Ufone Launches Industry’s First Website Builder


While staying abreast with the market needs, Ufone has now initiated a website generating amenity called the Ufone Business Website service.

With this – one of its kind service from a telco — individual as well as small and medium businesses will be able to launch their own professional websites by following just 4 easy steps.

With the introduction of this service, the customers will no longer be required to pay hefty fees to create a website and further pay excessive charges for maintaining it.

Mr. Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer stated, “Ufone always aims at catering to the needs of their customers and facilitate them in the best way possible. We understand that it is often quite discouraging for individuals and small businesses to pay fortunes for website creation and maintenance. Keeping this in view, we have now introduced Ufone Business Website service so that our customers can afford to have an online presence.”

Ufone offers a unique website builder platform on which the users have the flexibility to select their own website design from more than 400 templates. Customers will also have the option to change this design at anytime they wish. And these changes can be made without any additional charges.

Ufone is also offering Domain name registration for your websites for just Rs. 800 per year.

To avail the service customers can simply send an SMS to 5533, after which they will be prompted to create a login with their mobile number and password. The customer can then enter the business details and then click on the launch website button.

For further details, procedures and pricing click this link: http://www.ufone.com/mobpro_BusinessWebsite.aspx

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  • Muhammad Rizwan

    Does Western Union again blocks Adsense payment???
    i goto js bank for payment and they said western union blocks google inc payment!!!

    • Elite

      Dude WU Working Fine in Pakistan i have recently get amount of Adsense on Wednesday about $ 3k.. in Pakistan.!

    • Jamal


  • Khurram

    very help full for small and medium businesses
    hope to get an Urdu Version too ,that will also promote Local business as well URDU.

  • Conr

    This is seriously innovative for a telco. They should be concentrating on 3G/4G but are doing website builder. Shabash

  • I am impressed!

  • Paktutorial

    These guy can’t compete with Wix.com. At least someone got into the business

  • Its not there Job, There service problem, signal problems lot of thing they have to upgrade, anyway we all seen very soon emails like “Ufone Hosting sucks” due to there stretcher is not capable with hosting business

  • Kashif

    Can we use adsense with a website from ufone?

  • Qadri

    It completely useless to re-invent the wheel!!!

  • Haseeb Ahmad Ayazi

    I don’t think so that this will have bright future…

  • Saad

    A third party (XINDESIGNS) product with a brand tag of Ufone….crap CMS for a price tag of 400 PKR per month!!!
    and they call it industry first..comparing apples with oranges…only thing related to mobile is that one time security code..i mean wowwwwww what a link with telecom industry and being first in that :P

  • Nasir

    there own site sucks alot, better they first improve there own web site for better user experience. All Mobile opertor websites seems like a puzzle game here.

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Domain Name Charges: Rs 800+tax/Annum. How could they forget the term “+ tax” :s

  • ZunNurain Khalid

    I guess this wasn’t supposed to be their ‘JOB’ to provide such portal. This has nothing to do with Telecom or their core 3G/4G or the much needed IMPROVEMENT IN THE QUALITY OF THEIR CELLULAR SERVICES.

    Ufone sucks big time in that… Good Ads doesn’t ensure better quality of service…