Buys Fiverr.PK Domain, an global marketplace where users sell variety of services for five dollars, has now bought Fiverr.PK domain, we have confirmed with the sources.

Fiverr.PK was previously held by Muhammad Ali Salim, who was contacted by for legal transfer of the Fiverr.PK domain. the value of .PK domain for Fiverr is not disclosed by the the parties.

Ali Salim confirmed ProPakistani that he has transferred the domain to Fiverr.

Considering the amount of users available on, it is likely that company may start local version of its globally acclaimed service.

The trend of local services for Pakistan from multinational internet firms is picking up.

Pakistan, with its growing internet population, is considered a solid market for internet businesses. There remains some glitches such as lack of payment processing gateway in the country, otherwise over 30 million internet users are on their toes to welcome the global companies.

It merits mentioning here that global brands tend to buy local version of their TLDs (domain names) to secure the brand names. This helps them with a chance of starting a local service tailored specifically for a region and also to avoid local webmasters to replicate the service.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Agent Khan

    Fiverr.PK was sold for $75,000. I was there when the deal was held

    • Ghulam Sarwar

      Thori Lambi ho gayi hai.

      • PeeDroid


      • Agent Khan

        Sir looks like you’re new to internet and I’m sure you don’t even know $75K is nothing for Fiverr when it comes to their Pakistani users who are helping’em to earn more than your imagination.

        • Double Agent Khan

          Still bohat lambi hogayi :D

          Fiverr can get the domain by not paying a single penny cause its their trademark and PKNIC do have policies on trademark issues.


          • Then Fiverr have to register there business here in pakistan. for trade mark policy

            but $75k is quit big amount and still don’t think they get spend that much amount :)
            what i know from few sources its between $1k to $2k

    • Salman Ahmad

      They could have started a bigger project than fiverr by investing $75k.

      • Ghulam Sarwar

        75k PKR is believable! But 75k USD? Agent Khan raat ko soya nahi hai..

        • Faizan Ali

          75k is pretty believable

        • AtiRiz

          Why $75K is not believable? in my opinion the domain worth much much more than $75K, An average online business makes more than $75K in less than a year.

          • Ali

            You are right Ati

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Ever heard of C&D order?

  • Very exciting deal. Good to see local presence of a lot of international companies!

    • Khurram ShahzAd

      A lot, which other company just opted-in to the country. I am seeing much of them rather leaving. Its just more of a question, its NOT that I am negating whatever you are saying.

  • I am working with fiverr from last 2 years and never know that we have a .pk domain too.. i am so interested to know the cash .pk owner has earned?

  • An33k

    75,000$ is nothing for Fiverr (24 hours)

  • Although its a good news that someone in Pakistan made a bit of money from selling the domain, it doesn’t mean that Fiverr is officially coming to Pakistan. The brands like Fiverr tend to acquire all local domains to offer localized services or just keep away any competition from springing up and piggy backing on their reputation – for example, imitating

    Why I am not hopeful for coming to Pakistan? Because their payment mode is paypal, which is not acceptable here.

    Aggregator sites like Indeed, Jobrapido and others also have their country specific domains.

    • Ali

      Kashif for your information Fiverr gives Revenue cards to all its sellers which can also be used in Pakistan, believe me go start selling make some money. :)

      • Thanks. I was unaware about that.

        So, Fiverr is offering a Revenue Card in partnership with Paynoeer (who works with MasterCard), It will be a MasterCard that can be used at any ATM or supported vendors.

        • But getting Revenue card you must pass 10sales :)

          • Doing 10 sales is not that hard.

        • Khurram ShahzAd

          They have started giving out these cards after they came into PK.. so they are serious about us.. good to see that.

  • Guest

    Well if it was $75,000 i must be sitting at Miami Beach right now :D

  • cary

    hi guys, i need to know if i will start like fiverr type website in pakistan, it will works???

  • Ali Muaz

    helo guyz join me on fiverr alimuaz