Link Dot Net Wraps up its Broadband Operations in Pakistan

Link Dot NetLink Dot Net, a sister concern of Mobilink, is closing its broadband DSL operations in the country, revealed various official sources who wanted to remain unnamed.

According to details we have got, Link Dot Net is handing over its customers to PTCL in all the cities where it was previously offering broadband DSL services. Procedures for handing over the customers have started, confirmed a source working in Link Dot Net.

Our source further confirmed that all the Link Dot Net customers, country wide, will be transferred to PTCL. Source wasn’t sure about his future and said that it is likely that company will also free-up its staff once the transition is over.

A Link Dot Net Official confirmed ProPakistani that company is handing over its home users to PTCL, but said that company will retain corporate customers and will continue to exist in the country.

Link Dot Net is aiming to hand-over all its customers by June end.

Link Dot Net is also informing its customers about the decision. Following Letter has been sent to customers telling them that company is closing operations due to tough market conditions.

Dear Valued Customer,

LINKdotNET Telecom Limited (“LINKdotNET”) has always strived best to be one step ahead of the market as it integrates technology, knowledge and people in a unique way that completely redefines the Internet.

However, due to current market conditions, we regret to inform you that we will be discontinuing LINKdotNET consumer DSL service in your area. It is a business decision which we have taken after thorough deliberation and evaluation of all alternative options.In order to ensure your connectivity needs without any disruption, LINKdotNET has entered into an agreement with Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (“PTCL”), by virtue of which PTCL shall provide its DSL services to LINKdotNET customers in all such areas where LINKdotNET has discontinued its consumer DSL services.

LINKdotNET shall provide you services up to 30th June, 2013. You will, in this regard, be contacted by PTCL in due course.PTCL is the country’s largest broadband service provider with customer base of over 1 Million subscribers.

You will continue to enjoy seamless Internet experience, uninterrupted streaming, fastest downloading speeds, and unlimited downloads at the most economical rates without paying any upfront charges to PTCL.We once again thank you for showing your trust in our services and assure you to do our best for a smooth transition of your DSL services.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to call us at our round the clock helpline: 111 600 111. We will be available to answer any of your concerns and queries. For queries related to PTCL services, you may call at 1236.

It has been a great honor and a privilege to serve you. We wish you continued success.
Warm Regards,

Customer Care Team

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • PTCL has monopolized the broadband industry. Vimax operators will close their business soon (at least for home users).

  • Same got letter from ldn.i have already paid my june bill .dont know how much ptcl will charge from ldn customers

  • Ahhh, their support is far far better than ptcl, I loved their service for years. Would be really bad to let them go. hopping that no such email comes to me from them

  • yeah this is true .. yest i got a mail from LDN n they r handling their operations to the PTCL here in wahcantt also .. i always hated ptcl bt nw i dont hv mch choices !!! uh

  • 1MB DSL speed of Link dot net was better than 2MB speed of PTCL in browsing.

    1MB LDN = 120kb/s average
    1MB PTCL= 90kb/s average
    2MB LDN= 260kb/s
    2MB PTCL= 200kb/s

    Linkdotnet per main 1MB student package kay 735Rs takriban deta tha baad main 50rs generators tax agaya.
    PTCL kay 1MB student 1150Rs hain? zameen asmaan ka faraq rates aur quality main.

    Ye speeds main nay tab difference feel kea jab main PTCL per aya. Warna baki sari PTCL DSL awam to khamosh jesi speed milti hay chalai ja rahi hay. unko kia pata dosri companies kesi speeds deti hain. Din waqt PTCL speed 2MB pay 60KB arahi hoti hay, awam ke thaki browsing ho rahi ho wo khushi say chalai jatay hain.

    Aur Link dot net kay sath meray 3 saal bohat sakoon kay sath guzray. Sirf tab tangi hoti jab PTCL phone line main shor ajata. Wo bhi PTCL walay nakhray kartay rehtay kay shor koi masal nahi apke Link dot net main masala hay.

    Ab hum sab dost walo ko emails bhejtay rehtay hain kay ajao Faisalabad. PTCL nay bohat tang kar rakha hay.

  • ptcl has less speed than LDN ,, missing LDN , :( and ldn has fast and better customer support than PTcl

  • same thing happened to MultiLink DSL provider back in 2009… They had to wrap up their business in Pakistan due to PEETCL

  • Guys I think all of you are getting a bit carried away, the fact of the matter is Link Dot Net failed to provide services up to the mark required by average Pakistani user. We all have to abide by the laws of economics and PTCL has consistently added to its user base, whereas others have just fizzled away with the passage of time. I have been a PTCL customer all my life and I agree there are a few problems but I have seen other users face the same problems with other ISP`s from time to time. LDN users will not complain after they have been shifted to PTCL.

    • Finally some sanity prevails, Fatimah you have just read my mind, people fail to understand the simple fact that growth is directly proportional to performance. If PTCL is as bad as portrayed on some blogs, the company would have gone bust a very long time ago. The fact of the matter is that PTCL is outperforming its competitors and that is why the competition is winding up their operations.

      • abay 0 bewaja ki behs mat kr bhai .. j0 acha hy w0 acha hy j0 nae hy w0 manhuus PTCL hy !!! .. gaddi bhar k angrejii b0lnay se PTCL acha nae 0jata .. chirkut kahin k !

      • No, this is incorrect, PTCL have worst customer support, also they just launch some service, get loads of money from some people, then start offering same thing to newer customers in way less price.

        Also, i am LDN customer, I have been many times asked to shift on PTCL dsl by local exchange. They even have made my line dead for many days multiple times, and each time after a complaint to PTA when PTA responded, my line was fixed otherwise they were pressuring to shift me to ptcl. I guess same is case with other customers and on some place ptcl would have succeeded in shifting them over. Problem is ptcl have monopoly in landline, so they can handle many things their way, the bad way. I rate ptcl 2/10 for its services, customer support and consistency.

  • linkdotnet better hai dost mera net ptcl hai kisi kaam ka nahi hai buhat ghandu services hai ptcl ki mery dost ky pass linkdotnet laga hai good streaming and good service good downloading

  • just checked email, I have not yet contacted by LinkDotNet about their departure, ProPaki can you please check again, this news may not be so authentic.

  • Great, another win for the PTCL monopoly. Is there any country in the world with only one major broadband provider? Guess I’ll be stuck with shitty phone lines and 2MB DSL for years to come. Used to have a 20MB connection in the UK back in 2008, good days.

    • i had a 75MB connection in the UK, 2012. now my 4MB PTCL DSL line has gone dead for the past week and i am using my work line to send this message.

  • I used LinkDotNet services for a few years. It was running perfectly then the quality of its service started going down. Its technicians were unable to fix the endless problems. I was forced to switch to Wimax

  • I heard from the LDN Broadband Official that LDN is handing over only 1Mbps customers to PTCL hence LDN will continue to provide its services to 2Mbps to onward (Corporate) customers.


  • its about time this damn link-dotnet and others 3rd class dsl provider got what they deserve! can’t keep up in the competetion so they start giving excuse…. ptcl rocks!

  • I used their services for over 3 years.
    It was one of the best! I never have had any problems with them except when they switched me over to PTCL.
    After lots of efforts, I managed to get rid of PTCL, who were saying “Sir, humari services disconnect karana asaan kaam nain”
    So, finally I came back to micronet and love their service till now.

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