PTCL is Likely to Discontinue the Student DSL Package

PTCL is Likely to Discontinue the Student DSL Package
A note published on October Monthly bills of PTCL.

This probably won’t be very pleasing for all the students out there, but the news is that PTCL is likely to phase out its extremely popular student package over a period of next few months.


While we don’t have official confirmation for this, however, sources confirm us that company is looking for ways to substitute its student package with other similar products.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL has communicated its customers through monthly bills this month that 1 MB student package would be charged at Rs. 1,250, while 2 MB student package will be charged Rs. 1,450 from November 1st, 2013.

Not to mention, these charges are usual tariff for normal broadband packages.

Student segment, as mentioned above, is immensely lucrative and shares hefty amount of broadband subscribers for PTCL, the market leader in broadband market.

With changing market dynamics, company is now looking for ways to capitalize the niche with similar but capped products to boost revenues. One such example is Economy Broadband Package, that offers 1Mbps speeds at a monthly charge of Rs. 499, but comes with 10 GB data limit per month.


PTCL told ProPakistani that customers should expect a wide array of products for students starting 2014. Company said that not only various new broadband packages will be announced but more technologies will be brought into the scope to entertain the students.

However, for time being at least, the discount granted to students for broadband DSL is over.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • jetna entertaint kia bs kafi tham plz aor krne ki zrurt nahi, soon every one will say good bye to ptcl for ever

  • i am using student 2mb package.a few days back i was using internet at night and my dsl was suddenly bumped to 4mb speed (getting 500+ kb/s speed on IDM).its still the same.does anybody knows the reason

    • @Farhan Sattar Aap loog share connection used kartene hae na ke dedicated agar koi extreme down loader offline ho jae to aur logo ki speed sahi ho jatee hae. Mere pass London mene 40mbps hae jaab school off ho jata hae to Gamer aa jatene hae aur internet 10mbps par aajata hae. es liya mene ne change kaar ke Fibre Optic pe aa giya.

    • Bro. then raise ur internet speed free for few months and u think its miracle and MUFTA laga howa hai. then suddenly they charge u after few months.

  • PTCL say kabhee kohee seeda kam hoo ga bheee nahee

    nah is say employee khush aur nah hee customer .

  • I am gonna to quit student package. Can’t afford such a heavy amount. Started package at 850 and it’s now 1250. if we include other taxes it reaches up to 1500 per month. We are students ‘ not salaried employees. Shame on PTCL. Can’t afford more than 850 rupees.

  • This had to end. This was a subsidy provided by HEC that was exploited by PTCL and its customers.

    PTCL needs to increase prices because costs are in dollars and also they need money to bring better services.

    I know customers dont like to pay higher prices and will always complain but PTCL is the best provider and most economical. With new investment it will be bringing much more bandwidth at same prices. This is our strategy

      • read before commenting…. it goes both ways. government doesnt hand over certain properties to ptcl as in the contract and ptcl doesnt pay the remaining amount.
        Its simple, you dont pay for something you are not getting

        • i think Knowing before commenting is more important, the amount of disputed property is 64 Million and they are holding 800, if this is fair then i pray same happens to you

          • I don’t like PTCL but the fact remains that however much Etisalaat owes, when the Pakistani government has shown no interest or ability in freeing up the properties for NINE YEARS, then clearly the cost is not the issue. The fact that our government won’t act fairly according to the agreement they signed is the problem here.

            $800 million can make a big difference to our foreign exchange holdings. I have to ask, why won’t our government act to get that much money?

            Why should Etisalaat pay for something they won’t receive? And why do YOU personally bring up the $800 million issue? Will it go into your pocket?

            • i brought up this issue in response of the earlier comment from user “PTCL Broadband Best” in which he said

              “PTCL needs to increase prices because costs are in dollars and also they need money to bring better services.”

              if you think that 800 million will go in to my pocket then yes, indirectly this suppose to go in 180 million pockets of all pakistanis, because this is the money they owed to Pakistan and WE ARE PAKISTAN

              • Um, what…?

                The 800 million will go to the government. It won’t go to any of us civilians. Etisalaat giving government 800 million won’t lower PTCL’s costs.

                How did you think the PTCL defender made sense? It makes none to me.

                • terrible thinking……….
                  dear i dont know about ur maturity and mind set but it appears that you dont understand that if $800 million comes to pakistan or government of pakistan, indirectly they belong to all pakistanis, bcoz any inflow of funds suppose to boost the economy, u can debate about the proper or misuse of the fungds but can not say that funds going to government of pakistan does not have anything to do with us

                  • Sure, but the REASON you stated (PTCL’s costs in dollars and is going up) won’t be affected one bit whether the government gets $800 million or not. Hence, it’s irrelevant.

                    And, more likely than not, the $800 million will be used to pay back IMF and other agencies who have lent money to our governments. Seeing that we owe many many BILLIONS of $$$ to those agencies, one payment of $800 million won’t do anything substantial.

                    It’s simple economics, yaar.

                    • Pakistan’s foreign debt is close to $60 BILLION. You’re talking about $800 million which is barely 1.3%. That is LESS than the interest payments the country has to pay every six months.

                    • ok, no one can do anything for helpless people like you, it is very good move by PTCL, i hope they increase it to 2,000

          • YOU SIR, dont know anything
            First of all can you tell me where it is said the properties are worth 64mil? and secondly, is ptcl with-holding the WHOLE 800mil? NO.
            They are holding a part of that 800mil just like the government is holding part of the remaining properties

            and yes, i also want the money for pakistan as any $ coming in pakistan is good for us, but then again

            1. Do you really think the government will inject it into the market to help us? i’m sure it wont
            2. Why would the company pay 800mil when it know that it isnt close to getting the properties that it is legally entitles to get.

            I cant say i blame ptcl for this

  • link dot net hota to PTCL ki kabhi himmat na hoti student package khatam karne ki .. Miss u Link Dot net………..

  • There should be some alternate of PTCL. kuch to prices reduce hn ge, EVO ptcl ki DSL PtCL ka world call ka faida nae bs hr city me jao to aik new device purchase krtay raho. I think we should contact to china now :P

  • :D بہت بری بات ہے ۔ لیکن میں تو انٹرنیٹ فری استعمال کرتا ہوں ۔ ہیک کر کے ہاہاہاہا۔

      • Ye jo Bhai Hack kr ke Use ker rahe hien … ye MUFT ka maal hi ha aor kya kahein is cheez ko …

        • بھائی محنت سے ہیک کرتا ہوں۔ اور یہ جو روز ریٹ بڑھا دیتے ہیں۔ میں نے جب لگوایا تھا 800 تھا مگر انہوں نے اب 1450 کر دیا ہے۔ اس لئے ہیک کرتا ہوں۔ بس اور کوئی وجہ نہیں ہے ۔

      • یار اب شہیر کیا تو اس کا ایصال صواب بھی مجھ کو اے گا۔ جیسا Elite کہے رہے ہے۔

        • mera Share ka matlb ha jis ne lagwaya huwa ha us ke sath share ker lo… us ko paise de dia kero… na ki chori kiwa login id kisi ko share kero .. stupid.. means ek DSL ka bill do bande share ker lo.. aor dono chala lo… bhai chara daalo apnay under.. :-p

          • تجھے مجھ سے زیادہ پتہ ہے ۔ چل سبق دے کسی اور کو کومنٹ ٹھیک طرح سے پڑھتے نہیں ہو آ جاتے ہو منہ اٹھا کے۔۔۔

  • yes kamran khan..i will soon deactivate my ptcl broadband…… shame on ptcl…. click to witribe and world call services they chare1000rs

  • everyone is saying ptcl is exploiting students. students were also exploiting the service. “student package” k naam pe har drama, movie, game etc download krtay rehtay hain aur phir paise bhe nai denay? grow up. If you are in an institution jis k lye internet se research itni zaruri hai, i am sure apki university phr apko internet provide kr he rhi hogi

  • ptcl galat fayida utha rahe hai market ka . there is no any competition against them . but there must be some laws . by PTA to hold their bhata khori , which they increase prices every day …

    • does anyone know that why some customers are getting 4mb speed i.e 450+kB/s on a 2mb package

      but i am not one of these customers so it pisses me off and i hate that. ptcl stated that they will upgrade everyones 1-2 to 4mb package by year end but that doesnt mean that some get benefit early on and some get later it should be at the same time

  • With the given rate of infiltration i think the increase in price is justified, when prices of every thing increase why just blamed PTCL for that, and still the package of PTCL is very competitive if compared with other options we have.

  • PTCL Ne Sub 2 MBPS Waloon Ko 4 MBPS Kardena Ha 1 Jan 2014 Se Isliya!!
    Yaad He PTCL Ki Pehli Khabar, Jub PTCL Ne Kaha Tha Hum Lowest Speed 4 MBPS Karna Chatay Hain!!
    Meray Khayal Se Theek He, Itna Koi Faraq Nahi Ha. Abi 2 MBPS Ka Rs. 1299/- De Raha Hoon Main!! 150 He Zaida Ha Bus!!

  • mery pas 16 mb dsl package chal raha hai.. 2 months se ye log 19% extra charges laga rahay hain .. broad band pe 19% extra Tex.. had hogai ye tu..

  • ok seriously, somebody has clearly lost his marbles in PTCL. in addtion to this horrific news, I just got a text from ptcl or whatever saying that, from now on this daypass pkg on EVO will cost 200 that was previoulsy 125 reflated from 100 originally. and so the DAYPASS 3gb has been puffed up to 300. time for them to change their slogan: “say goodbye to the future” -_-

  • I don’t know why everyone is crying. If you want to download unlimited then get a regular package, for students the economy package is fine. 10GB should be more then enough for your “Studying and research” needs.
    But hey, everyone wants everything for cheap nowadays.

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