This Time Telenor’s Tameer Bank Gets Hacked

Tameer Bank, which is majorly owned and operated by Telenor Pakistan, was tonight hacked by Xploiter, the same hacker who has hacked and defaced over 4 banks in just past one week.

This hacking spree over the last few days has hit almost all major banks of Pakistan. And the message has been quite clear: Secure the websites and infrastructure.

It merits mentioning here that EasyPaisa, one of the largest branch-less banking solution in the world, is jointly operated by Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Bank.

Exploiter once again emphasized the lack of security that resulted into all these hacks. While defacing the homepage of Tameer bank, hacker left following message:

You Didn’t Got Lesson after PKNIC , Soneri Bank and Habib Bank , Allied bank , MCB ‘s infrastructure was Hacked ?

Yesterday i got a News Cyber Act gonna be pass in National Assembly But There Must be a Law for Website developement Cyber Act Going to be Passed Next Month! But There Must be a Law for websites Construction Same Like Building’s Construction.

Poorly Coded Pakistani Websites should not be passed to Be Published, Same Like poorly constructed houses are not passed You Know what I mean, If you add it to your Cyber Act 90% of your Cyber Space will be Secured ! Think

Secured Pakistani Cyber Space Zindabad ! !
Senior Pakistani Hackers Were Here :.

Here is the Zone-H mirror:

Below is the screenshot of defaced home page of Tameer Bank:

Tameer Bank

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  • Senator Mushahid is going to be getting a lot of phone calls from angry bankers if he hasn’t already. Do you think the proposed law will be balanced and tilted towards fairness when investigating cybercrimes? I don’t.

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