• Shahzad

    It will be a good step and will definitely successor than Telenor. Because Telenor’s join venture Ta’ameer Bank has only few branches but Al-Falah Bank has branches across the Pakistan. This will more help to customers.

    • waqas

      Also be ready for Warid mobile TV and evolved EDGE in March.

      • imran

        Mobile tv cant b successful without 3G. and if it launches now, it will be so expensive that customers will use it just for a try just like happened with telenor in the past

        • waqas

          @imran: just read my comments it is with evolved EDGE will be launching in March. Also there is no comparison of telenor’s network with Warid’s network.

    • imran

      Hahaha Branchless banking has nothing to do with branches thats why it is called branchless

      • Aaliya Jamal

        *Like* :D

  • Hamza

    Good move

  • ala

  • PPP

    warid has the worst network in pakistan…hahaha they thinking of competing with Telenor…what a joke! hahaha

    • waqas

      @PPppp; I am using both warid and Telenor, just one word Warid is the best network in PK. If some one have not used it he/she does not know about QoS in PK.

  • atif

    @ppp… your comment tells everything about your knowledge of Warid network… Warid has one of the best networks in pakistan and can surely do wonders with this branchless act.

  • I think first they should go for online banking then mobile banking instead

  • I think first they should go for online banking then they should prosper in mobile banking instead


    Good strategy but it works or not?? Lets see?