube? NO. What’s working is having PTA/the ministry ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE with Google, which is what they could have done in September ” .

  • The Dr. has a 32 page CV and hundreds of research papers, yet her tenure as a minister was useless, aimless, apathetic and sort of an acceptance of her department’s total incapacity, collapse and failure.
    She visited her champion department PTA for what, any idea, to have this picture in her CV ? Or to pass rotten, useless statements like “Full support of THIS to THAT”. MoIT to support PTA, or PTA to FACILITATE thriving telecom industry in Pakistan, as if every one else is a fool.
    MoIT and PTA both are headless and clueless, they are barely alive on tax payers money like parasites with zero output.
    Did anyone happen to follow Telecom Day celebrated in Serena, well that was funnier than Hasb i Hal. We are naive enough not to even know what was the theme of the day, and what to talk about but yes we know have food and how to get protocols.
    Now Dr sahiba what is the plan, to add another 20 pages of self praise to your CV narrating your great deeds as minister MoIT.
    Well things are chaning for good in Pakistan. At least ppl can’t change leaders but they now know that illiterates but courageous like Jashed Dasti are far better than so called educated cowardice, paperweights like u.

    • You are absolutely right Ali – She is full of herself. She is what you call a “self praise junky”. She loves to log everything that she has done in her life and market it out there. I am surprised she has not logged how many times she “farts” in a day on her website. The way she markets herself, I think she is the best sales person in the world and should be selling used cars.

  • These teams of “Nalaiqs” don’t have idea how to filter out the data from the websites like youtube, but only the solution is to ban the website?

    What is doing your ministry?

    Everywhere there is a bunch of “Safarshi” and “Parchi” Mafia even in higher rank and files.

  • Sania Nishtar has absolutely no background even remotely in information technology or telecommunications. How can she ever contribute to the ministry as a minister? What a stupid country with stupid people in it, no doubt Pakistan is not respected by anyone in the world. It’s a freakin failed state because there’s wrong people at important position doing the wrong job. Advise for Sania Nishtar: If you had even a small bit of respect for your career amibitions, you would have said NO to this position when it was offered to you, but you did not, which means you are a gold digger and nothing more.

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