Upaisa to Introduce Debit Card, Mobile App, E-ticketing Service for Customers


Upaisa, the newly launched branchless banking service from Ufone, is coming with array of industry first service including Debit Card for its customers mainly the wallet account holders, Mobile App for retail agent and customers and E-ticketing services of different buses and airlines, this was stated by Taimur Cheema, GM Mobile Financial Services-Ufone, during a press briefing in Karachi.

All these facilities and services will be made available to customers in next few weeks which will help them getting benefits of advance features of branchless banking through Upaisa.

The wallet opening process has been made convenient. Furthermore, there has been innovation in pricing via reduction in charging slabs making it simpler for customers and Agents to remember.

Debit Cards and Mobile Apps are being introduced first time by any operators at such initial stage of its service in the whole industry, which is a landmark achievement for the company to attract its customers at maximum level.

Cheema also highlighted that “industry first Debit Card will also be introduced by Upaisa powered by Union Pay. Using this debit card customers will not only be able to withdraw cash from ATMs but will also be able to do transactions on POS.

Ufone is positive that this sector has a lot of potential and exceptional services, if offered, will help in gaining more customer confidence for mobile banking. By providing excellent services and to further promote branchless banking.

Upaisa Press Briefing

Upaisa’s future development plans include as mentioned by Mr. Cheema, “We are working on developing a mobile application for agents that can help perform transactions, open accounts and for record keeping of transactions”

“A similar mobile application is also under development for customers through which they will be able to perform transactions, check their account balance, account history, money transfer, utility bill payments and Uload without visiting the retailer.”, said Mr. Cheema

Also, Ufone plans to introduce the e-ticketing service for transportation companies to offer more convenience to customers”. “We are also looking forward to adding more merchants to our network to broaden horizons for our customers” added Cheema .

Upaisa is the sixth services of branchless banking in the country whereas it is fourth operator which started its services in June 2013.

Upaisa Crosses Rs 3 Billion Worth of Transactions

Upaisa, during the press conference, announced that it achieved Rupees 3.1 billion transaction in a very short span of time. As per Upaisa, a total of 912,000 transactions have been made including 601,000 financial transactions.

With the largest agents’ network of 9, 224 agents at the time of launch nationwide, Upaisa aim to provide its users convenience and easy accessibility without any restriction of time and place.

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  • Upaisa Branding makes me very confuse , Up-till now i thought this is something launched by UBl …the blues and the style is confusing… I don’t know it is just me bcz i am a graphic designer or any one else also noted that …

    • Zeshan – Software Engineer

      May be Ufone wanted to take free benefit from the goodwill of UBL.

    • Arshad Khan

      Logo is good, symbol of care (hands), wings of birds as sign of growth

      • Actually i am talking about the over all branding , Last week i went to a Shop an dthere was a banner for Upaisa and there was no refrence or any logo of Ufone on the banner .. I kept starting at it and tried to figure out what Bank or company is after this , and in the end i just though Damn it must be UBL … :D

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    They must visa enable their debit card and if they could enable cards for online payments, their services will blow the roof and they would be kind of the market.

    Plus services must be available to people without having ufone connection. Not sure if they are offering that.

    • WebSolHub

      Upaisa website clearly says that CNIC & Ufone sim are required to open upaisa account. No doubt if they offer a card for online payments with reasonable rates, it’s going to be huge. UnionPay is Chinese service and I am not sure if we can use UnionPay cards on all ATMs without extra charges. UnionPay website says that UnionPay card can be accepted on locations having UnionPay or Standard Chartered logo in Pakistan. HBL also listed on their Partners page.

  • Adil

    New VCC coming in the Market Guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sumair

    Telenor – Easy Paisa
    Mobilink – Mobi Cash
    Zong – Time Pey
    Ufone – Upaisa
    Warid – ???
    so only Warid left now???

  • Sikandar

    Koi Warid se kahay .. ” yaar, tu miss kar raha hai ” :P

  • deltree

    Who takes care of the taxes?
    – Postpaid or prepaid, first level of tax is deducted there
    – Carrying out transaction, second level of tax is deducted there
    – Whatever service is acquired or purchase made tax will be built into price mechanism

    Rob all of em blind!

    • Wasif Kiani

      btw if you are saying they are copying ubl so i want you to just give me a simple answer which company is more famous ufone or ubl?

      • jingoist

        UBL :p

  • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

    from where I can get the UPaisa Mobile App?