Tune.PK, a Pakistani Video Sharing Website, Crosses 40 Million Playbacks per Month


Tune.Pk, a rising video sharing website originating from Pakistan, serves over 40 million playbacks per month.

Launched a couple of years ago by a passionate team of developers from Sialkot, Pakistan, headed by Arsalan Hasan, Tune.PK now serves over 14 million users per month with the whooping number of over 40+ million playbacks a month with an average daily playback of 20 years.

Currently there are over 100,000 videos hosted on the website, and this number is growing tremendously especially when there is no YouTube in the country.

Interestingly, more than 50 percent of viewers on Tune.PK are from abroad with more than 10 percent of total audience originating from USA, another 8 percent from UK with a major chunk from Gulf countries. Audience from Pakistan on Tune.PK comprises almost 48 percent of the total traffic that the website gathers.

Danish Mughal, the Marketing Manager of Tune.PK, said that website is hosted on over two dozen servers in Europe, and their team is currently in talks with PTCL for caching the streams that will enhance the quality for viewers and will save several thousands dollars for PTCL that it pays under the head of internet bandwidth.

Tune.PK currently offers 720P video quality, which they are planning to enhance to 1080p in near future.

Tune.Pk has proved that an indigenous solution can be a replacement for internet giants and we can rely on our local resources to retain the monetary advantage to ourselves. Not only this, we can probably scale up these solutions to serve the global audience.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

        • yes. i have problem because they are laying. if it is true, why don’t they showed screenshot or analytic which are available in control panel or can be shown by third party.

          • Having spent 5 years in software engineering, I can confirm that you know nothing about web engineering.
            I wonder why we always happen to be the greatest opponents of us?

  • Lovely sharing Admin it is great site i visited and found interesting we should promote it as soon as fast possible. Friends u should book mark it or remember the address. Thanks

  • its just because youtube is ban in Pakistan when it will reopen then look at tune.pk Alexa it will go way down

  • Thanks Aamir for giving Tune.Pk some coverage on your esteemed publication. We are seeking support from all the major stake holders of digital and online media of Pakistan. While we are in talks with several media giants already, I would appreciate questions and would be willing to answer any queries related to Tune.pk through my email address danish [at] tune [dot] pk

    Danish Mughal
    Marketing & Media Manager

    • Your website’s upload function doesn’t work in Firefox. Can you check that?

      Oh and any plans to have a mobile version of the site or an app maybe?

  • Playback speed was not good before, but it’s improved overtime, keep it up Tune.pk

  • It is a good effort, but seriously, without Google’s consent, how can you replace You Tube.

    You could provide some recommendations, but can you replace You Tube, since it BAN… Seriously, Can You ?

  • no searching button for non-members and i don’t know may be search button available for members.

    • As per Tune.pk Fan page their new search is coming. i had a chat with one of team member. they said making search thing out of 5000 Records is easy. but now numbers crossed 100K. so they are working on search with Indexes Quality score and relevancy.

  • Job very well done Tune.PK Good to see such a good effort done locally and I hope it can grow as an international brand. If you guys can add more info specially on various technical and other professional skills then it would be of great help specially since youtube is not available so guys…..hit the iron when its hot ;)

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